Think of you house of mercy

Set a sign of solidarityWe all can't be as close to each other as we would like at the moment. So that we don't completely forget about being close to each other, we have started looking for another, more suitable way for us – and especially the residents of our homes – to experience closeness.

Therefore we want to call Think of you to let. Because in times like these, Resi, Franz and our other residents are especially happy when they realize that you are thinking of them.

You too can join in – send us a "Denkandich"!

Whether a heartfelt greeting, an encouraging saying or connecting lines – you are sure to find the right words.

Your message creates closeness

With a few warm words, you can give the residents of our facilities a special treat. We are looking forward to your lines!

Donate a special thought!

With your donation you make it possible for our residents to be close to us and to enjoy a good quality of life: through competent treatment, care and support. Your donation is tax deductible!

Denkandich house of mercy

Let us take this opportunity,

to come a little closer together.

At least virtually.

We are glad about many heartwarming messages!

Hello dear grannies, grandpas, urliomas, urliopas and all residents (incl. I think of you all often. Include you in my evening prayer. I wish you a lot of strength, stamina and all the courage to go through this time as lighthouses to show others the way. You all have already experienced a lot in your life and managed a lot, you will also manage this time and everything will be fine. Believe very strongly. Only deal with positive things. I wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy new year. Hello I send warm greetings. Many many hugs to all who have it not easy right now. I think of you. "if you can dream something then it can come true" Happy Holidays

Dear residents! My thoughts are with all those who are feeling lonely at the moment. You are so strong. This is how it should remain! You have each other – make the best of it. And never forget – every day, every second, someone is thinking about you. I wish you much strength and a lot of appetite for delicious cookies and coffee. The Christ Child will not forget you. Lots of love!

Dear grandmas and grandpas in the retirement homes, I am from Rankweil in Vorarlberg, my name is Carmen and I send you a heart hug. How I would like to hug you all and bring you to me for a cup of cocoa, tea, coffee and apple pie or for a Christmas liqueur from my dad

To a dear- dear. Housemate Many are thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and sympathy- to all, everything

I wish you a wonderful Christmas! Around you are people who like you and who think of you! Loving and attentive!

Dear guests in this house! You are the ones who have rebuilt everything and put it right. Thanks to you, I am sitting in the warm, with a full stomach and without any major worries and fears. This terrible time will pass just the same and then we will look back and drink a glass of champagne to it.I wish from afar a wonderful Christmas, thank you to the "caretakers" and 2021 can only be better! From Kritzendorf/Klosterneuburg

Dear all! We are not always physically with you, but in these times it is more important than ever to think of those people you may not know! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. A wonderful new year full of health! And maybe we will meet soon ♥️

Dear residents, I wish you a wonderful Advent season and a blessed Christmas. Loneliness is hard and can hurt, but we are never really alone. There is always someone who thinks of us in our hearts. And also to you, someone thinks. Send you lots of love and warmth. Together we will get through everything and soon your loved ones will be with you again! All the love

First of all, it's a pity that we can't visit you or write you letters, but we can't help it because of the current situation. That's why I wish you all the best for Christmas. A wonderful happy new year. Stay healthy. As you are! Hopefully this will be done next year. We can go back to normality. Then we all go for a really good schnitzel! dear greetings. All the best again!

Hello my dear readers I hope you are well and happy about my message. I am 24 years old and I live in Vienna with my boyfriend and my two cats. My friend can't go to his family for Christmas this year either because they live in Switzerland. So I can understand how hard it can be when you can't celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.I understand you! So from the bottom of my heart I wish you a very Merry Christmas!! All of you who are gathered here now, you have already shown so much patience with the year and I think that's great! I am hopeful that this will not last much longer and next year, we will all be together again with our loved ones and cherish the time even more! Feel pressed, I think of you and hope you think as hopeful as I already do. Very dear greetings!

Dear residents! The last weeks and months have been a hard time for all of us, probably even harder when you can hardly see your loved ones. But this too shall pass and hopefully soon you will be able to reunite with your family to create some beautiful memories and moments. Until then, despite everything, I wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021. In our thoughts we are all with you. Stay healthy and love

You are never alone. You are always in our thoughts. Even if the circumstances do not allow a normal Christmas we are with you. We thank you for all you have done and all you are. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas to all residents .Stay healthy.Cheer up there will be better times again

MFG Michaela (nursing assistant)

Happy holidays in spite of Corona and a "healthy" Happy New Year, I wish! We will make it!

Dear residents – despite the difficult times, I would like to give you all a big hug, here is what I – and probably you too – are currently missing very badly. I'm taking big steps, but I'm nevertheless approaching 80, I have a family, but I'm still often alone with my thoughts. And here I think of you. I wish you a merry Christmas in spite of everything. Send you my love from Herzogenburg.

Dear reader! I wish you a Merry Christmas. A happy new year. Stay healthy. Cheerful. Never forget, someone is thinking of you!❤

Dear ones! I wish you with all my heart a wonderful time, lots of love and warming thoughts. I wish that you stay healthy. A very fond hug sends you

Dear residents, dear staff, I wish you from the bottom of my heart a merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and courage, strength and confidence for the new year. Be good to each other, listen to each other and feel loved and understood. And sometimes silence with each other is enough to feel secure. Kind greetings

Dear ones! Even if the times are not so rosy at the moment, I wish you all a peaceful, cozy Christmas and the most important thing: stay healthy. So that we can all embrace each other again soon! All my love! Dear residents. Inhabitants of the House of Mercy! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a confident outlook for the coming year of 2021! I would love to meet you in person, of course this is not possible at the moment, but who knows, maybe it will work out sooner than we all suspect. So I ask you to spend the time as joyfully as you can and especially Christmas, whether thinking of times past or hoping for things to come but especially enjoying the moment….a good meal, a nice story, a few kind words or gestures. Even though I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you in person, rest ared that I am with you in thought! Warmest greetings and all the love from the near neighborhood!

Christmas wish! May your heart be filled with the bright glow of Christmas lights. May you also enjoy good health and peace on this great holiday.

Hello dear residents of HDB! I wish you that you have a wonderful Christmas despite this difficult time. It often helps me to reminisce about past beautiful days and look at photos of them, maybe that will help you too. I hope that you will stay healthy and that the next year will be easier and more beautiful. I think of you. Hugs to you from afar!

Dear residents! They are crazy. Difficult times for all of us. I sincerely hope that you are all well, healthy and safe. It is certainly sad not to have a visitor. Phone calls can not replace that. But surely better times will come again. Then we will all remember Corona only like a bad dream. Stay healthy. Do not lose heart!! Merry Christmas and all the best

Dear residents and staff! It is certainly a very difficult and challenging time for all of you! But especially there it is wonderful to think of good, beautiful and positive things. Of the past, which was good and beautiful, and also of the future, which we expect and dream of! And the present? Well we accept it as it is! You have already accomplished so much and you and we will also overcome this hurdle of the present! I wish you a wonderful Advent season with many positive thoughts and a blessed Christmas season! Good luck and blessings for the new year – it will be better, no question about it. Love greetings

In our thoughts and hearts we are with you and when you feel inside you are connected with us. All love!

Dear ones! I wish you with all my heart a peaceful and healthy Advent season, blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2021. Please stay healthy, sincerely

Hello my dears, the time is not easy, especially when you see the sparkling Christmas from afar, you wish for a reflective December like last year. But the important thing is that we get through this together and think of each other and look forward to the days when we see each other again. Thinking of you all!

I can't think of any special words. I guess I just want to say I'm thinking of you and send my love.

I would like to wish all residents a wonderful and blessed Advent season, especially now in the stupid Corona time . and now already a good Christkindl. greetings

Dear residents of the House of Mercy! I just saw the nice smile of the lady from her poster. Each of you should be able to smile like this. I want you to know that I am thinking of you. And send you a smile. It should inspire you to send me yours back. That would make me happy! All love,

In a particularly difficult time, we would like to thank all the staff of the House of Mercy in Seebockgasse for their perseverance and excellent work. We know that our Rita is in the best hands with you!

Maria and family

Dear Mrs. Resi, dear Mr. Franz and all the other residents! On the radio today a presenter had a great quote: "Memory is a land from which a man cannot be driven away". Even if I now only write a text. Can not sing (is perhaps with my voice also better so. ) I would like to share a special memory with you. A song lyric that may evoke a hopefully wonderful memory in one or the other:

"When the red sun sinks into the sea at Capri And the pale crescent moon flashes from the sky The fishermen go out to sea in their boats And they lay out their nets in a wide arc Only the stars, they show them their way in the firmament With the pictures, And from boat to boat the old song resounds Hear from afar how it sings Bella, bella, bella, bella Marie, stay true to me I'll be back tomorrow morning Bella, bella, bella Marie, never forget me"

I wish you all a wonderful pre-Christmas season and above all good health, All the best

Thinking of you house of mercy

What a nice idea. I send warm greetings to all the residents and wish them that they will get through this time with a lot of confidence. Feel hugs!

All the best in these difficult times. We have not forgotten about you. Head up.

Even if it is a bit more difficult for everyone at the moment. We are smiling towards you and send you a lot of good mood, a loud children's laughter and the smell of fresh cookies!

Hang in there to all the residents, caregivers and staff at the house, I know it's not easy now, but we haven't forgotten you!

The beauty of winter is snuggling up in warm blankets, cozy evenings watching TV, phone calls with loved ones and waiting for the snow to fall at the window. We really appreciate your hard work. Are in thoughts with you. In spite of everything we wish you a contemplative pre-Christmas period. Only the best for the next time.

We have accomplished so much in life. We will also manage this Corona crisis! Do not lose heart! Remember the good days in your life, it helps. I am 82 years old myself and I look at old photos and write stories about them.

Love to Maria Pollak from Eva and Helene and a nice Christmas and the most important stay healthy. Best wishes!

Dear residents of the House of Mercy! My husband and I wish you a wonderful and reflective Advent season. We think of you and send you joy, beautiful thoughts and many reasons to smile. All the love. Good health.

Most of your inhabitants have already experienced war, hunger and fear of death in their lives – and have survived everything. I wish them not to lose confidence even now and to make it through this crisis as well. I send all my good thoughts and much strength to your residents!

Dear residents, I think of you and hope you are warm and feel safe. Candles for contemplative hours. A more comfortable togetherness. I love to light a candle with you. Put me in thoughts. All love,

What I and you are missing the most now are warm hugs ! In my thoughts I send a warm hug to each of you. Glad myself also about the thought also to be embraced by you ! If we all think lovingly of other people, we will manage to get through this current difficult time ! I think and embrace you, with very dear greetings

Dear residents! My Christmas wish for you: the scent of fir trees, candlelight, a good Christmas dinner and a cozy get-together on Christmas Eve. Health, happiness, joy and good luck in the new year!

My dear ones, tomorrow is a holiday and as we all struggle – the Christmas season is different this year than in other years. Therefore I send you my wishes for good times. Happy days on this road. In thoughts we are close to each other.

Your Theresa from Carinthia

To all the residents I wish a peaceful Advent, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Especially HEALTH. This difficult time will also pass Please all have the courage to persevere In my thoughts I am with YOU

Dear residents of the House of Mercy in Tokiostrasse! This is certainly a difficult situation for all of you and I wish you/us that this time will soon pass and something like normality will return. I live right next to their house. Send nice thoughts to them every day! All love

I wish to all a beautiful Advent, there will certainly be hugs again, persevere

Dear residents of the House of Mercy! I and my family wish all the residents and their staff a peaceful and wonderful Advent season. Although these measures are not easy for the residents, since they cannot be with their loved ones, they know that they are united in their hearts. I wish everyone much health, much strength and much love.

Very best regards from Manuela and Erich

Dear residents! They are crazy. Difficult times for all of us. I sincerely hope that you are all well, healthy and safe. It must be sad not to have a visitor. Phone calls can not replace this. But surely better times will come again. Then we will all remember Corona only as a bad dream. Stay healthy. Do not lose heart!! Merry Christmas and all the best

Dear residents of the House of Mercy It is not an easy time and yet we should not lose hope and courage, because we need these values for a life worth living. I include you all in my prayers so that you may feel the closeness of God and that He may fill you with His Spirit of courage, hope and joy, especially on the upcoming Christmas. All love

Dear residents, I send you warm greetings and wish you that despite the situation you can experience a little of the contemplation of the Advent season. Thinking of you!

I am glad that you are here, I wish you a wonderful Advent season and a Merry Christmas

Dear residents! I wish you a blessed Christmas despite this difficult time. The time will come when we can all embrace each other again. Stay strong. Above all also healthy! Merry Christmas. A Happy New Year. Kind regards,

Hello! This year I think a lot of old people, who at the moment can not have as much visit and contact as usual. This year, in August, I lost my mom (84 years old).) and would wish that all of you who still have your mom give them the attention they deserve. So to all the moms, grandmas and great-grandmas who live with you, a big virtual hug and a big kiss. Every day is worth living! Dear greetings, your

I wish you all the best for the future and hope that you can finally hold your grandchildren, as well as I can hold my grandparents again. Stay confident in these hard times. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Dear Resi, dear Franz, dear all! Just learned about the action here. Wanted of course immediately also forward my greetings. I wish despite the circumstances a contemplative and merry Christmas time. It is not easy and I long to hug tightly all the people who need it right now, but since I also want everyone to stay healthy I prefer to do it only in my thoughts. So hang in there and someday we will get over it together. Better times will surely come. Very best regards, a happy new year and happy holidays.

I wish all the residents with you a Merry Christmas be strong it would all be better again hold on there will be better times again that wishes you

Hello dear ones! We are all in a very difficult time right now. Unfortunately you can not receive visitors. So we would like to remember the good old times. Wishing you lots of candlelight and cheer at Christmas time. And that the glow of time awakens from the darkness. Lights and sweet fragrance are light in this air. Put your own kingdom in this world It needs it – especially in this time. Feel pressed and very dear greetings

Hello dear residents! I am just sitting on the couch with my little dog& prepare a short message with much love. Both my four-legged friend Gino and I wish you a merry "Christmas"& a good start into the new year. But the most important thing is health& the cohesion. I hope that you will soon have unrestricted viiiuch visits again. Love greetings

Dear residents in the House of Mercy, My name is Alma. I am an actress. Live in Vienna. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart in this stressful and extraordinary time. I am so sorry that you will probably not be able to see your families as much as usual. I wanted you to know that you are thought of and send warmth and good thoughts to you. I wish you much health. All the best for the New Year. Love greetings,

Dear residents, I know how hard the lonely times can be, but please remember: life goes up and down, better times will come again, be patient! I wish you all a Merry Christmas. A happy new year! Greetings from

remember house of mercy

Dear residents of the House of Mercy, Especially in this year we all long for contact with loved ones. Feel therefore from me firmly pressed and remember that someone in Lower Austria before the Christmas tree thinks of you!

My Christmas wish for you:

As bright, warm and peaceful as the candle burns on holy night, may your inner light burn: Today, tomorrow and forever.

That's what I wish for you!

Dear residents.. . You all have already experienced a lot. Beautiful, sad, funny. And now you have to go through another crisis. A crisis that complicates closeness and where smiles become invisible through masks. And yet, you can do it too. I change now to a more personal form of address: I wish you strong girls and crunchy boys that you have a nice Christmas time. That the next year begins relaxed and with beautiful moments for you- and also remains. We bisserl younger years have to owe you much, to you all: Thank you, a nice Christmas and very dear greetings

I wish all the residents good health, as well as the entire nursing staff, which in this time is almost inhuman to perform. I hope for all of us that this pandemic will soon be over and we can all again embrace our loved ones wholeheartedly and rejoice that everyone has come through it well, including you guys. In this sense, an albeit different, Merry Christmas from me ;-)

A blessed Christmas to all the residents and staff, especially to my soulmate Ingrid. Thank you!

Dear residents, dear staff! I hope you are all well and have made it through this difficult time! To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Advent season in spite of all the. I hope that all of you, especially in the dark winter days and in this extraordinary situation, do not lose hope and look positively into the future. We will get through this time together. Seen in the totality of our existence, it is only the blink of an eye. I am sure it will not be long until we can embrace each other again! All the love,

Good morning to all of you who live in the house and who put your love and energy in the company of your loved ones. My prayers and thoughts are with you all, I hope you find sources of comfort and strength for this time. Merry Christmas in spite of everything. A healthy 2021. the next spring will be all the more beautiful, hang in there, soon it will be uphill again. Heartfelt greetings and God's blessing send you

Dear residents *in the House of Mercy! In spite of all corona-related restrictions, have a nice, peaceful Christmas

Hello dear residents of the House of Mercy. Despite the difficult and somewhat lonely time, we wish you warm greetings and Merry Christmas. We think of you!! My 2 girls are 9 and 5 years old and send a lot of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love greetings

Dear resident, dear fellow human being, my mother was also almost 7 years in the House of Mercy in the Seebockgasse. I visited them almost every day and also experienced many wonderful moments in this house. I hope that you can also experience good days and joyful moments there. Very gladly I think z. B. to the Christmas celebrations on our ward Aaron; which were arranged very affectionately by the ward nurse Evelyn. With much joy we sang and listened to poems – it was always very touching for me to feel the joy of the people. Also to you I wish a good time with much joy, little pain and above all loving care. Hopefully the CORONAZEIT is soon over. It will be easier again for all. I wish you a Merry Christmas – lots of love and Christmas joy in your heart. In heartfelt solidarity

I send a heartfelt Christmas greeting to all residents in deep connection with our elderly people – it is nice that you exist – please stay healthy – be happy and happy – I think of you

Even if you can't be physically close. In the heart one is all the closer! I send a smile and a hug to everyone who feels a bissal lonely! Cheer up. Xund bleim!

In loving memory of my grandparents I send you very very dear greetings from Upper Austria. Keep the love for your children and grandchildren in your heart, you will see them again soon. I think of each of you. Feel hugs to you

Christmas is always a very special holiday. For me it is the time when I also think of earlier times when my husband and I still had guests on Christmas Eve. There came my parents, my parents-in-law, my brother-in-law and our daughter. Now it's just my daughter and me. But we will celebrate again a beautiful feast and think of all who are no longer with us or will spend the holidays somewhere alone. We will also think of you and in spirit we will hug you and wish you a Merry Christmas. Love greetings,

Love, fun and peace are in the air. A great joy brings the scent of candles. Christmas is always just before the end of the year. Now we join hands. We wish you the very best for a Merry Christmas.

Hello dear ones my name is Gabriele I wish you all despite difficult time calm and beautiful contemplative holidays. And thank you for my youth we have you to thank, many kisses to you and thumbs up for the nursing staff you do damn good job!

Good morning! I hope all residents and nursing staff are well and wish a reflective Advent season! Please stay healthy all of you!

Dear resident, at the moment it is a very difficult time for all of us. I am Caro, 24 and moved 2 years ago from Tyrol to Salzburg because of my job. I live alone with 2 tomcats and often think of the many people who feel as lonely as I do! But in reality we are not alone when we think of family, friends and acquaintances who love and care for us as we are. Christmas. A beautiful year 2021! All my love, I am thinking of you!

Dear residents of the House of Mercy, I hope you are well in this difficult time and I hope the pandemic does not weigh too heavily on your hearts. I send you lots of hugs, happiness and joy! See you again when the pandemic is over and then we can all hug again to say hello and share sorrow from the lost time :-)

Dear fellow human beings, We think of you, even if we do not know you personally. We are just happy that you are here. We all belong together. Will also master difficult situations. A wonderful Advent! Together we can do it!

I wish all residents and staff a wonderful and contemplative Christmas .For the year 2021 I wish health, happiness, love, confidence and a beautiful, long life ❤

Warm greetings from Lower Austria to all residents! I wish everyone a wonderful Advent season and especially a beautiful first Advent Sunday morning!

Dear grandpa (Hubert), I miss you already very much and I will come to visit you again soon. For Christmas you will get a present from me and I hope you like it!

Moritz incl. Mom and Dad

My thoughts are with you. Hopefully, despite the current pandemic, you will have an Advent wreath on Sunday? When you see the first candle burning, you feel with the warmth also the warmth of all the people outside thinking of you. Believe me: there are many! Warm greetings from one of them!

Claudia S. Dear residents. Residents in the House of Mercy! Even though we are all going through a difficult time and visits are not possible to the extent we are used to – we are with you in our thoughts and send you many pre-Christmas greetings! Together we can do it! All love. Take good care of yourselves!

We wish all the residents and staff of the House of Mercy a lot of strength and endurance. You are the greatest!

Thousands of events are canceled because of Corona. BUT . Conversations are not canceled. Relationships are not canceled. Kindness is not canceled. Carols are not canceled. Reading is not canceled. Laughter is not canceled. Hope is not canceled. Let's stay strong together !

Dear residents! Hang in there! It will not be long now. You can hold your loved ones in your arms again. As long as this is not yet possible, we are always with you in thought. I wish you much love. Glow of lights in this special Christmas season. Dear collaborators! I wish you much strength in this very challenging time. One can only admire you for your insanely valuable performance. Stay well!

Dear residents, It is so nice to know that you have already built so much for us younger people and given us so much freedom. We have so many possibilities, a warm home and plenty of good food. At least I can speak for myself. Thank you for your performance and your existence! I always like to hear stories about how life was a few years ago; before I was born, before 1994. I find it so interesting how you experienced the time then, how it is for you now in present time. At the same time I also like how all these experiences are told. I wish you all from the bottom of my heart much health, love and warmth as well as a merry and contemplative Christmas time! Thank you for being here. ❤️ All the love,

Think of the house of mercy

"WE MAY NOT HAVE EVERYTHING WE WANT. BUT TOGETHER WE ARE ALL WE NEED" Cohesion and looking out for each other is the most valuable thing we have in these special times! Greetings from Tokyo Street!

Roberto de Oliveira

I wish you a reflective pre-Christmas season, even if it is different this year than usual! We are all part of this society. Will make it out of this crisis together! You are not alone, there are many people, even complete strangers like me, who think of you and hope that you can still use every day as well as currently possible! You are not alone – you, we all are, even if in some moments it does not seem so and one is terribly lonely. Then let love into your heart and open yourself to what is possible in this situation and don't forget to enjoy these moments as well! Love – thinking of you!

Dear Resident! You are loved. Although not too scarce. No need to worry, just don't go limp now. Sometimes you feel scared and small, but you are a hero and NEVER alone. Always follow your way, get up when you fall down. And the most important thing of all: trust yourself!! I think of all residents and send a big hug and warm greetings :)

Dear people, residents and helpers, my heart goes out to you. Lots of confidence. Inner peace for all of us! Heartfelt Advent. Many Christmas cookies I wish! Kiss dear Omsch

Hello dear people please hang in there these times..remembers —-You have already had to master so MANY things in your life—there you create..we ALL create. even this so difficult time ! Let's stick together ! We are thinking of you and wish you a HAPPY Christmas time and that it will be better for all of us in the new year, that visits will be possible again and that all of us will survive this stupid Corona well. Stay healthy.

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