Veganern lacks often vitamin b councellor health councellor health

Vegans often lack vitamin B

Vegans eat only plant-based foods. They therefore lack the vital substances found in animal products. A serious deficiency threatens especially with vitamin B12.

Veganern lacks often vitamin b councellor health councellor health

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Vegan abstain from all animal foods such as meat, fish, milk, eggs and the products and additives made from them. A purely vegan diet can lead to a deficiency of vital substances that are predominantly or even exclusively found in foods of animal origin. Primarily involves vitamins B12, B2, and D, as well as some proteins and minerals.

In its current position paper on the vegan lifestyle, the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) therefore advises people who want to follow a vegan diet to permanently take a Vitamin B12-Preparation to be taken. In addition, vegans should selectively choose nutrient-dense and fortified foods. In addition, the DGE recommends that the supply of nutrients be regularly checked by a doctor and that advice be sought from a qualified nutritionist.

Vegan diet unsuitable for children

The likelihood of Undersupply is the greater, the more the food choice is restricted. The most critical nutrient is vitamin B12. Potentially critical in a vegan diet is also the supply of certain proteins, long-chain fatty acids, the minerals calcium, iron, iodine, zinc and selenium, as well as vitamins B2 and D.

Therefore, avoiding any animal foods increases the risk of nutrient deficiencies and health disorders. For this reason, a vegan diet is recommended during pregnancy and lactation as well as in the entire childhood and adolescence not recommended by DGE.

Vegan convenience foods: too sweet, too fatty, too salty

Foods consumed on a vegan diet are not necessarily nutritionally beneficial or health promoting. If the food is vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and whole grains, the benefits of a plant-based diet can come into play: fewer Energy density and thus lower body weight, lower risk of diet-related diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

The trade offers in addition, a rich assortment of vegan finished and spare products up to sausage and cheese imitations on. These are often highly processed, with many Additives and added sugar, fat and salt products. Their nutritional value is sometimes low.

Take preparations with vitamin B12

Critical nutrients must be supplied through a selective choice of naturally nutrient-rich foods, fortified foods, and nutrient supplements. With a possible or determined Nutrient deficiency should Veganer of a qualified nourishing specialist to be advised, in order to remove the deficient supply situation. The DGE position paper on vegan nutrition includes a table with the critical nutrients and their sources.

The most critical nutrient is vitamin B12. In the past with many Veganern a Vitamin B12 lack was determined. Vegans can supplement with conventional foods including fermented products such as Sauerkraut do not take up enough vitamin B12. For adequate intake, vegans should definitely take a vitamin B12 supplement.

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