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Applications for training are all year round possible, but at the earliest one year before the start of training.

Please note that the training-integrated course can only be combined with the course starting in October. For the study you need the university entrance qualification.

ulm university hospital apply to nursing school 1

– Age: 17 years at the start of training – At least a Mittlerer Bildungsabschluss or Hauptschulabschluss plus at least one year of successfully completed assistant or helper training in nursing (which meets certain conditions)

– Health suitability for the exercise of the profession, which must be proven by presentation of a medical certificate.

If you are interested in the training-integrated course of study "Applied Health and Nursing Sciences", please contact us have, you need a university entrance qualification.

ulm university hospital apply to nursing school 1

If you would like to apply from abroad, there are a few things to keep in mind.

– If you have acquired your school certificate outside the Federal Republic of Germany, you must submit it for recognition to a German government office. – Other foreign certificates and diplomas must be officially translated into German. – Very good knowledge of German (at least a B2 language certificate) is required.

We have summarized all the important information for applying from abroad here:


After your successful application, it will be decided whether you will be invited for an interview. On the basis of the documents submitted, we are guided mainly by the following criteria:

School performance in the subjects of German, English, mathematics, and biology, chemistry, physics, and social sciences

A social hardship exists if the rejection would be associated with disadvantages for the applicant that significantly exceed the level of disadvantages usually associated with the rejection. This is especially the case if the applicant is so significantly disadvantaged compared to other applicants due to health (regulations concerning the practice of the profession must not be in conflict with this), family or social circumstances or due to loss of time that occurred before the start of the training and for which the applicant is not responsible, that the rejection would place an unreasonable burden on him/her. The selection committee will decide whether a case of social hardship exists. If applying for social hardship, please mark the appropriate box on the application for admission and attach to the application a brief written request stating the reasons for the request.

If you are invited to an interview, we will have a face-to-face interview with you and you will work in a small group to complete an assignment. Do not worry, everything is feasible!

After that, the school's selection committee decides whether you will receive an apprenticeship or. Obtain a place at our university at a later date.

Job interview via skype

Corona conditional, all interviews, until further notice, shall be held digitally through an appropriate video-conferencing program (z.B. Skype) instead of.

Local bonus

If you have a special relationship to the region (zip code area 60000-99999), you will be given priority for admission. You have grown up in this region. May do so by appropriate supporting documentation such as z.B.B. Proof of registration certificates or school reports – You have resided in this region for at least 2 years at the time of application and can prove this by submitting a current registration certificate – You have established a residence in this region with your spouse/life partner within the meaning of the Civil Partnership Act and can prove this by submitting a current registration certificate – Your parents or children have their place of residence in this region and you can prove this by presenting a current certificate of registration – You have been active in the region for at least one year in the context of a social honorary office and can prove this by presenting suitable evidence


The following documents are essential for your application, as you will need to upload them at the time of application. The medical certificate shall not be more than three months old.

1. Cover letter 2. Tabular curriculum vitae 3. School leaving certificate, if applicable. Interim report 4. Proofs/certificates of your professional activities, number of professional study semesters, internships, other certificates 5. Medical certificate (see template downloads) 6. Proof of complete immunization against Covid-19 in accordance with the applicable guidelines (scan or screenshot of QR code) 7. Birth certificate 8. Current photo

Foreign applicants who did not obtain their school leaving certificate in Germany (here you can find more information on this topic) must also submit :

– Translation of certificates and proofs in German language – Recognition of certificates by a German regional council (for information see above)

Before starting the online application, please have the above documents ready in digital form. Please note that we can only process documents in PDF, JPG or Microsoft Word format.

TemplateN downloads

If you have not yet written a resume or cover letter, feel free to use our Word templates. These can be downloaded here. Conveniently fill them with your data.

Tutorial for the online application

To ensure that filling out the application goes smoothly, please take a look at our video tutorial. If there are still questions, just contact us.

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