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Training as a nursing specialistYou want to do something meaningful, enjoy working with people and are ready to take on responsibility? Then training to become a nursing specialist is just the right thing for you.

Training with a future

At the Gesundheitsfachschule Berlin you will be trained in six semesters to become a qualified nursing specialist. This is a generalized training. This means that after the state examination you can work in all areas of nursing – from pediatric nursing to acute care to geriatric nursing. In addition, the training is recognized throughout the EU. Is attractively remunerated by us.

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"Our school stands for the best nursing training, innovation and an appreciative togetherness. "To be very good and professional" is our working philosophy and all this with humor and a great team cohesion."

Promoting individual strengths

"Our school stands for the best nursing training, innovation and appreciative cooperation. "To be very good and professional" is our working philosophy and all this with humor and a great team cohesion."

Your training with us

The three-year dual training program for nursing specialists is divided into nine theoretical blocks (each six to eight weeks long), which alternate with practical assignments.

The theory lessons take place at the location of the Gesundheitsfachschule Berlin at Hohenzollerndamm. In the 2.100 hours will prepare you for your tasks in acute care, long-term care, outpatient care, psychiatry and pediatrics.

The practical part consists of 2.500 hours and takes place mainly in the six hospitals of the Johannesstift Diakonie, which are among the most modern hospitals in the capital – supplemented by assignments at external cooperation partners.

The content structure of the nursing training is made up of various learning units.

In the first two years you will focus on the following areas:

– Basics of nursing care – support in mobility and self-care – health promotion and prevention programs – holistic care in different phases of life and living environments

In the last year of training, the focus is on the care of people with increased care needs.

Among other things, the focal points include:

– Children and adolescents – People with psychiatric illnesses

At the end of the nursing training is the state examination, which is completed in writing, orally and practically.

Aims of the training

– Assessment and determination of individual care needs and planning of care – Organization, design and control of care processes – Implementation of care as well as analysis, evaluation, arance and development of care quality – Assessment of needs and implementation of preventive and health-promoting measures – Counselling, guidance and support of people in need of care with the involvement of their social caregivers – Initiation of life-sustaining immediate measures

– effective interdisciplinary cooperation with other professional groups – confident professional communication – independent implementation of medically ordered measures, especially measures of medical diagnostics, therapy or rehabilitation

– Identification with the nursing profession according to moral/ethical principles – Recognition of the relevance of the nursing profession for society and positioning as a role model – Taking on a multiplier function – Scientific work

Career opportunities

With a completed nursing training, you can expect exciting jobs in hospitals, nursing and care facilities. Once the training is in your pocket, there are numerous opportunities for development.

– a specialized training in anesthesia& Intensive care, oncology, palliative care or wound management – further training to become a practice supervisor and/or ward manager – studies in the fields of nursing management, therapy and nursing sciences, nursing pedagogy or health management

Remuneration& Vacation

We are proud to be able to offer our trainees a high monthly training allowance according to AVR DWBO*.


1. Training year: 1.224 Euro gross 2. Training year: 1.310 Euro gross 3. Training year: 1.415 Euro gross

* Adjustment of the remuneration as a rule annually by tariff increases (status: January 2022). In addition, there are vacation and Christmas bonuses, a company pension plan and the possibility of a child allowance supplement.


Each trainee receives annually 30 vacation days. Vacations are scheduled by the school within the practice blocks. Announced approximately one year in advance. Trainees receive a course block overview for each year of training with precise details of theory, practice and vacation times.

Practical training location

You will complete the practical assignments of your dual training in one of six hospitals of the Johannesstift Diakonie. Here you will be integrated into the daily routine of the ward right from the start. Depending on your level of training, you will be responsible for activities within the nursing process. Provide you with individual support. Support. The teaching staff of the Berlin School of Health will also accompany you at regular intervals in your daily ward routine. This creates an optimal link between theoretical and practical content.

In the clinics you will experience working together in an interdisciplinary team. You will gain an insight into various focal points of the nursing profession. Get to know your future workplace intensively at the same time. For example, the Martin Luther Hospital. The Evangelische Waldkrankenhaus Spandau about the possibility to specialize in pediatric nursing. We also offer the "Pediatric Training Station" concept with special pediatric training rooms and assignments in the pediatric rescue center, obstetrics and pediatrics, in order to learn how to care for the youngest people in need of care.

Takeover guarantee

After the state examination you are guaranteed a job in a training clinic. This means that you also have access to the many free continuing education programs-. Further training offers of the Johannesstift Diakonie available.

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