Training nurse assistant nurse assistant medicampus

The nursing assistant – the right thing for you?In addition to the formal requirements, you should also be personally suitable for the profession. Your personal suitability includes both your behavior and your ability to work. your interests as well as your health suitability.

– Are you sensitive, reliable and can work independently? Are you sociable. Are not afraid of physical contact? – Are you interested in medical and social tasks?? – Do you have a good physical constitution and are resilient?

You meet the requirements? Excellent! Then we are already looking forward to your Application.

Structure of your training

training nurse assistant nurse assistant medicampus

You make a contract with our nursing school School contract and with the carrier of the practical training (practice facility) a Training contract from.

The practice facility has with our nursing school a Cooperation agreement about the implementation of practical training concluded.

The good cooperation between the practice facility and our school offers you excellent conditions for your training success.

training nurse assistant nurse assistant medicampus

Your training as a nursing assistant is subdivided into

theoretical and practical training (min. 1.540 hours) at our state-approved nursing school and

Our nursing school bears the overall responsibility for your training. Therefore the responsible teachers of our school accompany you also in your training enterprise (practice company).

The practical training and the theory-practice transfer are ensured by practical guidance and practical accompaniment.

In our nursing school

In order to prepare you comprehensively for the professional challenges, you will receive practice-oriented instruction at our nursing school, which is characterized by modern teaching and instruction methods.

Your lessons (theory and practice) are divided into a cross-occupational area and a job-related area.

The inter-professional area includes the subjects:

– German/Communication – English – Community Studies – Ethics/Religion – Sports

Teaching hours

Classes take place from Monday to Friday and start at 08:00 a.m. Depending on the current schedule, classes end at 1:30 p.m., 3:15 p.m. or 5:00 p.m.

Classes and practical training take place alternately in blocks of several weeks.

Job-related area: Contents and goals

Goals (u.a. You take a critical look at your biography. Job motivation apart. You will recognize the possibilities and limits of your work and develop a professional identity.

You reflect on different professional demands, recognize critical life events and accompany people in difficult situations in cooperation with other nursing professionals. You take appreciatively both the perspective of the person to be cared for. to care for as well as your own true.

You help to shape the nursing process under the guidance of nursing specialists.

You understand care as a holistic activity, which is experienced differently in each individual and must be adapted to the needs of the individual. You recognize and take into account differences in nursing care depending on gender, age, state of health and socio-cultural background of the persons to be nursed and cared for.

You recognize the basic needs of the human being and reflect on them under the aspects:

– Maintain health, – prevent illness, – promote recovery and – alleviate suffering.

You observe the persons to be cared for and looked after in a targeted manner, record their need for support and independently carry out and document the basic care tasks assigned to you, including prophylactic measures.

You record the action situations of the nursing assistance, define action steps and apply operators purposefully. You analyze tasks, plan and realize your actions, present your results and reflect on them. You will learn about your own learning behavior as well as learning strategies. Work organization deal with. You plan your time, organize your workspace and use available material resources responsibly.

You grasp the basic concern of legal provisions to protect the person being cared for and the person being cared for, oneself and society. You align your professional actions with legal principles.

Based on the knowledge of your professional competence area you derive guidelines for your own actions. You will ensure the safety of the people to be cared for and looked after. You will reflect on professional action situations in their legal frame of reference. You understand the quality requirements in the facilities. You participate in the implementation of quality concepts. You'll grasp essential relationships between quality of care and cost-effectiveness, and use your findings responsibly in helping to shape the nursing process.

You will be able to communicate with different groups of people in professional situations. You perceive their need for discussion, react appropriately, also recognize your limits if necessary.

You build up social relationships and shape everyday nursing care together with the people you care for. You will take into account age-specific characteristics and the respective life situation of the person being cared for and the person being cared for.

You analyze interview conditions, apply interview techniques in a targeted manner and reflect on interview situations as well as your own communication behavior.

You act in a health-conscious manner in your personal everyday life as well as in your nursing activities.

You observe the requirements of personal hygiene and the hygiene guidelines of in-patient facilities and responsibly ensure that they are observed. You avoid dangers in everyday life by working in a foresighted and appropriate manner.

You reflect on your individual way of life, take care of your health and support the people you care for in their health awareness.

You deal with the background and effects of addictive behavior in your own everyday life as well as from a professional perspective and recognize the importance of prevention. You analyze everyday and professional stress situations and use strategies to cope with them.

You design living space and living time for people in different life situations individually and need-oriented. You understand the design of a conducive living environment in the sense of holistic care and support as a prerequisite for the preservation, promotion and restoration of health.

You perceive the diversity of individual lifestyles and participate in the design of a conducive living environment as well as a fixed daily structure for those to be cared for and looked after. You recognize special life situations. The associated changes. Based on this, you will accompany people in their individual life situation and support them in a needs-oriented manner in shaping their living and living environment as well as in participating in socio-cultural life.

Goals (u.a.):

You recognize the presence of an emergency, ame your responsibility and obligation to provide assistance and independently initiate appropriate first aid measures.

You are proficient in life-sustaining immediate measures. You take ethical and legal principles into account and observe self-protection measures.

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