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Together against Corona – here and worldwideThe coronavirus pandemic is the biggest global health crisis in decades. It exacerbates existing problems. Destroys development progress already achieved. Germany is committed to ensuring that the international community provides comprehensive support for the world's most vulnerable in combating the pandemic and its consequences.

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Covid-19: Global vaccination campaign offers way out of crisis Internal link

BMZ contribution to promote local vaccine production in Africa

The pandemic has drastic consequences:

– Many already fragile healthcare systems are reaching the limits of their capacity. People die of malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS and other treatable diseases because important health services such as tests or treatments are interrupted due to corona. Health care for (farm) animals is also affected by the pandemic worldwide. – The World Bank estimates that many millions of people have slipped or will slip into extreme poverty as a result of the spread of the virus, and that the number of people suffering from hunger will continue to rise. – Hundreds of millions of people in developing countries have lost their jobs because of the pandemic – without receiving reduced hours benefits or support. – Hundreds of millions of children worldwide could not or cannot currently attend school. – The pandemic also has a fatal impact on mother-child health and the empowerment of girls and women: The number of deaths among newborns and mothers in developing countries has risen dramatically. – As a result of school closures, lockdowns, and economic shortages, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation increased, especially among adolescents. – The international economic crisis triggered by Covid-19 is leading to financial crises, over-indebtedness and destabilization – and thus also to a threat to security in many countries.

The immediate consequences of covid-19 are massive, but infections such as malaria and tuberculosis or hunger and poverty are also on the rise in extreme numbers. Violence against women is increasing, there are more human rights violations. What we are currently experiencing is dramatic. The key to ending it is giving people worldwide access to vaccines.

Stopping the spread of the virus

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The spread of the Corona virus must be urgently slowed and stopped as quickly as possible – in Germany and worldwide. According to the current state of knowledge, this can only succeed in the long term if a sufficient vaccination rate is achieved worldwide.

Developing (call up encyclopedia entry for term) * and emerging countries (call up encyclopedia entry for term) * face challenges similar to ours in Germany in this regard. However, many of these countries, especially in Africa, lack the resources to take the necessary action. Against this background, the World Health Organization (WHO (call up dictionary entry for the term) * ) draws particular attention to the limited capacities of African health systems, which must be increased in order to be able to respond adequately to the further spread of the Corona virus.

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