The secret language of disease

What your soul wants to tell you through your body "Disease pattern interpretation" is based on the long experience of doctors, psychologists and specialists in psychosomatics. They recognized: For every objectively diagnosable disease, there is a subjective soul-related theme. With every ailment, your subconscious wants to tell you something.

If you understand this "secret language" of your soul, you will be able to cope better with the illness and counteract it more confidently. This does not replace conventional medical treatment, but any therapy will be more efficient if your "inner doctor" helps out. Golden rule: Look for the message that may be in your illness.

Beware of drawers!

This is not about a rigid scheme "disease X means Y". Disease picture interpretation offers an open field of meditation to encourage you to reflect on your condition. There are no two identical stomach ulcers, only individual patients dealing with similar disease patterns.

The patterns of interpretation are signposts that set a framework and describe the mental atmosphere that can arise around a particular illness. Some aspects sound hurtful and mortifying, but may express a deep truth that only the sick person himself can find. Golden rule: Never use your knowledge to judge others. And do not judge yourself!

Illness as a school of life

The French philosopher and mystic Blaise Pascal said: "Illness is the place where you learn" – and not a punishment! Do not look for your guilt or the guilt of others, but ask yourself: "What do I owe to the future??"Consider your body as the most honest teacher you can find.

Ask yourself: "What am I missing for wholeness??" Then the interpretation of disease patterns can be a wonderful tool to perceive your own life theme more clearly. Golden rule: What does not fit at all to you at the description to your illness and triggers defense reactions in you, is worthwhile itself particularly!

Illness: cold, immune deficiency

What's affected: Your internal defense system.

What's behind it: You unconsciously say no to everything; Physically you are too open to exciters, instead you needed more mental openness to suggestions; You are overly fighting an internal ie.

That helps: Start with defense increase (from Kneipp methods to the "inner smile"). You have strengths within you that want to be built upon and can give you strength. Learn to fight back fairly – this form of aggression is healthy! Try to open your narrow boundaries for more essential encounters with others.

This is the goal: gain strength and mental openness that will deepen your relationship life. Live by the motto "My consciousness is as open as possible; but my body is defensible and open only where it is really necessary".

Disease: Diabetes

This is affected: Your pancreas, which breaks down food; your ability to distinguish between war and peace.

Here's what's behind it: You cannot let the sweetness of life into the innermost part (of the cells); there is a fear in you to engage in love; you have a tendency to become "sour" because of a lack of ability to love; you are not attuned to reception in love matters (your cells do not open to glucose).

That helps: try to recognize anxiety and tightness in your love affairs. You need more clarity regarding closeness and distance. Give clear signals to others – friendly, but firm. Keep the unloved at bay so that you can enjoy life itself more. Limit yourself mentally. Learn to say no without a guilty conscience. Go on the offensive and open yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

This is the goal: to know the healthy middle between taking and giving. Allow for love and emotional dependence. Find new ways to enjoy the sweetness of life in a figurative way. What is affected: Blood. Blood vessels; the traffic routes of your life force. What's behind it: You are under tension or put yourself under prere; despite constant conflict, you do not tackle a solution; you do not face the problem, but persist in constant defensiveness and tension of expectation; you take refuge in external busyness; you want to stay in control and have a lively spirit of contradiction; you dish out instead of sharing. This helps: look for the decisive conflict. Target an offensive solution. Reduce the unnecessary excuses. Name anything that is suppressed in you as a result of this. Learn to release the prere at the right point. Let your heart speak more often. Become a better listener. That's the goal: to acknowledge your own strength to face a confrontation. Daring to look inward into one's own depths. Devote yourself to the affairs of your heart with love and care.

Disease:Gastric ulcer

What is affected: Your stomach; your emotions; your receptivity; your hunger for fulfillment. What's behind it: Because you don't express your undigested feelings, they have to be "digested" on the physical level; your own stomach wall, for lack of material alternatives, is eaten away by stomach acid and given over to self-destruction; your image: life is pouring salt into open wounds that have been hurting for a long time; you have a strong defensive tension in your stomach; often in nest-feeder types who can't make the jump. This helps: get clear about your longing for maternal security, love and care. Don't bottle up conflicts, but work through them consciously. Allow yourself more rest and distance to better digest impressions. Do not pretend independence any longer. Give up the victim attitude of the "poor sip". Even if it is difficult for you: Dare to break out of the childish nest that has become a cage. That is the goal: to leave the comfortable confines of childhood to become an adult.

Disease: Rheumatism

What is affected: Your joints and your musculature; your mobility and articulation; your internal motor and your strength. What's behind it: Your rusted joints point to old, outlived ies (slags, rheumatic nodules) and block your further progress; a stuck situation acts like a piston seizer and prevents things from running "like clockwork" for you; stiff limbs in the morning show mental rigidity toward life; you are blind to your own aggressions; you have strong feelings of guilt with simultaneous "benevolent tyranny"; you carry hostile impulses inside you, but are not allowed to show them. That helps: look for ways to articulate yourself better. Your self-aggression can become a vital source of energy if you focus on your emotional development opportunities. Try to recognize and stop your assaults on others' lives in time. See through your own tendency to spasmodic self-sacrifice. Tackle your undigested problems. Cleanse your body through therapeutic fasting. This is the goal: to face the task of bringing negative forces (egoism, immobility, bossiness, rigidity) out of the unconscious shadow area; to gain mobility and warmth in a spiritual and mental sense.

Illness: Overweight

What's affected: Your adipose tie, which you need as an abundance and reserve; your stomach, your emotions, and your receptivity. What's behind them: You embody external abundance, but inner fulfillment is at stake; food serves as a substitute for a sense of oneness and an overflowing heart; you have acquired a protective layer against your environment, which you perceive as unloving, and are isolated in your protective castle; the desire for rest leads to passivity in the expression of your own personality as a result of being overweight; with the help of excess weight you flee from your own sexual charisma; women can appear "pregnant" or "fulfilled"; your body has to carry unlived burdens of other levels; your kilos speak of an unconscious sense of importance, authority and power. This helps: on to new pleasures that have nothing to do with food; fine arts, erotic rituals, gentle massages, pleasurable sexuality. Create a mental shield of wit, repartee and arguments. The more agile your mind becomes, the more unnecessary is the pounding defense ring. Stand by your manhood or womanhood through consciously distinctive and/or. feminine clothing.Put on weight at higher levels; resist the inertia factor; learn to bite your way through life. Some rewards you're entitled to have to be fought for. Shape your transition to new patterns and habits with regular periods of fasting. Provide regular exercise Nordic walking, treadmill, rowing machine) in oxygen balance. This is the goal: it is about a comprehensive love of life including body, soul and spirit. The more you increase in mental weight and spiritual awareness, the more often you experience that you are important and do not have to be overweight. You no longer expand your sphere of influence physically, but on your inner level.

Illness: slipped disc

What's affected: Your intervertebral discs, which are the female pole of the spine, and the spine itself, which provides mobility, support and uprightness. What's behind it: A feminine, soft aspect is put under prere by 2 hard masculine elements; an inner prere you are under suddenly breaks through; you are overloaded and the prere literally gets on your nerves; you experience yourself as out of kilter; like your vertebrae or intervertebral discs, important life ies are also displaced or jammed; you are not "sincere" yourself; you demand excessive sincerity by being rigid and opinionated and unable to "give in". This helps: consciously face your "feminine-yielding" side; check what should be "aligned" differently in your life; "straighten out" relationship problems; use the outer immobilization to think about more inner flexibility: where am I myself too rigid or insincere? Give in to inner prere in time. This is the goal: Consciously shape your life in a polar way by providing tension and relaxation, hardness and softness yourself; leave rigid positions, become more active and agile; be sincere and humble to spare yourself humiliation; say goodbye to the compulsion to perform; walk the path of unconditional love.

Illness: Hearing loss

What's affected: Your ears. The theme is: "What can I listen to?" This is behind it: Externally, you experience an extreme overload situation, whereby you abruptly lose your ability to hear; check which statements fit with you and lead to the core of your mental problem: "I can't hear that anymore," "I have so much on my plate," "Can't you hear?"; Hearing loss is an abrupt withdrawal into the inner world, unfortunately in an unhealthy form. What do you want to distance yourself from? In the case of ringing in the ears: What external voices are masked by internal noises? For sensorineural hearing loss: why do you shut down hearing on an inner level?

This helps: provide retreats in time; be better prepared to cope with sudden decisions; listen more to your own inner voice and obey it (even in relationship problems!); shield yourself from hustle and bustle (time out, meditation, moderation) before a hearing loss provides extreme shielding. This is the goal: Your illness can help you trust and listen to your own inner voice. You'll learn to listen well to others, too, and listen to the softer sounds.

Illness: bronchial asthma

What's affected: Your lungs, which are about contact, communication and freedom, and your defense system, which is about defense. Here's what's behind it: 6 problem areas emerge. 1. You cannot find a balance between give and take. You are overdoing it; you are in danger of "suffocating" from taking too much and giving too little; you are longing for love without being able to give any. 2. They want to isolate themselves. You don't want contact, you isolate yourself, you flee into the idealistic or formalistic; you are afraid of the step into freedom and independence; you feel fear and narrowness inside, but want to assert your claims to power on the outside. 3. You do not know where to put your aggression. Imagine that your anger is stuck in your lungs. Consequently, you have to "gasp in anger" because you can't "vent your anger" any other way. 4. You are caught in an imbalance between power and powerlessness. With your bad attacks you return the prere of people whose dominance you have just experienced; you have a longing for "pure air" but do not like to clear your conflicts; you would like to be above things but cannot; asthma is the tear that is "cried inside". 5. It's all about sexuality, love and dirt. They repel the dark areas of life, tend to be top-heavy; shift sexuality (mucus production) to the chest. 6. You long for more freedom and space for yourself. You cannot breathe freely in your current situation. Not being yourself; your fellow human beings (the mother?) do not leave you enough room to develop.) do not give you enough space for development. This helps: 1. During breath therapy, focus on exploring the breath's balance between give and take. 2. Dare to be more open. 3. Name your anger. Give vent to yourself with words! 4. Learn to assert yourself without exerting prere via the asthma attacks. 5. Let everything you avoid again and deal with it. 6. Take enough space for yourself. This is the goal: imagine that your consciousness is the inexhaustible inner space that you can occupy. As you exhale and inhale, realize that part of life is the experience of "die and become".

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