Treating mallenders with ballistol animal

What is mumps?

Maude is a disease in horses that is caused by an infection from bacteria. The main symptom of this disease is inflammation of the skin at the bends of the fetlocks. Therefore mallenders is also called fesselekzem. Certain general conditions, such as warm and humid environment, favor the development of mallenders, as these conditions provide an optimal environment for the pathogens to multiply quickly. As the skin becomes sore and oozes. This in turn leads to the fact that even more and even different pathogens up to fungi settle at the wound site. In a further stage a crust is formed, under which, however, all pathogens continue to live and also to multiply. Next, growths appear.

Treatment of mallenders

The earlier the mallenders are detected, the "easier" it is to treat them. In addition to the above-mentioned conditions that favor the development of measles (humid and warm environment), insufficient hygiene is also a common cause. Therefore, it is imperative for a successful therapy in the treatment of the mallenders in addition to the therapy of the acute inflammation always adapt the environment and the housing conditions accordingly.

Softening of the crusts in case of mallenders

The most important thing in advance: do not simply scrape off the untreated crusts, as is often discussed. This makes the wound even larger. Expose more steles for germ colonization. As described above, the real problem lies however under the crusts. Therefore, the crusts must be softened and removed. This is where Ballistol Animal comes into play. The disinfecting animal care oil softens the crusts gently but thoroughly. At the same time it disinfects the wound. Relieves itching. At the beginning of the treatment you can soak the crusts with saturated clean cloths. These "bandages" can be left on the wound for several hours or even overnight without hesitation. It is important that the scabs are completely removed so that the disinfection can act everywhere where pathogens are located. If you use the bandages for a longer period of time, make sure that you re-soak the cloths as soon as they appear dry.

Further treatment of the mallenders

If the crust is dissolved, treat the skin further with Ballistol Animal. The skin has no protective barrier of its own, so it relies on care and support for healing, as well as cleanliness cleanliness of the wound. Ballistol Animal has been providing this for many decades.

Basically it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. It is called. additionally recommend a cortisone ointment or other medication and, above all, recognize whether the malleus is not already so far advanced (z.B. formation of warts) that surgical treatment is required.

Prevent mallenders with Ballistol Animal

In addition to the housing conditions such as z.B. Dryness of bedding and run, which you must optimize absolutely, above all cleanliness and skin care are among the most promising preventions against Mauke. Ballistol Animal is also ideal for this purpose. It cares for and protects the skin and ensures that bacteria cannot spread.

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