Vaginal mycosis treatment and causes gynofit

Vaginal thrush: treatment and causesIf you suffer from itching and burning in the genital area or suddenly have unexplained discharge? The reason for this could be vaginal fungus. This disease is also called vaginal mycosis in medical terminology. Occurs quite frequently in women of childbearing age. Here you can find out what the triggers can be and what the treatment of vaginal mycosis looks like.

Vaginal mycosis: What is it anyway??

Vaginal fungus is a relatively common fungal infection. It can be transmitted through physical contact between two people as well as through contaminated objects. Since it is a contagious disease, it is important that the partner is treated as well. If you are currently suffering from vaginal mycosis, you should avoid sexual intercourse. Once treatment is complete, it is best to use condoms in the following period to prevent recurrence. What many do not know: vaginal fungus is not a venereal disease. Also does not arise from a lack of hygiene. On the contrary, excessive vaginal hygiene is considered one of the best-known triggers for the disease. The use of suitable products (such as Gynofit Mild Wash Lotion) helps to keep the vaginal flora in balance. Women who have a lot of stress or suffer from diseases such as diabetes also have an increased risk of contracting vaginal thrush. Furthermore, hormonal fluctuations, such as those caused by taking the pill, are considered to be one of the triggers.

The most known causes

Unprotected sexual intercourse is one of the most common causes of vaginal fungus. Both men and women can contract a fungal infection; in men, the disease is called penile mycosis. Vaginal fungus occurs particularly frequently during pregnancy. Should then be treated by a doctor without fail. As a rule, antimycotics are then administered over a period of seven days. If vaginal mycosis occurs during the last four to six weeks of pregnancy, timely treatment is particularly important. Otherwise, there is a risk that the infection will be transmitted to the child during birth.

Women with a weak immune system also have a much higher risk of contracting vaginal fungus. The reason: the environment in the vagina is disturbed. The fungus can spread unhindered. Caution is also advised when taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can lead to the removal of lactic acid bacteria in the vagina, which are important for the body. This also leads to an imbalance. The risk of a fungal infection increases.

Vaginal mycosis: these symptoms are typical

In most cases, vaginal fungus manifests itself as itching or burning in the genital area. A usually crumbly discharge is also not uncommon. Similar to a woman's normal discharge, it is also odorless. If, on the other hand, the discharge smells unpleasant and slightly fishy, this is due to a bacterial infectionBacterial vaginosis. It should be treated by a gynecologist. If the urethra is affected, there may also be pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

The following additional symptoms are typical for the disease vaginal mycosis:

– a slight swelling of the labia – skin tears at the entrance of the vagina – soreness in the area of the vaginal entrance

vaginal mycosis treatment and causes gynofit

Vaginal mycosis: treatment and its duration

The vaginal fungal infection can usually be treated quite well with ointments or gels available over the counter. For example, you can use Gynofit Lactic Acid Vaginal Gel for both prevention and short-term vaginal fungus treatment. Six to twelve days are often sufficient to alleviate the symptoms. If there is no improvement, it is advisable to visit your gynecologist, who will probably prescribe antimycotics. These are drugs that are particularly effective against fungi, for example vaginal suppositories or vaginal tablets.

In addition to these aforementioned treatment methods, there are some measures you can take to support you in case of a vaginal infection. During the acute phase it is important to regularly lubricate the affected areas. Clean your intimate area best with a ph-neutral washing lotion. Air-permeable underwear has also proven effective in practice. Fungi feel most comfortable in a moist and warm climate; you can control this quite well with appropriate underwear. Pay more attention to hygiene overall. It is best to change your towels daily.

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