Velvet disease in fish your animals diseases and treatments

Do you know what the velvet disease is. How it can be cured in fish? If you have fish, you surely want to know all about it.

velvet disease in fish your animals diseases and treatments

Latest update: 02. July 2021

Do you know what the Velvet disease is and how it can be cured in fish? If you have fish, you certainly want to know all about it. Then we will explain to you what are the symptoms of this disease, how to prevent it and what treatments are available.

If you have fish yourself, this information will be very useful. Read more!

What is velvet disease in fish?

The Velvet disease is caused by unicellular parasites, known as Oodinium pillularis in freshwater, and nium ocellatum in saltwater. You can recognize the disease by the affected fish getting fluffy spots, which can be yellowish, whitish, or gray. They look like velvet, hence the name of the disease.

Symptoms of velvet disease


Sick fish change their behavior even before the velvety spots on the skin become noticeable. In the Initial phase of the disease, the fish rub their bodies against stones and plants. In addition, they can apathy. Show limited mobility. Therefore, owners should always pay attention to the behavior of their pets to notice obvious changes.

spots on the skin

As the disease progresses, the characteristic spots on the skin become visible. As mentioned above, they can have a yellow, white or gray color. Sometimes are also very small, hardly recognizable points available. Usually the spots are initially present in the fin area. Then spread to the rest of the body.

The affected areas then look darker. From the side, it looks like a layer of velvet on the body.

If the disease progresses much further, the skin of the animal may peel off in the form of stripes. Likewise, fish then have many problems breathing normally, so they come to the surface more often than normal to breathe.


It is important to note that this disease is very contagious. If a fish is affected, you should isolate it and take it to a veterinarian who can recommend appropriate treatment. Usually prescribes Medication against parasites. Possible medicines include metronidazole, copper sulfate or methylene blue.

Prevention of the velvet disease

Hygiene is very important in prevention. Often Sudden changes in the temperature or pH of the water responsible for the appearance of these parasites.

To prevent this, you should regularly clean and renew the water, add the necessary chemicals and create optimal conditions in the aquarium.

New Fish and plants should be quarantined for a while before you put them in the aquarium. Observe the behavior of the fish. How they behave among themselves.

Dhe nutrition of the fish is also important in the prevention of diseases. It is advisable to provide fish with a healthy, varied diet. Always follow the instructions of the veterinarian.

Velvet disease in fish is a serious disease, so you should pay attention to the behavior and physical changes of the fish in the aquarium. fish otherwise suffer a lot. Possible death.

As always, prevention is the best medicine. Pay attention to sufficient hygiene. The right pH value of the water. Also, don't forget to quarantine new fish and plants first to prevent the spread of this disease.

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