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The brain works like a muscle: the more you challenge it, the more efficient it becomes. Therefore, memory training can be a good way to stay mentally fit and agile. Make sure that different areas of thinking are addressed – for example, retentiveness, logical thinking and concentration, but also flexible thinking, creativity and word-finding exercises. If you take about ten minutes a day for such holistic memory training, you can already make a big difference.

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Stay active

Regular exercise not only keeps the body fit, but also the mind. One reason: exercise stimulates blood circulation. Thus also improves the supply of oxygen to the brain. Exercise in the fresh air is particularly good – whether you prefer walking, cycling or strolling.

You like to dance? Super! Because here, among other things, coordination is required. And: Remembering the sequences you have learned and learning more and more new steps gives your brain an additional workout.

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Attend check-ups and treat underlying diseases

Some chronic diseases, such as increased blood lipid levels, high blood prere or diabetes, can also harm our brain. One reason: Many of these diseases can cause the blood vessels to constrict. This affects blood flow, even in the smallest blood vessels in the brain. Therefore, it is especially important to go to the doctor regularly for a health check-up and to have existing underlying diseases treated.

Eat healthy and drink enough

Our brain needs a lot of energy to work properly. Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet with whole grains, plenty of fruit and especially vegetables. The more colorful and fresh, the better – because this way you automatically absorb many different vital substances. Healthy fats, for example in high-quality vegetable oils (linseed oil, olive oil) and nuts should also be part of your diet. Also eat fatty sea fish once a week, because the omega-3 fatty acids it contains reduce the risk of vascular constriction and improve the contacts between the nerve cells in the brain.

Also make sure to drink enough. Because only if our body is sufficiently supplied with liquid, the blood circulation and thus the oxygen supply in the brain function properly. About two liters of water, tea or juice spritzer per day is ideal.

Shifting down a gear sometimes

Keeping the brain challenged is important to keep us mentally fit. However, it is just as important to ensure regular rest periods – because persistent or very strong stress is poison for our brain. This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that we often forget many little things and make more mistakes when we are under power. Also important: Don't concentrate on one thing for too long at a time – because your brain can only perform at full capacity for about 90 minutes. Afterwards, you should treat yourself to a rest to recharge your batteries.

While you're at it, pay attention to what exactly recharges your batteries: It could be a cup of tea or coffee in the garden, or a nice walk. Find your balance in everyday life!

Full concentration instead of multitasking

Food is simmering on the stove, your girlfriend is complaining on the phone, and you are trying to tidy up a little bit? No wonder, if afterwards the food is burned or the phone is misplaced. Because while we are concentrating on a task, the brain often blocks out everything else – at least for a short time. So while we give good advice to our friend, we forget, for example, the food on the stove. Better: Focus on one thing. Do things one after the other. To reduce the susceptibility to failure -. Often it is even faster than if we want to do everything at once.

Sufficient sleep

If the brain is to perform a lot during the day, it is important that we sleep well and for a sufficiently long time. Otherwise our thinking performance suffers. Ability to concentrate. What exactly happens in the brain during sleep has not yet been conclusively researched. But we do know that we process the day's experiences during sleep – important things are stored, unimportant things are deleted. New connections are strengthened, irrelevant connections are cut off. In addition, researchers ame that during sleep certain cleaning and tidying work takes place in the brain. Among other things, this apparently removes certain protein deposits from the brain.

For most people, between six and eight hours of sleep per night is ideal – the best way to find out your personal feel-good sleep duration is through experimentation.

Breaking routines and daring new things

There's no question about it: routines in everyday life make a lot of sense – because they prevent us from tying up too much brain capacity for unimportant decisions (e.g., making a decision). B. "What do I drink for breakfast?"or "What am I going to wear??"). But it should not become too boring, because the brain is like a muscle: If we never challenge it, it becomes weaker and weaker.

To keep your brain fit, you should break routines from time to time and add a little variety to your daily routine. For example, rearrange the furniture or paint a room in a new color. Or you simply go your daily walk the other way around. Even little things like this can get your brain going again.

Maintain social contacts

Family, friends and neighbors: Social contacts are important for mental fitness. Because if you deal with the opinions and thoughts of others, you remain mentally flexible – especially if the discussion partner is in a completely different phase of life than you are. Therefore, for example, contacts between grandchildren. Grandparents valuable for both sides. Another advantage of a good social network: spending time together with like-minded people, friends or family lifts the mood.

Therefore, stay in contact with your loved ones and make new acquaintances from time to time, for example in a sports or singing club.

Tips for you

Explainer film: Forgetfulness

Here you can learn interesting facts about forgetfulness – briefly explained in only two minutes.

Federal association memory training (BVGT) e. V.

The aim of the BVGT is to spread and develop holistic memory training. Has been training memory trainers since 1987. Gingium ® cooperates with BGTV.

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