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Trip interruption due to illnessYou are on vacation and now a
Trip interruption due to illness? you are traveling. Suddenly become ill? Or you receive the news that a member of your family has to undergo medical treatment? Then you can claim our travel interruption insurance. Let us introduce and explain the requirements, benefits and insured events.

What is a trip interruption in the first place?

A Trip interruption is a loss event for which your travel insurance pays. Trip interruption insurance covers the financial consequences if you were unable to complete a vacation as planned due to. Unlike trip cancellation, trip interruption insurance comes into play when you are already traveling.

By the way: a journey is considered to have begun when you have completed the first means of travel or. have made the first travel booking. Here, taking the train to the airport, checking in on board or boarding a cruise ship is already considered the beginning of the journey. If it comes now to an achievement case, the travel interruption insurance seizes.

When does the trip interruption due to illness take effect?

Trip interruption due to illness is covered if it is a unexpected serious illness acts. The travel cover exists if the illness affects you, a co-insured person or a dependent person. We have compiled various examples for you to be able to present the benefits in detail. Please note that these are purely fictitious claim events.

An insured person falls ill during the trip

If you or another, insured person falls ill while traveling, you can cancel the trip under certain conditions. But what are the requirements for you to not only leave early, but also to be able to submit the costs to us?

Insurance cover is provided in the event of an unexpected serious illness. Unexpected is this, if in the last six months before travel booking no treatment of the illness took place. The second requirement for justified travel interruption due to illness is the Severe. This is confirmed by the attending physician or. attested by the attending physician. If he or she finds out that you cannot continue your vacation, then you can cancel the trip.

Trip interruption due to illness: Best protection with your travel insurance!

important: To prove that the trip was interrupted due to illness, you must have a
medical certificate at the vacation destination have it ied. The certificate must state the name of the patient or. the patient and the date of birth are included. In addition, the certificate must be completed by a doctor and contain the diagnosis of the illness.

Should you only be able to travel after Return to Germany If you appear for treatment and in the worst case this is only carried out days after your trip has been interrupted, then the proof of when the illness existed is missing for reimbursement. As a rule, this can also not be determined subsequently. The reimbursement of additional costs can then no longer be made.

Illness of a risk person at home

The illness of a traveling (and insured) person is of course not the only risk that our travel interruption insurance covers. Even if a Risk person should fall ill, you can make use of our travel interruption due to illness service. Here is a small example.

Family A. is currently on summer vacation in Crete. Two weeks of sunshine, beach and relaxation. After one week, Mrs. A receives. the notification that your father has suffered a stroke. Family A. Cancellates the trip immediately. Flies back to Germany. Travel immediately. Flying back to Germany. After clarification of the most important matters, Ms. A submits. the costs of the interruption with us.

Basically, even if a risk person is ill, the condition that it must be unexpected and severe applies. As proof you can use our form of the medical certificate use. This is filled in by the attending physician or. the attending physician – we still require more proof here.

By the way: risk persons include first-degree relatives, i.e. parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, siblings, children and grandchildren. Adoptive parents and children as well as children living with you for foster care are also included in the insurance coverage.

What are the benefits of travel cancellation due to illness?

We reimburse numerous benefits in the event of a claim. But in which cases the travel interruption protection takes effect? Cases. A detailed list of all risks. Insured events can of course be found in the General Insurance Conditions. A detailed list of all risks and insured events can of course be found in the General Conditions of Insurance.

In addition to travel interruption due to illness, we also insure many other reasons that can lead to a premature end of travel. This includes, for example, the death of an insured person or the death of an insured person. of a risk person, the damage to the property or reasons concerning the workplace. If you would like more information, you can contact all Benefits in case of travel interruption call up here.

Our travel interruption in case of illness also applies to risk persons.

How to take out travel insurance?

The travel interruption protection is included in every tariff that you can book with us, included free of charge. Simply use our conclusion calculator to choose whether you want to take out a One-time travel insurance or wish to take out an annual travel insurance policy. In addition to travel cancellation and interruption, you can also take out Baggage insurance or include a travel health insurance.

You can easily take out travel cancellation cover online. After you have found the suitable tariff over the conclusion calculator, you simply enter your personal data – ready! You will receive the insurance policy, the general insurance conditions and information material automatically by e-mail.

Decide for the Annual travel insurance, then, by the way, this automatically extends further! So you don't have to think about the right travel cover for every trip you take. We insure every conceivable trip: no matter whether package tours, individual trips, short trips, city tours or camping trips – our travel protection is always with you.

FAQ – Trip interruption due to illness

travel interruption due to illness 2022 super insuretravel interruption due to illness 2022 super insuretravel interruption due to illness 2022 super insureTrip interruption due to illness 2022 super insureTravelProtect has been active in the travel insurance industry since 2004 as a specialist provider of innovative concepts. More than 100.000 customers were. Have since been looked after by our team of experts.000 customers have been and are being served by our team of experts since then. Experienced travel insurance specialists will assist you quickly and competently with all claims. Bayerische is our strong partner for your protection.

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