The bernese mountain dog man’s best rescue dog and friend

The Bernese mountain dog belongs with its friendly. Outgoing nature to the most popular family dogs. The dogs can grow up to 70 cm tall and weigh 60 kg and are characterized by their particularly beautiful, tri-colored coat. The breed has its origin in the Swiss canton Bern. In addition to its popularity as a family dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is often used as a rescue dog, as it has an especially good sense of detection and a strong will to work.

Bernese mountain dog © [cynoclub] – Shutterstock. Originally, the Bernese mountain dogs drew the milk-. Burden cart of the Swiss farmers. For this purpose the farmers harnessed the dogs in front of small carts made of wood. Walked with you to the nearest cheese factory. Since dogs were cheaper to keep than horses, dog carts were quite common. Due to their strength and good-natured nature, Bernese mountain dogs were popular companions through mountainous terrain. When breeders introduced the breed at a dog show in Burgdorf in 1910, the loyal four-legged friends gained more and more popularity. At that time they were known as "Durrbachler" or "Durbachhund", but a short time later they were renamed "Bernese Mountain Dogs". Bernese Mountain Dogs have been successfully bred in Germany since 1919. Over the years, the gentle giants have become known far beyond the country's borders. Nowadays this breed can be found all over the world as a family dog as well as a tracking or disaster dog. Due to its size the Bernese mountain dog looks very imposing. A bit intimidating to some at first glance. But when you get to know one of these impressive four-legged friends better, you learn the true nature of these gentle giants. "Cozy" and "friendly" are only two of the traits that distinguish the Bernese Mountain Dog. He is particularly good-natured, even towards strangers. The Swiss breed also needs family companionship, as these four-legged friends otherwise feel lonely very quickly, and are therefore the perfect family dogs. Moreover, these dogs are very affectionate. They would prefer to be with their pack all the time. Due to its strong sense of detection, the Bernese Mountain Dog is particularly suitable as a rescue and tracking dog. Thus, he is often seen in operations, in which, for example, buried people are searched for. A Bernese Mountain Dog needs a lot of space. Therefore, it should not be kept in a small apartment. A large house with its own garden or even its own yard is best. This is where the imposing four-legged friend can exercise its urge to move. Act out his protective instinct.

Bernese mountain dog in the forest © [Canon Boy] –

How the Bernese mountain dog stays happy for a long time

The Swiss breed loves walks above all. The owner of a Bernese mountain dog has to plan a lot of time. Due to the great endurance that this impressive dog has, trips to the countryside can last several hours. It is especially important to know that the Bernese Mountain Dog is sensitive to heat. Thus, extensive walking should be avoided in summer. This breed wants to be kept busy not only physically but also mentally. Intelligence toys and always new exciting tasks that the dog has to do are best suited for this purpose. Besides mental health, physical health is an important factor to a long and happy life. This includes proper nutrition, coat care and regular visits to the veterinarian. Since Bernese mountain dogs tend to be overweight, attention should be paid to a balanced diet. This includes a food with a high proportion of meat as well as vegetables and valuable oils. To keep the coat shiny, the hearty four-legged friends should be brushed at least twice a week. This removes dead hair. New ones can grow unhindered. During the change of coat, brushing the dog is part of the daily routine. Regular visits to the vet are also part of keeping a dog healthy. Through regular control diseases can be prevented and detected in time. The most common diseases in Bernese Mountain Dogs include cancer as well as joint problems. Through proper nutrition. Much movement can prevent these however. This means that nothing stands in the way of a harmonious coexistence with the warm-hearted Bernese mountain dogs. Everything that makes your dog happy, you will find in our online store of Rinderohr. Take advantage of the wide selection of brands and items and secure the best prices.

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