These health shows on tv you should know so healthy

You should know these health programs on TV

They do not replace a visit to the doctor, but health programs on television can be helpful. We present the most important formats

G esundheitssendungen haben inzwischen einen festen Platz im Programm der offentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehanstalten. They provide information about innovations in the health care system, let viewers have their say and present new research findings in the field of medicine.

Nutrition docs

High blood prere, fatty liver, rheumatism, rosacea or migraine: The nutrition docs on NDR show that a suitable diet can help with numerous illnesses. For the show with four seasons so far, the doctors have opened a practice on a houseboat in Hamburg-Hammerbrook, and there they prescribe patients a modified diet instead of medication. The diseases of those affected are mainly widespread, so that many viewers can identify with them and pick up tips. As in the case of a woman with osteoarthritis of the knee, who is told to take anti-inflammatory foods, such as rosehip. The nutrition docs are Anne Fleck, specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology with expertise in naturopathy, Jorn Klasen specialist in internal medicine, with a focus on stomach, intestinal and liver diseases, as well as a doctor of naturopathic medicine and anthroposophic medicine, and Matthias Riedl, specialist in internal medicine and diabetologist and nutritional physician.

When? Currently only in the media library , from 11.9.2017 Tuesdays 21:00


The health magazine Visite on NDR is on the trail of common and rare diseases, including diabetes, colon cancer or COP (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Each week, everything revolves around a specific clinical picture, which is explained with the help of a patient, including diagnosis, treatment and new surgical methods. Further topics of the advice magazine are medicine of the future, healthy food, movement as well as regularly lining up preventive medical examinations. Sometimes viewers can chat with experts via the Internet and ask questions.

Transmitter: North German Broadcasting (NDR)

When? Every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m

Main thing healthy

What happens when the eye ages? What findings are there about the intestine, and is regular egg consumption good or bad for the body? Answers to these questions are provided by the editors. editors of the MDR in the advice program "Hauptsache Gesund". Several doctors have their say and answer viewers' questions on a particular topic. The presenter, Carsten Lekutat, is a general practitioner. Physician for naturopathic treatment.

Sender: Central German Broadcasting (MDR)

When? Every Thursday at 9:00 p.m


The "Gesundheit" program primarily presents medical reports filmed in doctors' offices and hospitals. Other sections of the format include Healing Power of Nature, Psyche, and Fitness and Nutrition. Recipes are also regularly presented and can be read on the Internet, for example creamed seitan or whole-grain pizza.

Sender: Bavarian Broadcasting

When? Every Tuesday at 19:00

rbb practice

The program "rbb Praxis" has been running since the beginning of 2001 and deals with topics such as stem cell donation for leukemia, high blood prere or early detection of prostate cancer – topics relating to healing opportunities through new therapies, widespread diseases or preventive health care.

station: Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

When? Every Wednesday at 20:15

service: health

Each episode of "service: gesundheit" is devoted to a specific topic, such as kidney disease, chronic pain, vaccination protection or periodontitis. On the Internet, the show's editors also make suitable book tips available, and refer viewers to contact addresses or further links. The presenters Anne Bruning and Mathias Munch alternate weekly between the service broadcasts. Sometimes the viewers can. Participate in an expert chat.

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