Too much sauna is too much sauna unhealthy fit for fun

Too much sauna Is too much sauna unhealthy?It cleanses the skin, pushes the immune system, regenerates the muscles. But sweating is hard work for the body .

Bull heat in the summer, icy cold in the winter, permanent temperature fluctuations in autumn and spring – a feat for our organism, which demands a lot from it. That's why it really is sauna time all year round: going to the sweat lodge is not only fun, but also serves as a turbo for the immune system.

Sauna means heavy labor for the body

Due to the constant change of warmth and cold stimuli, the body adapts more quickly to the temperature fluctuations outside. The internal body temperature increases by 0.5 to about 1° C during a sauna session. "It feels like a fever to the body, which is why it compensates for the excess heat by sweating," says Lutz Hertel of the German Wellness Association. The body produces more messenger substances that strengthen the body's own defenses. Colds, flu effects and also the "real" flu have less chance to strike. "Those who overdo it, however, put a strain on their circulation, because sweating means hard work for the body and heart," says Hertel. The expert knows,

"Ideal, therefore, are two to three sauna sessions once or twice a week, each lasting about 8 to 12 minutes, but no more than 15"

It all depends on the right choice

There are many ways to work up a sweat. Differentiation is made according to the level of temperature and humidity. The Finnish sauna with 80 to 100° C is considered the classic type of sauna. A steam bath, on the other hand, is cooler with temperatures of 45 to 60° C, but has the highest humidity and thus has a particularly positive effect on the bronchial tubes. In principle, however, the same time guidelines for the stay apply. Relax in the supine position on the upper benches and descend to lower levels towards the end of the sauna session to prepare the circulation for the change to the cold / cold showers. Two minutes before the end of the sweat bath, prepare the body for getting up by aming a sitting position.

Do not forget the liquid balance!

Those who visit the sauna after a workout should make up for their fluid and mineral loss beforehand – after all, the body loses another 1 to 1 1/2 liters of fluid during three sauna sessions. "Also drink water or juice spritzers in the mixing ratio 1 : 3 (juice to water) in between and afterwards," says Hertel.

And build in a break in between

The pauses between walks should be as long as the walk itself. Thus, if you take three full sauna sessions, you will have to pay for the total stay ca. Allow 90 minutes. By the way, athletes benefit especially: The lactic acid that forms in the muscles during a workout is removed during purification. That's why going to the sauna speeds up muscle regeneration. The skin is also happy: The sweat rinses bacteria from the skin, the sebum in the sebaceous glands flows off – and with it, annoying blackheads disappear.

Too much sauna is too much sauna unhealthy fit for fun

A cold in the sauna?

Those who suffer from fever or elevated temperature should refrain from going to the sauna, so as not to upset the body's temperature regulation system. Even sweating out an incipient cold in advance only works in exceptional cases – because in most cases the illness then only breaks out even faster.

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