Tongue coating deep furrows and co. Your tongue the illnesses detector

Tongue coating, deep furrows and co. – Your tongue the disease detectorThe condition of your tongue can be an indication of disease. Often the changes in your tongue are not dangerous, but behind some can hide serious diseases and even emergencies. In this article I will tell you how you can tell if your tongue change says something about an undiscovered disease and if you should go to the doctor with it.

It is worth sticking your tongue out at your reflection in the mirror

Our tongue, it is one of those things that we usually take for granted! As children, we explored the world with our tongues, licking everything in sight and sticking it out at our siblings and parents. As adults we need it "only still to eat, taste, speak . and so😉

But the tongue can do more than that. Believe it or not, your tongue can give your doctor clues about your overall health. From vitamin deficiency to cancer – the tongue is virtually an all-knowing🧐 Has not each of us ever stuck out his reflection of the tongue and wondered why it actually looks so strangely coated or has so deep furrows? 🤨

The anatomy of our tongue – muscle man and nerd at the same time

The tongue is a muscular body, more specifically a union of four muscles. 💪 The surface is covered by mucous membrane. In the mucous membrane sit salivary glands and special sensors. These sensors are called papillae. The papillae are the protuberances on the tongue that make the tongue appear rough. There are two types of papillae: Those for tactile sensation. Which for the taste perception. The tongue can distinguish between 5 taste qualities: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, spicy. All other "tastes are flavors and an interaction of taste, smell, consistency and temperature. Have you ever heard that the taste qualities are distributed differently on the tongue?? This is a widespread myth. Any area of the tongue can perceive any taste quality.

So, long enough yakking, what can the tongue reveal about our health?

What your tongue tells you about your health – Gross, but harmless

Usually the tongue is pale pink, slightly coated and has a somewhat rough surface.

Tongue coating deep furrows and co. your tongue the diseases detector

If you have a cold, a thick white coating on your tongue is normal (we all know this, don't we?)?). 🤒 Are you taking an antibiotic right now?? Don't be alarmed if you look in the mirror and see a thick black coating on your tongue. Antibiotics have the side effect of lengthening and thickening the papillae. These are then traps for food debris and bacteria, causing the tongue to suddenly look black. Your tongue can now officially call itself a hairy tongue. 💇

tongue coating deep furrows and co. your tongue the diseases detector

If you have white spots on your tongue that do not go away with brushing? Do you smoke?? Then the spots are probably disorders in your mucosal cells called leukoplakia. As long as a leukoplakia remains a leukoplakia, it is not dangerous. You should still have it regularly monitored by a doctor, as this cellular disorder is a preliminary stage of cancer. Every oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic offers a mucosal consultation where you can sign up to be seen.

Does your tongue have deep furrows and cracks?? Often chronic intestinal problems are the cause. Due to the intestinal disease, you do not absorb enough vitamins and trace elements, which affects the formation of your skin cells.

tongue coating deep furrows and co. your tongue the diseases detector

What your tongue tells you about your health – Disgusting and dangerous

You have a black colored tongue without taking antibiotics? Do you also feel very weak lately?? If your tongue is black for no good reason, you should get it checked out right away. Because the hair tongue can also occur in severe immune deficiencies, such as blood cancer.

You know when you're cold and your lips are suddenly blue?? This is not bad. But if your tongue takes on a similar color, you should have a doctor look at it quickly. A purple or blue tongue can be a sign that your blood is not supplying enough oxygen and that you have a problem with your heart or lungs.

My conclusion to the tongue health check

You don't have to be heartbroken when you see scary changes on your tongue. As you can see from hairy tongue or map tongue, the “blatant” appearances are often harmless. Better pay attention to little things: If I have white spots on my tongue that I can't wipe away? My tongue has a different color? Is it not dull but shines funny? Important is also always the period. The magic number for us doctors is always 2 weeks. Do these places stay longer than 2 weeks? Then you should get to the bottom of the cause. The first port of call for your tongue is your dentist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He can tell you if it is a problem of the tongue and possibly take a tie sample. If he is convinced that the problem comes from another organ, he sends you to the family doctor.

So then: make fine “Ahhhh” 👅

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