Travel preparations tips from a to z

If you go on a trip, you can experience something, and you should. However, in order for the experience to be positive and to avoid bad experiences as much as possible, timely planning and information is recommended. What you should consider if you want to go on a trip. We have compiled a comprehensive travel checklist for you.

In principle, all vacationers, especially before long-distance travel, should inform themselves in detail about their destination country. Different customs, religion, but also legal or climatic conditions in foreign countries require the attention of the traveler to be protected from unpleasant surprises or bad experiences. To help you with this planning, we have summarized all the information points mentioned in the article as link tips for you at the end of the article.

Information about country and people

EU citizens enjoy consular protection even outside the EU. If there is no Austrian representative authority in the respective country, Austrian citizens can always contact the embassy of any EU member state in case of emergency. This must then provide consular protection under the same conditions as for citizens of that country.

The Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Austria) or. the Foreign Office (Germany) has created a collection of facts for each country of the world, which could be important for the preparation of your vacation. Covered are topics such as:

– Country profile – Entry requirements – Import/export requirements – Climate – Health / Medical care Vaccinations
– Means of transport – security situation – responsible embassies or. Representations

Money& Currency

Basically, a mix of payment methods is recommended for most travel countries. A credit card (please without PIN-code, this should never be written down) should be in every wallet, because not in all countries ec-cards or credit cards are accepted. Maestro cards accepted throughout. In addition, most car rental companies require a credit card through which a deposit can be made. If you want to save money, you should inquire about the fees for cash withdrawal and payment before you start your trip.

In the case of a vacation in a country with a different currency, ask your financial institution about the most useful procedure for exchanging money – in terms of the amount of change in advance in the country and the possible fees and conditions when changing locally.

If traveler's checks, credit or ec cards get lost, quick action is required. As soon as the traveler notices the loss, he must immediately block the cards by phone and inform the local police. If purchases are made with the cards, card iers or banks often want to see a police report in order to clarify the question of liability. Therefore, write down the most important telephone numbers before you travel (this also includes telephone numbers of your own mobile phone operator, who can immediately arrange for the lost/stolen cell phone to be blocked) and keep them separate from your cards!

Travel guidelines for bookings via travel agencies

In order to provide travel agency customers with security, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor provides information about the package travel guidelines on its website. In the event of insolvency or. of the bankruptcy of a travel agency company, the customer has, for example, a legal right to be reimbursed for amounts already paid, and the return journey from the vacation destination is also guaranteed.

Travel law& Online travel booking

The Internet is increasingly being used to select destinations, compare offers and book travel. By 2015, Internet bookings are expected to triple. But not every travel provider on the net is reputable. Consumers should pay attention to some important points when booking online:

The website should contain sufficient information about travel agents or providers. This includes an easily accessible imprint, information about the full name of the company, its legal form, the names and first names of the legal representatives, the complete postal address (P.O. Box is not enough!), the mail address and telephone and fax numbers of the provider. If any of this information is missing or difficult to find, the provider may have something to hide or lack professionalism. You should look for an alternative here.

Equally important are easily accessible and transparent contract terms and warranty conditions. Make sure that the customer's legal right of withdrawal is explicitly mentioned.

You should be very careful with companies based abroad that do not have a domestic branch office. In case of conflicts, it is often very difficult to enforce one's interests abroad. Very high lawyer and court costs, unclear foreign legal situation and difficulties in enforcing claims can make legal consumer protection more difficult. This is especially true for countries outside the EU.

Websites usually only provide standardized travel information. The more individual the travel wish the more important the individual advice. Personal travel advice should therefore be offered in addition, for example via a telephone hotline.

Insuring makes you safe

When planning a vacation, the question of visa insurance always comes up. Should you or shouldn't you, what services are already covered by other sites (existing insurance policies, credit cards or membership of an automobile club such as oAMTC, ARBo or. ADAC) provided ?

Regardless of how long the trip lasts, those with statutory insurance should take out RKV in any case. The health insurance companies do cover medical costs within the European Union, but only up to the benefit rate of the country of travel. In Denmark, for example, health insurers pay only 60 percent of dental costs. The statutory health insurances do not pay for doctor's visits outside the EU.

The Vienna Chamber of Labour also recommends accident and travel liability insurance, as well as for longer, early-booked or longer trips. expensive trips to a cancellation insurance. In order for a travel health insurance to pay, the insured must keep all medical and medication bills. Basic rule: As soon as money flows, customers should have it receipted.

One thing is for sure: the first-aid kit

Actually, you can afford in the most beautiful days of the year a disease or. Do not provide injuries. But especially in foreign surroundings, with unfamiliar food and a different climate, it happens quickly. In addition, one does not immediately have a pharmacy in the proximity.

Therefore, here are a few tips on what to pack in your travel pharmacy:

– Disinfectant for wounds – disposable syringes (Attention: not in all countries it is allowed to carry them along!) – cold remedies – fever thermometer – insect repellent – condoms – malaria prophylaxis – medicines you have to take all the time – remedies against diarrhea – remedies against sore throat – remedies against motion sickness – remedies against insomnia – plasters in different sizes – tweezers – ointment against sunburn – painkillers – sunscreen – sports ointment – bandages – ointments for wounds

You can find extensive information about the right vacation first-aid kit in our travel special: Travel medicine

Travel checklist

– Check identity cards for validity – forwarding request or rerouting resp. Request a mailbox for your mail – Observe entry regulations for pets – Check validity of check card/credit card – Check travel and/or Euro checks – Deposit valuables safely – Change subscriptions – Buy or borrow travel guides, city maps – Write down addresses for vacation greetings – Take out foreign travel health insurance – Check vacation address and tel.No. pass on – If necessary. Luggage insurance or. Cancellation insurance lock – animal and plant sitters assign – Necessary inoculations make – Foreign health certificate order – Necessary visas apply – Addresses of embassies note – Important documents copy – Travel pharmacy pack – Traffic right protection lock or on foreign fitness examine – Photo camera check – Alarm clock – ev. adapters for electrical appliances – emergency phone numbers (incl. credit cards/EC cards/mobile phone numbers to block) with you – check necessary clothing for completeness – do not forget sunscreen – vaccination certificate – driver's license – travel documents/tickets/booking confirmations.

If nevertheless something happens

If the reality does not keep what the catalog promised, the long-awaited vacation easily becomes a nuisance. To avoid misunderstandings it is advisable to read the catalog or. Printout of the appropriate Internet site to take along around locally the promised to be able to require. Defects can be claimed after the end of the trip with the organizer through the intermediary travel agency.

The complaint should be made in writing and contain all points of criticism in detail and, if possible, supported by photos. Recently, in Austria can also be responsible for the resulting trouble. The missed vacation days compensation to be demanded. The prerequisite for this, however, are significant deficiencies caused by the tour operator.

Current: Travel restrictions due to coronavirus

Due to the unpredictability of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2020 strongly advises against all non-essential travel, especially vacation trips. It is with restrictions of the flight-. Travel traffic as well as quarantine measures in numerous countries must be expected.

The situation requires it to always be informed about the current condition in the destination country and the regulations of Austria, especially with regard to the return journey (is there then quarantine obligation resp. obligatory presentation of a negative Coronatest etc.) at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since mid/end June 2020, coronavirus tests or quarantine measures are no longer required for entry into Austria for a total of 32 countries in Europe, with the exception of Sweden, Great Britain and Portugal. In addition, for Lombardy as well as for the counties of Gutersloh. Warendorf in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia partial travel warnings.

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