Tight clothing can be unhealthy

Nevertheless, too tight clothes, can lead to tension and other physical complaints.

By Ricarda Dieckmann, dpa

Whether it's the skinny jeans or the tight-fitting blouse: the clothes in which you really like yourself in the mirror are unfortunately not always the most comfortable ones. But does it harm the body to wear tight clothing regularly?

The high price of corsets

Until 20. Into the twentieth century, corsets were in demand. They formed a narrow waist by tight lacing. The women sometimes paid a high health price for this body shape: due to the prere of the corset, not infrequently lungs, stomach and intestines were deformed or even displaced within the body.

The good news: In the case of skinny jeans, shapewear and co. such enormous health dangers are not to be feared. "The prere caused by tight pants is not relevant for the abdominal organs and digestion," says Ivo Grebe, board member of the German Association of Internists (BDI).

Breathe deeply enough in a tight outfit? Difficult.

Tight clothing can nevertheless lead to complaints. Mainly because of the prere they put on the body. "In the chest, for example, wearing a bra that is too tight can cause pain that is misinterpreted as heart pain or lung pain," Grebe says.

In addition, tight clothing restricts freedom of movement. "Breathing can flatten out if the chest cannot move physiologically," says physiotherapist Ute Merz. Possible consequences are concentration problems and headaches, as the brain is then no longer optimally supplied with oxygen.

Tight pants can also cause tension in the back. The reason: sitting upright is hardly possible with a pinching waistband. This virtually invites a bent sitting posture. This in turn promotes back pain.

Best to get out of tight clothing after exercise

Tight clothing can also have undesirable side effects for another reason. Since air cannot circulate, heat accumulates under the fabric. And when sweating in tight clothing, it is difficult for sweat to evaporate through the skin and thus cool the body.

In the worst case, this can lead to the body overheating, which is noticeable through circulatory problems. For example, if you've had a strenuous workout and are wearing tight, non-breathable clothing on your body. If you quickly get rid of sweaty clothes after sports, you are on the safe side.

The intimate area can also be affected

The heat under tight clothing can also affect the genital area – for example, the testicles. They are located outside the body for a reason: in order to function optimally, i.e. to produce sperm, they need an environment that is slightly cooler than body temperature. Heat accumulation in tight pants can impair the production of sperm cells in the testicles.

Vaginal fungal infections can also be promoted by too tight clothing. "The yeasts of the Candida family colonize the vagina, but are normally kept in check by the low pH there," says Hanover-based gynecologist Christian Albring.

"But they multiply when the pH in the vagina rises, or even when the skin barrier is no longer intact."If tight pants chafe the intimate area, the fungi of the Candida family have free rein – which becomes annoying at the latest when the crotch itches or burns.

Fungi also like tight clothing away from the intimate area. Dermatophytes are skin fungi that can always be found on the skin in small numbers. "They like to multiply in moist environments that are closed off from the air, so especially in warm skin folds," says Christian Albring.

Solution: clothes that feel good when you wear them

And now? Away with everything that is tight? Not necessarily. The dose makes the difference. If you regularly change between figure-hugging and airy, buy your next pair of skinny jeans perhaps one size bigger and pay attention to the signs your body is showing, you don't need to worry.

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