Vaccines prevent diseases before they happen

Vaccines – preventing disease before it happensVaccines have changed medicine in revolutionary ways, saving millions of lives. To date, they are the best way to prevent infectious diseases and to fight them preventively in the long term. Particularly in our globalized world, there is a risk that new pathogens will spread rapidly, even those for which there is not yet a vaccine. That's why we continue to research tirelessly.

Vaccine protection for all

We are a global leader in the development of vaccines against diseases such as Ebola. We offer vaccinations against numerous infectious diseases, from basic immunization of children to vaccinations in adulthood.

Vaccines prevent diseases before they occur

Two things are close to our hearts

We want to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination. In Germany, too, the possibilities of modern medicine have not yet been exhausted, and required vaccination rates, so-called herd immunity, are often not yet achieved.

We are committed to affordable access and a Fair, worldwide distribution of our vaccines. For example, we offer the Ebola vaccine at cost price for this reason.

Vaccines prevent diseases before they occur

Concentrated knowledge

For the development and production of vaccines, we cooperate with partners around the world, for example with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the global vaccination alliance Gavi. The approval of the Ebola vaccine was the result of an unprecedented collaboration between academia and industry. In the USA, we support the Johnson& Johnson during production of a COVID-19 vaccine. MSD also invests continuously in the global vaccine production network.

Vaccines prevent diseases before they occur

Pioneering spirit

Dr. Maurice Hilleman is one of the pioneers in vaccine development. From 1957 to 1984, he was involved in the development of more than 35 vaccines for MSD, including those against mumps, measles and hepatitis B. We have maintained this pioneering spirit. We lead the way and are often the first to develop new vaccines, for example against pneumococcal infections or human papillomaviruses.

In 2019, we distributed around 190 million vaccine doses worldwide.

Our successes

– We are the manufacturer with the broadest coverage for protection against infectious diseases.

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Vaccines prevent diseases before they occur

Infectious diseases

MSD develops effective medicines and powerful vaccines against diseases such as covid-19, AIDS and pneumococcal infections.

Vaccines prevent diseases before they occur

Determined to fight cancer

Human papilloma viruses (HPV) – these viruses infect many people and can cause tumors. Find out how you can prevent HPV infections here.


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