These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day 1

Health teeAre you also looking forward to finally drinking a delicious cup of tea again? We also! At the same time, tea should not be reserved only for the cold season. Because we know 8 good AND healthy reasons why it pays to drink tea all year round.

These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day 1

These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day 1

These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day 1

These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day 1

These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day 1

You would like to limit your coffee consumption a bit? Tea can also help you with this. Matcha as well as black. Green tea are rich in caffeine.

Whether chamomile, rooibos, rosehip or green tea. Hardly any hot beverage is as versatile and delicious as tea. However, we usually only really feel like a nice cup of tea when summer has taken its leave. But why should one only
at the end of the year have something of the warming AND healthy aspects of the hot beverage? Just. Reason enough, then, to turn on the kettle right away. But of course we know a few more convincing arguments in favor of a daily cup of tea.

These 8 things happen when you drink tea every day

1. You prolong your life

Green and black tea are said to have particularly positive properties. And there is indeed something to it. Nikolai Kuhnert, professor of chemistry at Jacobs University, and his team have found that the tea used in the Green tea and black tea The polyphenols epigallocatechin gallate and theaflavin digallate protect the chromosomes from decay and can therefore also prolong life. Raise your cups!

2. Some teas are real vitamin bombs. Therefore, of course, particularly good for health. The tea made from the fruit peel of the rosehip, for example, is characterized by a particularly high vitamin content from. The delicious fruit not only provides plenty of vitamin C, it also supplies the body with vitamins A, B1, B2 and E.

3. They strengthen your immune system

In the cold season a cup of tea can work wonders. For example, tea fans swear not for nothing on the antibacterial and antiviral effect from Cistus tea. Also strengthens the immune system. Teas like black or green tea have the same effect. L-theanine, an amino acid contained in the leaves of the tea plant, can help to achieve inner peace, strengthen the immune system and improve sleep.

4. your mood is improved

Especially in the cold season we look forward to a nice cup of tea. Often just a few sips are enough to increase your well-being and your mood. Make yourself positive effect You can benefit doubly from this by choosing teas that enhance this effect – for example, "happiness tea" from Yogi Tea with orange peel, cinnamon and hops.

5. You lose weight more easily

You would like to boost your metabolism a little bit? Just drink a cup of tea! you significantly easier. Lose annoying kilos faster. Especially black tea you should pay more attention to in the future. The polyphenols contained in it promote the formation of good intestinal bacteria, which in turn stimulates the metabolism and leads to calories being burned more quickly. Attention: However, black tea should not be drunk daily. Otherwise it can come to unpleasant side effects.

6. You are less nervous

You prefer to drink coffee, but the hot beverage does not agree with you at all? Then you should rely on tea! Matcha as well as green and black tea are absorbed much slower by the body in contrast to coffee. Typical coffee side effects such as
Nervousness, restlessness and even fears remain off. Although it takes a while for the tea to develop its full effect, this effect lasts much longer. Tea is therefore the ideal solution for particularly sensitive people, so that they do not have to do without caffeine in the morning.

7. You can do without medication

Tea is not only super tasty, but with the right type of tea, even minor ailments can be treated without the need for medication:

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea helps with gastrointestinal disorders, flatulence and abdominal pain, and can even provide relief from menstrual pain. In addition, chamomile tea is antibacterial, which in turn can be helpful in combating inflammation of the gums or ulcerated tonsils.

Sage tea: Excessive sweating or sweaty feet are quite unpleasant. Sage tea can help inhibit the flow of sweat. Sage tea is also a popular home remedy for hot flashes during menopause. And sage tea can do even more. The tea has a positive effect on nervousness, tension and anxiety.

Green tea: Drink green tea regularly, do something good especially for your immune system. Green tea contains, among other things, vitamins A, B and B12. The flavonoids contained can also reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke and counteract high blood prere. More good reasons why you should drink green tea more often can be found here>>

You can see for yourself. Drugs do not always have to be the first choice. Tea can also provide relief. And above all your intestinal flora is happy about it!

8. You drink enough

Drinking water is quite boring. Many people simply do not like it. The consequence? We drink far too little. To meet the minimum requirement of 2.5 liters of water, therefore, is often too Fruit juices, soft drinks and spritzers grasped. Quite unhealthy, considering how much sugar is in the drinks. Significantly easier, faster and healthier, on the other hand, you can cover your fluid needs with tea. Try it out! By the way, you will benefit doubly from varieties that strengthen your immune system or even help you lose weight. How much tea a day is healthy. When does it become harmful?In fact, it depends on the type of tea. Especially caffeinated teas such as black tea, matcha tea or green tea should only be drunk in moderation. If caffeinated tea is drunk every day, this can lead to sensitive people lead to nervousness, sleep disturbances and inner restlessness. If you like to drink a lot of tea, there is nothing wrong with three cups a day.

Still: keep an eye on the tea variety. For example, excessive consumption of chamomile tea can cause nausea. Pregnant women should also be careful not to drink labor-promoting tea Drinking from blackberry leaves, ginger or lemon verbena during pregnancy. Otherwise, however, nothing stands in the way of your daily enjoyment of tea.

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