The most important questions safety factors of baby mattresses

Especially for babies. Infants good sleep is important. Babies recover during sleep. Process the experience of the day. In addition to a restful night's sleep, what counts most for parents-to-be is the aspect of the Safety around the crib. There are many mattresses for babies. The offer is difficult to manage. With so many manufacturers, models and features, it is easy to lose track of them all. In this regard, a baby mattress should fulfill certain characteristics, to be permanently safe. In this article you will learn which safety factors are important for baby mattresses.

Guide: Safe baby mattresses

DIN standard should increase safety of baby mattresses

the most important questions safety factors of baby mattresses

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In 2017 the DIN standard EN 16890 introduced to increase the safety of babies during sleep. The standard is primarily intended to address relevant safety factors and, for example, prevent babies from suffocating during sleep, being strangled or swallowing small parts, for example from the zipper of the cover. In addition, the standard aims to prevent entrapment in or on the bed. Finally, the first attempts to stand up in the crib are also made.

The DIN standard is Manufacturer of baby mattresses legally not obligatory and they can therefore decide for yourself, to what extent the safety factors are implemented in their products. When buying, it is therefore also advisable to pay attention to compliance with the DIN standard EN 16890 in order to increase safety for your baby during sleep. Some manufacturers of children's mattresses, such as the traditional German company Paradies, also maintain their own, even higher standards in manufacturing.

The exact view is worthwhile itself in any case – not least the child bed mattresses are designed for several years of use and should survive this also with best quality!

Which degree of hardness is ideal for my baby?

The Degree of hardness of baby mattresses is one of the most important Safety factors. If a mattress is too soft, there is a risk that the baby will sink too far into the mattress in the prone position, preventing him or her from getting enough air. Infants in particular do not yet have sufficient muscles to respond to respiratory distress with movement.

A baby mattress that is too soft can therefore lead to suffocation of the baby in the worst case. For this reason, a baby mattress is generally recommended that has a degree of hardness that is not too soft.

Baby cribs with step edges

Basically, a baby mattress should have another safety factor: a reinforced step edge. Reinforcement at the edge of the mattress ensures that the baby's small feet do not get trapped between the mattress and the bars when climbing the bars. When the baby gets up, all the weight shifts to the feet and a mattress that is too soft can then lead to injuries from entrapment or cause the baby to lose balance and fall over.

In conclusion, a reinforced mattress edge or a step edge on the edge of the baby mattress is recommended.


The most important questions safety factors of baby mattresses


Baby mattresses there are many. The DIN standard introduced in 2017 gives young parents a good initial guide to which baby mattresses are safe. Essential characteristics and safety factors are a rather hard and unyielding baby mattress that can safely support the baby's head on the mattress.

In addition, reinforced treads on the edge of the baby mattress are another relevant safety factor. When purchasing a baby mattress, it is advisable to pay attention to this DIN standard, as this ensures that the mattress has the necessary safety aspects and that your baby can sleep safely.

Which baby mattresses are recommended?

Stiftung Warentest tested children's and baby mattresses in the fall of 2021 and certified four out of 14 candidates as having significant safety deficiencies. The model "Mariella Hygienica" of Paradies received the best mark, only four further mattresses were evaluated as "good. Here you can find the test results of Stiftung Warentest.

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