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Teachers and school administrators may take unpaid leave upon request. Before taking vacation, various questions regarding insurance coverage must be clarified.

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Unpaid leave is an important time out for many people. Teachers and school administrators may also request unpaid leave of absence. The appointing authority is responsible for granting unpaid leave. At schools where the school management is not also the appointing authority, the school management decides on vacation requests of teachers up to five working days. Leave requests for absences longer than five working days are processed by the school commission.

In the event of the birth of a child or adoption, teachers and school administrators are entitled to unpaid leave of up to six months, provided that the regular operation of the school is ensured. An early request is required for this reason.

Share of vacation and suspension of salary

In a school year with 39 school weeks, the instructional leave period is 13 weeks. This corresponds to a ratio of 3:1. Unpaid leave consists of the vacation entitlement of five weeks per year plus additional duties to be performed as specified in the job assignment. In order to neutralize tuition-free time that is not evenly distributed during the year, that time must be taken into account if the leave or temporary employment is for less than one semester. To correct this, a so-called vacation portion is added or deducted in addition to the effective duration of the vacation.

For unpaid leave shorter than one semester, salary is suspended, including the corresponding vacation portion. The suspension of salary may therefore be longer or shorter than the leave of absence. Does not match the reported end date of the leave for this reason.

Important to know: Unpaid leave and reduction of vacation share

– In the case of unpaid leave of less than one semester, a vacation portion will be charged. The calculation of the vacation portion is made from the 8th day of absence. Calendar day. – No vacation portion will be charged for an unpaid leave of absence that lasts at least one full school semester. – In the case of unpaid leave for an entire school week, salary suspension occurs for seven days. In the case of unpaid leave of up to one week, no vacation portion is charged. Salary will be reduced by the number of lessons missed. – The relevant duration of the salary suspension (in calendar days) is determined using the following formula:

Insurance coverage for unpaid leave

Before taking an unpaid leave, the individual insurance situation must be checked and a decision must be made on the continuation of individual insurances. In case of an unpaid leave of more than 30 days, the insurance against the risks of death and disability remains in force. Disability continues to exist (regulation since 1. January 2015). January 2015). The insured person pays both the employee and employer contributions. Waiver of contributions is possible. Must be reported via the mutation form. Savings contributions cannot be made during an unpaid leave of absence of more than 30 days.


Teachers with a weekly workload of at least four lessons are compulsorily insured for non-occupational accidents in accordance with the UVG. In case of an unpaid leave of more than one month, the insurance coverage of the non-occupational accident insurance (NBU) ends with the 30th day of the leave. Day after the day on which the claim to at least half the wage or. Remunerations equal to it stops. If the end of the wage entitlement falls at the end of a month and the start of the indemnity insurance still falls in the same month due to the 31-day supplementary coverage, the insurance company shall, in amendment of Art. 3 number 2 of the Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UVG) also applies to the 31. Day Insurance coverage. It is possible to extend the insurance coverage for up to six months at one's own expense with a so-called "Abredeversicherung". During this time, accident coverage by individual health insurance is not necessary.

Illness or accident

An illness or accident during a leave without pay does not justify the termination of the leave and the payment of sick pay. An approved unpaid leave is binding and must be taken even if the person is ill or has had an accident.

Family allowances for unpaid leave

Teachers who are on unpaid leave are also entitled to a family allowance (incl. a family allowance). care allowance). You will receive the allowance after the start of the leave in the current month as well as in the following three months. The prerequisite is that the annual salary is still 7,110 Swiss francs (as of 01.01.2019; current amount) achieved as well as resuming work after unpaid leave with the same employer. After the interruption, the entitlement to family allowances applies from the first day of the month in which the job is taken up again.

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