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The Dementia Competence Network is a network of memory outpatient clinics that has been operating since 2002 as a registered association (KND e.V.) are carried out in order to contribute to the improvement of diagnosis, treatment and care of dementia.

The KND e.V. would like to explain current research results and their significance to the layperson in a comprehensible way and provide information about the possibility of participating in clinical trials.

In addition, it provides information about the clinical picture, diagnosis, and treatment options for dementia.

Current information and articles

Everyday practical activities are relevant in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia

Predicting the course of Alzheimer's dementia is a challenge. In this study, it was investigated which abilities relevant in everyday life allow an early detection of a later progression. In the study of a moderately affected group of patients, a cluster of abilities was found to predict particularly well the course of the next 2 years. Among the skills with high relevance were: "taking care of financial matters", "dealing with several things at the same time", "finding one's way in an unfamiliar environment", and "preparing a meal".

This newly identified cluster was able to detect the progression of Alzheimer's dementia even earlier than classic neuropsychological tests.

Alzheimer's disease: memories may only be superimposed

Scientists led by Martin Fuhrmann of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE; study published in Nature) describe a mechanism that could contribute to impaired memory in Alzheimer's disease. According to this, nerve cells in the brain, which are responsible for new experiences, interfere with the signals from cells that contain memories and superimpose their own signals over them.

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