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ApprenticeshipsWe offer a versatile, future-oriented and high-quality apprenticeship in a nursing, therapy or assistance profession.

Nursing specialist

The three-year training to become a nurse or. to become a nursing specialist is geared in such a way that the previous occupational profiles of geriatric nurse, health and medical nurse, and health and pediatric nurse have been combined into a new, universal occupational profile.

Offered for the first time in 2020, the nursing education program allows students to graduate after three years with one of the following specializations:

– Pediatric care – Psychiatric care – Acute care in inpatient facilities

The training comprises at least 2100 hours of curricular, field-oriented, theoretical instruction and 2500 hours of practical training on the training wards of the University Hospital Halle (Saale) and its cooperation partners.

The training begins in each case on 1. March and 1. September.

Nursing assistant

As part of the operating room team, surgical assistants care for patients before, during and after surgical interventions, or. They prepare the necessary instruments and thus make their contribution to the proper course of an operation.

The three-year training includes at least 1600 hours of theoretical instruction at the training center and at least 3000 hours of practical training under expert supervision in obligatory and optional areas of operation at the University Hospital Halle (Saale).

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