The boxspring bed why is it so popular and what advantages does it bring-

Health mattressBoxspring beds with high spring density and single mattresses are currently on everyone's lips and are really shaking up the bed market. But why are they actually so popular. What advantages do they have over normal beds? The following guide answers these questions. Some further exciting questions around this topic. Among other things, we also go into the advantages of the special bed.

The box spring bed why is it so popular and what advantages does it have?

Are boxspring beds basically better than normal beds with slatted frame and mattress?

Basically, this question can not be answered with a yes. Because it also depends on what wishes and ideas you have.

So every sleeper must ask himself what he expects from his bed and what advantages it should bring with it. If you like to sleep on a flat model, you are certainly better off with a futon model. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a high entry and exit, you should go for a box spring model with high spring density. Both variants bring some advantages and disadvantages with themselves. Thus it applies here to decide individually. Modern and comfortable box spring beds are available from various suppliers such as Mobel-Eins.

On the mattress it depends

Above, we have already answered the question of whether a box spring is always better than a normal bed. This is not the case. Because a cheap model can also have some disadvantages. Very important, no matter which variant is chosen, to pay attention to a high-quality mattress. Because it has a great influence on the comfort of the bed. So that also on the rest at night.

A good mattress should be point-elastic and made of breathable materials, such as the models made of natural latex. For whom are box spring beds suitable. What advantages do they bring?In principle, they can be used by all people. Primarily use them, however, older people or even those who suffer from back problems. Because the high entry and exit increases the comfort enormously. Thus, many designs have other important components, such as a padding and also come with a mattress and a protective cover, which is also called a topper. All parts are perfectly coordinated. Do not have to be put together individually. So you get your desired bed in one package.

What is different in a box spring bed than in an ordinary bed with a mattress and slatted frame?

Probably the biggest difference is the shape. A Box spring bed Is usually wider and also higher than a normal bed. The whole structure is different. For example, it does not have a slatted frame, like a futon bed. For this purpose, it has a special base, which also forms the basis. However, it is necessary to distinguish between an American model and a Scandinavian one. The latter also has a topper. In the case of an American dream bed, this is dispensed with.

However, the version that is so popular in Germany is the Scandinavian version anyway.

Desired bed with bonell spring core

A desire bed, which is very often used, is the bed with bonell spring core and high number of springs. The wires of the latter are specifically connected with each other. As a result, the prere that occurs when lying or sitting on the surface is distributed over a large area. Thus, these beds do not have a point elastic suspension, but a so-called area-elastic suspension.

This also results in a high level of lying comfort. Models with Bonell spring core are suitable first of all for lighter persons, who weigh at the most 100 kilograms.

Dream bed with pocket springs

Also very often comes the so-called bed with pocket spring core, high number of springs and Topper on the use. It has a very robust and comfortable upholstery, which at the same time also provides a high lying comfort. Unlike the bonell spring core variant described above, there are also individual pockets in which the pocket spring cores are housed, also known as barrels. This makes these mattresses particularly firm. There is a point-elastic suspension. Therefore, the mattress yields only in places where it is also loaded, such as when we lie down on it. All other springs, which are not loaded in such a situation, are therefore completely stretched.

There are different models with a high number of springs and high spring density, which have already been mentioned above. Thus everyone must decide for itself, which variant it selects or whether it nevertheless rather to a normal bed, as for example with the Futonbett reaches. The big difference with one of these is that the box spring beds has single mattresses and not two individual designs.


Box spring beds with single mattresses can be found in very many bedrooms in Germany and also in many other countries. This is certainly due to the high lying comfort that such a bed brings with it. Thus thus also humans come at their expense, who want to sleep simply only healthy and comfortably. Another major advantage is the ease of getting on and off the mattress. In addition, these models do not require a slatted frame and are also equipped with comfortable and high quality padding. Characteristic is the high back of the head area.

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