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Green tea for health: 8 reasons why you should drink green teaThe green hot drink is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, after all it is very beneficial for our health. Regular consumption of green tea has a beneficial effect on body and mind.

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The green tea is the energy bundle among the teas. Green tea is easy to digest. Also contains more caffeine with increasing brewing time. Also a higher temperature releases larger amounts of caffeine. However, a brewing time of more than two minutes should be discouraged, because otherwise the tea contains tannins and becomes bitter.

These are the ingredients of green tea

Green tea is far from being just flavored water. In the tea leaves, the power of the plants is stored, which is transferred to the tea water and so many positive effects on our health can have. Before we get to these healthy properties of green tea, here are the substances that are contained in it:

– Caffeine – chlorophyll – essential oils – minerals – polyphenols – starch – sugar compounds (polysaccharides) – amino acids – carotene

But what exactly do these ingredients?

Effect of green tea

1. Green tea protects the heart

Green tea favors cholesterol and fat metabolism, thus the ingredients prevent heart disease and strokes. The hot beverage can have a beneficial effect on the arteries through regular consumption.

However, if milk is consumed in turn, this positive effect is cancelled out again. After a Heart attack the consumption of green tea has a positive effect on the general heart health.

2. Green tea is said to be able to protect against cancer

Green tea contains a variety of polyphenolic antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of cancer. These antioxidants combat various free radicals, metabolic agents that can promote the development of cancer.

Especially certain ingredients, which are contained in green tea, can protect the body from carcinogenic influences.

3. Anti-aging agent green tea

Green tea extract is often used in natural cosmetics as well, because green tea contains Polyphenols, thus a certain antioxidant, which fights free radicals and thus Aging processes slowed down and promotes the longevity of cells.

Antioxidants attack free radicals and inactivate them. This process can reduce negative effects on the body's own cells.

4. Green tea can lower cholesterol levels

Green tea can definitely reduce the "bad LDL cholesterol lowering the ratio of "good" cholesterol to "bad" cholesterol HDL cholesterol to "bad" cholesterol with its active principles. This process occurs through carotenoids, polyphenols and phytosterols, which are ingredients also found in green tea.

5. Green tea promotes metabolism and helps to lose weight

The ingredients of green tea stimulate the metabolism and therefore also promote the Calorie burning. The contained caffeine stimulates our circulation. Promotes physical activity. The increased basal metabolic rate allows to burn about additional 70 calories.

6. Lowering blood prere with green tea

The consumption of green tea helps to blood prere to positively influence. Green tea partially suppresses the production of Angiotensin, which causes high blood prere. This positive effect shows once again how good green tea is for health.

7. Green tea for a healthy sugar balance

The hot beverage contains Polysaccharides and polyphenols, which can lower blood sugar naturally. If the blood sugar is too high, the body cannot burn fat, because it first has to reduce the too high sugar content. Lowered blood sugar means the body is once again ready to process fat stores, maintaining more consistent insulin levels.

8. Healthy bones thanks to green tea

Green tea can help protect cartilage tie and sensitive cells. By blocking inflammatory enzymes, drinking green tea protects naturally. Also helps the natural content of Fluoride, Strengthen teeth and bones.

Special types of green tea

Green tea is not simply green tea. In fact, there are about 28 different types of green tea, which also have different characteristics. Matcha tea for example, in contrast to the classic green tea is not simply infused as a tea leaf, instead the leaf is ground and drunk dissolved as a powder. This results in a very intense flavor. Higher caffeine content.

Who would prefer to take less caffeine, can also Genmaicha put, a Sencha tea that is very popular in Japan. It is especially suitable for after meals. Has a soothing effect on the stomach.

By the way Black tea or White tea are made from the same tea plant! The difference lies in which parts of the plant are used and the duration of the oxidation process to which the leaves are subjected after plucking.

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