Ticks beware of fsme and borreliosis this region of saxony anhalt is considered a risk area

Ticks – Beware of TBE and Lyme disease: this region of Saxony-Anhalt is considered a risk areaIn brushwood and undergrowth ticks are often found. You can get seriously ill from a tick bite. Also in Saxony-Anhalt there is this year again a region, which is particularly in the focus.


Lyme disease and TBE: What you should know about the tick-borne diseases

Nationwide, according to the RKI, a total of 390 TBE cases were transmitted in 2021. According to the data, this corresponded to a decrease of 45 percent compared to the record value in the previous year (712 FSME cases). Due to a technical error, however, an estimated five percent of the TBE cases reported in 2021 could not be counted, it said.

May to October the most TBE diseases

Case numbers generally fluctuate significantly from year to year. According to RKI data, the majority of infections occur in the months of May to October. TBE starts with symptoms like headache and fever. In a small proportion of infected people, a second phase with meningitis, cerebral palsy or spinal cord inflammation can occur after a period without symptoms. It can be fatal

The most reliable protection against TBE is a vaccination, explained the State Office for Consumer Protection. In addition, it is recommended to wear sturdy shoes and long pants when hiking through fields, forests and meadows. “After returning from a hike, the clothes should be changed and the body should be searched for ticks, which like to stay in the warm folds of the body,” it said. Ticks should be removed as soon as possible. Disinfecting the wound.

Typical habitats for ticks include sparse forests and forest edges, as well as areas with tall grass or bushes, according to the report. Also gardens and urban parks offer good conditions.


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