To compensate for the disadvantages of disability

The new Nursing Professions Act has merged the previously separate nursing training programs for health care and nursing, health care and pediatric nursing, and geriatric nursing into one. To finance the new, high-quality nursing training, both training and non-training institutions are equally involved.


People with disabilities should participate equally in social life. In order to compensate for handicap-related disadvantages, we determine the handicap and the degree of handicap and ie a severely handicapped person's certificate. Support in professional life is granted by the integration office.


The "Social Services" section includes a wide range of services and offers that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Support and compensation services can be used by citizens directly, reimbursement and other services are provided to counties and independent cities as well as to institutions.


The LASV acts as a supervisory body to ensure that the rights of people in special circumstances are respected. Among other things, this affects people in need of care who live in supportive housing. In addition, we monitor the facilities of the Mabregelvollzugs and the public-law accommodation and perform the monitoring office accessibility.


The LASV implements support programs of the state of Brandenburg. Within the limits of the available budget, we grant subsidies in accordance with the funding principles of the MSGIV. The administrative regulations of the state budget code. Our range of support includes measures in the areas of families, women, health, immigration and integration, and consumer insolvency.

About us

The LASV is a subordinate authority of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection. As a service provider and service partner, we primarily provide individual and institutional services to ensure an appropriate quality of life for people with disabilities and people in need of care in education, employment, leisure and housing.

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