Typical diseases in aquarium fish your pharmacy

Typical diseases in aquarium fish
In about 2 million German households there is an aquarium. But the care of aquarium fish is more demanding than many ame. The prevention of diseases starts with the planning of the aquarium. This should be set up so that the animals can follow their natural needs and behaviors. If the aquarium inhabitants are stressed, this weakens their immune system. Germs then have an easy game. But with fish there is in contrast to dog. Cat a decisive disadvantage: they can not express their pain with sounds.

Cause of diseases in aquarium fish

Create a natural environment with a suitable bottom and underwater plants.

Even the slightest disturbance in the artificial biotope often has dramatic consequences for fish. How to play Water hygiene and water temperature as well as the setup of the aquarium play a decisive role. Pet owners also make mistakes in the socialization of species as well as in feeding due to ignorance.

The Water temperature of the aquarium directly influences the functionality of the metabolism. Warm water also contains less oxygen. If plants are missing in the aquarium, the Oxygen content also too low. show algae in the water, decomposition processes occur. Hydrogen sulfide was produced. This is a foul smelling, very toxic gas. Here, for example, a water change is urgently advised.

Also the pH value is important for the well-being of the fish. This is regulated by the CO2 content. If the pH rises, the non-toxic ammonium converts to ammonia, which is harmful to fish.

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Is there too little or too much oxygen or. an inadequate CO2 content, it comes to
physical-chemical damage. This may result in necrosis or acidosis (hyperacidity of the blood). The latter leads to nephrocalcinosis (calcification of the kidneys). Besides these Metabolic disorders it also comes to Burns or poisoning.

If you feed incorrectly, you risk Nutritional damage. These are manifested by:

– Spinal curvature – sunken bellies – pale colors – apathy – susceptibility to disease – steatosis (obesity)

Among fish there are omnivores (omnivores), herbivores (herbivores) or carnivores (carnivores). You should therefore find out exactly what special dietary habits your fish have. A species-appropriate feeding prevents deficiency symptoms and serious diseases.

If fish are not taking food, check water parameters. If the oxygen content is correct? What is the pH value? How much nitrite is present? What is the relationship between ammonium and ammonia??

Finally, newly introduced fish can bring diseases with them.

Special case of hereditary damage

Some fish also suffer from Hereditary damage. Especially with breeding forms such as goldfish, guppies and veiltails, hereditary damage occurs when siblings are mated. Therefore, you should pay attention to seriousness when choosing a grower.

Typical diseases in aquarium fish your pharmacy

Causes of diseases in aquarium fish

Symptoms: Recognizing diseases in aquarium fish

When fish Behavioral changes If the fish show any signs of illness, such as scouring, unusual movements or a reduced appetite, this is a first indication of an existing disease. Besides that Changes in appearance Signs of disease in aquarium fish, such as emaciation, a bloated abdomen or a changed scale dress.

Diseases in aquarium fish

In white spot disease, bacteria are at play.

The so-called mouth mold in gourami is caused by a colonization with bell animals. This disease is not dangerous. Here an improvement of the water quality helps. An additional vitamin administration.

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Rotation disease is a disease of the brain caused by the worm Myxobolus cerebralis. The larvae penetrate the organ of equilibrium. Trigger gyrating movement disorders. Besides other parasitic diseases, such as white spot disease or bubonic and nodular disease, fish are also quickly infected by fungi, bacteria or viruses affect. Mouth and fin rot, for example, is caused by bacteria. Infection with fungi often occurs in unhygienic conditions.

Fish Tuberculosis

Fin rot

Nodular disease

Hole disease

Fungal infection


White spot disease

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For risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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