To have your dog spayed or neutered general dog health information

How to get your dog spayed/neuteredIf your dog's sex drive is too great? Or is he really challenging when he is with other dogs? Here you can read about all the health benefits of having a dog spayed/neutered and how it can improve your dog's behavior.

Neutering or spaying means removing the reproductive organs so they can no longer reproduce.

How to have your dog spayed or neutered general dog health information

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Having your dog spayed/neutered

To save you from unplanned small puppies, it is advisable to have your bitch spayed. Sterilization involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus. It is very beneficial for their health and behavior and can drastically reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially if they are sterilized before their first fertility cycle.

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Recovery from sterilization

Dogs can usually be taken home again on the day of surgery, as the wounds heal quite quickly. It is very important that you make sure your dog does not scratch or bite his stitches, otherwise you will have to make another appointment for it. Your vet will fit you with a neck brace for your dog so she doesn't lick the wound, as this can slow down the healing process. He will also schedule a follow-up appointment with you to make sure everything is okay and then schedule another appointment, a little ten weeks after surgery, to remove the stitches.

A golden retriever wears a neck brace

To find out more about aftercare for surgery, read on here.

The vet will shave away the dog hair in the area of the operation, but this should have grown back in a few months. After surgery, you need to keep your dog very calm. Lively exercise is not recommended, as sutures could open up. Therefore, keep spaying to a minimum until the stitches are removed.

Your dog will be under anesthesia during the surgery, which will make her quite sleepy and unsteady on her feet. Give her time to rest and recover and supervise her to make sure everything is okay and to give her lots and lots of cuddles.

How will sterilization change your dog?

Having your dog spayed can make a noticeable difference in his behavior. It can also be an important change for health risks. The age at which you decide to sterilize can drastically reduce your risk for cancer. The following are the medical and behavioral changes that may occur in a spayed female dog.

Medical consequences
Having your bitch spayed before her first fertility cycle will significantly reduce the risk of mammary gland cancer (breast cancer), which is actually quite common in unsterilized dogs. If you have not spayed your bitch before this time, do not worry, it is not too late. Having your bitch spayed then will always reduce the risk of her developing a mammary tumor.

Older dogs are at increased risk of developing cancer in the ovaries or uterus. Sterilization will completely eliminate these two possibilities. Pyometra (an inflammation of the uterus) is life threatening. Affects 25% of all dogs over the age of ten. The risk of developing this disease is eliminated if your dog is sterilized. However, the stump pyometra can also occur in sterilized bitches

Spaying a female dog means there is absolutely no risk of pregnancy or false pregnancy, which is great if your dog is in regular contact with other males.

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Behavioral changes
Some female dogs that are not spayed will fight for the attention of male dogs. When female dogs are sterilized, they often show less aggression towards dogs and people.

Due to the change in hormone balance during ovulation, many female dogs experience mood swings. Sterilization will prevent this fluctuation as hormone levels are not altered.

When in heat, the majority of female dogs run off in search of male dogs. During this migration, it is not uncommon for them to be injured or even killed by road traffic. Spaying your female dog will drastically reduce her urge to do this roaming.

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How much does sterilization cost?

The cost of having a bitch spayed will vary depending on the size and weight of the dog. Generally it costs between 150 and 200 €, if it is amed that there are no overnight costs to pay. Always check with your veterinarian as prices can vary considerably.

To have your dog neutered

If you are a male and reading this, everything inside you may be contracting. However, it is important to know that spaying can be really beneficial for your dog's health and temperament. Read on to learn more.

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Neutering removes both testicles, which prevents sperm from being produced. This is most effective when your male dog is about to reach sexual maturity. But you can have him neutered at any age. After neutering, there is a possibility that you will notice an increase in weight. Therefore, pay attention to the amount of food he eats and keep him active. Often male horse owners have castration performed to eliminate certain behavioral abnormalities. Most dogs will show a lower sex drive after surgery. Will have less of an urge to roam around. However, dogs that have already had sexual experiences will not be discouraged from mating anyway.

Recovery from castration

It is important that your dog does not lick his wounds, as this will slow down the healing process and could even open the wounds to infection. A vet's neck brace will keep your dog from turning to the wound and causing irritation. Your veterinarian will also schedule a follow-up appointment, usually the following week, to see how your dog is doing.

Try not to give your dog too much exercise after neutering. Avoid having him run or jump to make the stitches last longer. During neutering, a common anesthetic is used, which will cause your dog to be very sleepy and perhaps even unsteady on his feet. Therefore, allow him to rest and recover. But stay with him. Supervise him. Read here how to take care of your dog after surgery.

How neutering will change your dog? The neutering of your dog can cause a noticeable change in his behavior. May also be beneficial to your dog's health. May reduce your dog's sex drive and also reduce the risk of testicular cancer and prostate cancer. The following is a list of medical and behavioral changes that can occur when a dog is neutered.

Medical consequences
The risk of testicular cancer is eliminated in neutered dogs because the testicles have been removed. Further, neutering reduces the risk of developing prostate and perianal tumors, which can be life-threatening for all breeds of dogs.

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Changes in behavior
Neutering can reduce sexual activity, such as mounting, marking, and aggression toward other dogs, by reducing the production of hormones (mainly testosterone). Roaming around can be a common behavior in unneutered dogs, especially when a female dog in heat is nearby. This will be reduced if your male dog is neutered. Furthermore, the surgery usually causes your dog to become calmer, which is especially helpful if you are trying to control an extremely active dog.

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How much does castration cost?

The average price to neuter a male dog is between 100 and 250 €. However, the cost can vary greatly from vet to vet.

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