Training as a nurse – what to expect

You want to know how to become a nurse? We tell you which requirements you need. What the everyday life of a nurse can look like. We also explain how much you can earn as a nurse.

What does a nurse?

A nurse helps patients to regain their physical and mental health. She takes care of the physical basic care and the care of dressings and wounds. In addition, she notes the physical parameters (temperature and blood prere) of the patients in daily rounds and keeps track of their development. She often functions as a mouthpiece between doctor and patient, as she spends more time with patients and notices changes more quickly.

How to become a nurse?


If you want to become a health care nurse, you need to have a three years of education complete. The training is offered at almost every hospital. Is completed either in the in-house nursing schools or in the nursing schools of other hospitals. For the training at least one Realschulabschluss necessary. If you have a secondary school diploma, you must have previously completed an apprenticeship (at least two years) or the one-year nursing assistant training program.

The training combines several main topics. Here you can, for example theoretical Read about the training contents of the nursing school of the University Hospital Gottingen. Besides the theoretical ones there are also some practical content the professional training. You will have assignments of several weeks on the different wards, in a surgical department and external assignments (hospice or nursing home).

Personal skills

The job as a nurse may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should ideally have the following qualities:

– High ability to work under prere – Ability to work in a team – Empathy – High sense of responsibility – Social and small talk professional – Self-confidence – Interest in nursing and medical tasks – You can see blood and are not afraid to give injections

Where does a nurse work?

The main place of work of a nurse is a ward of a hospital. There is a specialization on a specialty of a station after training also possible. The profession of health care and nursing is recognized by the state, which means that the profession is based on uniform rights and regulations throughout Germany. Therefore, the field of activity must not only include ward work. After the training it is also possible for you to work in the different medical areas to work. Possible areas of application are:

– hospital wards – surgery department (under the guidance of a trainer) – emergency room – endoscopy – doctor's offices – outpatient services – old people's and nursing home – health insurance/medical services

The possible places of work for a nurse are therefore very varied and multifaceted. Even if you don't like the work on the ward, you can change to a department you like better after your training.

How much does a nurse earn?

Salary in the nursing professions is calculated using a uniform nationwide pay scale for the public sector (TVoD). Then, of course, it depends on which tax class you are in and how long you have been employed at the hospital. As Trainee you earn, compared to other training professions, comparatively much. Already in first year of training you can, according to the TVoD-BT-Pflege a monthly salary of 1.140,69 Euro expect. After the training, the salary is determined by pay grades. Employment years in the company calculated. As a newly qualified nurse with no work experience, you will be assigned to pay group P7 and level 2. P7 stands for three years of completed training. Level 2 for new employment. Based on the TVoD table, you will earn approximately 2.830,56 Euro. This amount can vary depending on the federal state. Hospital vary slightly.

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