This is mark keller’s wife

Mark Keller's wife is Tulin. The couple is still married, but there is a sad story behind their love affair. Mark Keller shared private insights in an interview. Mark Keller (56). His wife Tulin married in 1992. During the career of the "Bergdoktor" star, the couple could be seen together on the red carpet time and again – but this happened less and less often in recent years.

The reason is sad: Tulin is terminally ill. Mark Keller spoke more openly than ever about his wife's illness in an interview. The actor shared some intimate insights with the magazine "Bunte.

Mark Keller and Tulin are the parents of two sons – Aaron and Joshua.

This is mark keller's wife

Mark Keller's wife is seriously ill

At the same time, it became known that Mark Keller's wife was suffering from an incurable disease. "Tulin has been a nursing case for years. She has had a serious, chronic illness for 20 years," says the "Bergdoktor" actor.

As the interview revealed, Tulin had to have several operations on her intervertebral disc 20 years ago. When she finally caught a hospital germ, her condition worsened.

Mark Keller's son Joshua also spoke about his mother's illness in an interview. "What pain mom had to endure over the years is unbelievable. The problem with many diseases is often the pills that patients have to take, because most medications have serious side effects," says Joshua.

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Mark Keller is there for his wife

Mark Keller's wife can rely on the support of her family. Even though Mark Keller and Tulin are no longer a couple, they are married and Mark Keller and his sons are always there for Tulin.

"My boys and I are also such a welded team because they often accompanied me when Tulin got sick back in school days. My own mother died when I was six months old. I grew up with my grandma. My father worked very hard and hardly had any time. That's what I wanted to do differently," Mark Keller shared in the "Bunte" interview.

This is mark keller's wife

This is how close Mark Keller, his wife and his sons are to each other

The family's close relationship, not only with Mark Keller's wife, is evident on social media, among other places. The German series star repeatedly shares common recordings with his sons. Also in an interview with the magazine "Gala", Mark Keller raved that his two sons were the greatest happiness he had.

The actor is also happily engaged again. His girlfriend's name is Anna and Mark Keller spoke of the woman at his side in an interview with "Bunte": "I've been together with my partner Anna for several years and am very happy with her. She is a great woman with a big heart."

However, it is important for the couple to protect their privacy. Mark Keller and his family are a fine example of how important cohesion is within the family.

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