Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

If you take a look at the social media, you get the impression that there are many people who are not allowed to be vaccinated against Corona. But this is not true, say doctors from Ulm.

In hundreds of tweets, users report on Twitter that they may not be vaccinated. Sometimes cancer, sometimes an autoimmune disease or the increased risk of thrombosis is cited as the reason. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), these are "false contraindications". That is, it is wrongly amed that a certain group of sick people may not be vaccinated.

But this is not the case with the Corona vaccination, says the spokesman of the Center for Rare Diseases at the University Hospital of Ulm, Professor Klaus-Michael Debatin.

"There is no situation in which one says: You must not be vaccinated because the risk is too high."

Since the vaccines have been given billions of times around the world, they know very well about the side effects, he said. In this way, they could be used even more consciously. For example, due to such frequent use, rare side effects such as sinus vein thrombosis after vaccination with Astrazeneca and myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, after Biontech vaccination have been discovered. "There one takes then another vaccine", says Debatin.

Why cancer patients should get vaccinated

The head of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Ulm University Hospital (CCCU), Professor Stephan Stilgenbauer, also hears time and again that cancer patients should not be vaccinated. "These rumors may stem from the fact that in the very early studies, patients with cancer and other diseases were excluded." In the meantime, however, there are data from thousands of study participants with cancer that rule out increased side effects.

"Since the probability of contracting the disease and the severity of the disease is much higher in cancer patients than in healthy persons, vaccination is urgently recommended. Therefore, patients should. Vaccinate patients of all cancer types. There would be however an exception with the therapy phase. In rare phases the vaccination success is lower – for example after a bone marrow transplantation. "That is why after some treatments it is recommended to take a break of three to six months until the vaccination should be carried out", explains Stilgenbauer. However, this does not mean that there will be more side effects in the case of a Corona vaccination; it is simply a matter of effectiveness.

Important: Individual vaccination advice from the family doctor

The Neu-Ulm family doctor Dr. Stefan Thamasett feels insecurity in the population because of the Corona vaccination. This is precisely why individual counseling is so important, he says.

"For the patient it is now important to respond to his situation. What diseases it has? What medication does he take? What are his expectations? And then advise him what this inoculation means for him personally and what might be the risk for him."

Thamasett sees a certain risk only among allergy sufferers. "There are people who are allergic to everything. They then also react really violently", he says. To these he advises at least to be cautious or to find a suitable location where they can be vaccinated protected.

Biontech and Moderna vaccines suitable for allergy sufferers

But in the case of the Corona vaccine, an allergic reaction is virtually impossible, Debatin says. People are often allergic to egg whites in the vaccine, he said. "With the current Moderna and Biontech vaccines, there is really no risk at all. This is an mRNA, which is encased in a lipid shell, there are no foreign proteins in it", explains Debatin. Allergic reactions are therefore very rare.

Stiko chairman Mertens: Allergies against vaccine very rare

The Ulm Stiko chairman Professor Thomas Mertens also says this. For example, patients could. Patients to be allergic to polyethylene glycol. Allergies to components of the vaccine are, however, very rare. So there are only very few people who cannot be vaccinated for this reason.

RKI: Wait with vaccination in case of acute infections

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), postponing a vaccination is also a rare occurrence. Anyone suffering acutely from a cold or gastrointestinal infection should wait a few weeks before getting the shot.

Ulm why hardly any illness speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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Ulm why hardly any illness speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

STAND 22.11.2021 , 8:54 AM AUTHOR/IN Sarah Umla

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Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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Ulm why hardly any disease speaks against a corona vaccination swr aktuell

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