Time out worldwide kenya veterinary medicine internship

Do an internship in Nairobi National Park. Gain valuable work experience in the field of veterinary medicine!

Project location

This internship takes place v.a. at our headquarters in Nairobi. But it can also happen that you go with the staff into the field and take part in fieldwork there.

The project

The KWS Department of Veterinary Medicine has been located at the organization's headquarters in Nairobi since its inception in 1990. Currently, these services are divided into 3 field stations: Tsavo, Mountain and Central Rift. In the KWS organizational structure, the Veterinary Services Department reports to the Research, Biodiversity and Monitoring Department.

It is divided into three core areas:

1. Field Services and Research 2. Diagnostics 3. Laboratory services and animal capture.

The department has responsibility for maintaining a viable, growing and healthy wildlife population in Kenya. To accomplish this, the department uses a variety of technical strategies such as clinical intervention for sick or injured wildlife, periodic disease surveillance, general observation, prevention, and control of diseases in the wild and captivity. Other strategies include veterinary research, animal translocation and relocation, animal rescue activities, and captive animal management. The department also provides quarantine for confiscated animals or animals in transit through Kenya.

The department consists of competent wildlife veterinarians, laboratory technologists, animal health technologists, animal observers, scientists, and other support staff. Be able to mobilize and assist quickly on reported cases from field stations, national parks, national wildlife refuges, and ranches that require veterinary intervention.

Your tasks

As a participant you will have the opportunity to work as a team member together with the project staff and researchers. There will always be someone to guide you, help complete the tasks and compare notes. The work is usually spontaneous and often changes according to the requirements and needs of the different departments within the parks. Working with KWS is diverse and fascinating. You will have ample opportunity to contribute to Kenya's conservation efforts. The type of involvement depends on what is available and is highly dependent on the amount of time enrolled in the projects.

The department responds to case reports of animal illnesses, deaths, and injuries to take appropriate veterinary action and collect specimens for laboratory-based diagnosis and analysis. The veterinary staff is able to treat all species of animals such as elephants, rhinos, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, antelopes, birds, reptiles and fishes.

Prior experience

Whether previous experience is required depends on the area you want to work in.


– Planned or emergency translocations of various species of wildlife for a variety of reasons – Disease observation, surveillance and control – Wildlife and zoonotic disease veterinary research – Orphan and sick animal rescue – Wildlife quarantine – Development of Wildlife Veterinary Practice Policy documents and protocols – Clinical veterinary intervention


– In the management of captive animals – rescue of orphaned and sick animals – quarantine of wild animals – tracking of animals – research activity – work in the animal orphanage – conservation education

You will live either in a nearby host family or directly on the project site. In both shelters, it is possible for you to share a room with other volunteers. The accommodations are i.d.R. basic, but electricity and running water are available. The catering is included. You will receive further information with your confirmation.

You should have at least 4 weeks. A stipend of up to 12 weeks is available.

Contact organizer now!

Please note that we cannot guarantee the information on our site. For the latest information, see the organizer's page. There you can book the program directly if you are interested.

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