Verdi employment contract employment law 2022

Among other things, Verdi is fighting for a collective bargaining agreement for letter carriers and parcel delivery staff.

In Germany, employees work in very different industries. While some provide for the culinary well-being of your guests, deliver other mail and parcels or take the train from A to B.

Each individual Employees have only limited influence on their working conditions in this case, faces a much more powerful employer as a rule. In view of the economic dependence the boss usually dictates the conditions of the employment relationship.

This procedure oppose trade unions. They bundle the interests of the employees and make a strong case for them. Verdi – sometimes also ver.di written – thereby represents the persons working in service professions.

compact knowledge: Verdi

As a trade union, Verdi represents employees in the service sector.

We have compiled some advantages here.

Yes, the union is financed with the help of membership fees. How much is to be paid in detail depends on the wage (gross).

The history of the Verdi trade union

Verdi employment contract labor law 2022

Verdi and the public sector: the union is fighting for more than just better pay.

Verdi, the trade union for service providers, was formed in the early 2000s from the merger of smaller individual unions:

– the German Postal Workers' Union – the German Salaried Employees' Union – IG Medien – Printing and Paper, Journalism and the Arts – the Public Services, Transport and Traffic Union – the Trade, Banking and Insurance Union

These were merged in 2001 to form Verdi, the trade union in the service sector, which in future will include act as a voice should. The Federal chairmen today is Frank Werneke.

He works with the federal executive committee and the trade union council of Verdi on it, higher wages, more employee-friendly working hours and the receipt of jobs to intersperse.

For what purpose does Verdi conduct collective bargaining?

One of the core tasks of any union is to satisfy the wishes and To make employees' goals heard by employers and to achieve an improvement in working conditions. Negotiating partners are not always inclined to agree to their demands.

This is the reason why Verdi also advocates a strike as a means of prere. Make it traditional collective work stoppages clearly, how important the work of the striking employees is. This has an impact on the collective agreement to be concluded, which is often hard-fought – by both sides.

In particular, the strike of Verdi in 2006 is remembered by many. After months of work stoppages, the union finally agreed to the renegotiated collective bargaining agreement of the states to.

Why do employees want to become members of Verdi?

Verdi employment contract employment law 2022

Verdi also provides information on educational leave. On the education portal you can read how this can be applied for, for example.

It is not only that by the bundling and organization of the individual interests of employees, larger successes achieved will be able to. In addition, employees who are members of Verdi also benefit from other advantages.

– If you sign up, you Part of a network that can be helpful not only in professional but also in private matters. – Verdi offers a Legal expenses insurance for members on. This means that in the event of legal disputes, you will be represented by qualified legal counsel free of charge (if the Verdi membership fee is left out of the equation). – work without Continuing education is hardly conceivable today. Therefore Verdi offers regularly attend seminars on a wide variety of topics to.

If Verdi demands a contribution?

To offer all this and finance themselves in order to be able to offer this kind of training, funds are needed that among other things, obtained from the members become. If you want to join Verdi, you must Pay a certain amount on a regular basis.

How much money you have to pay depending on your gross salary. This determines the absolute amount that usually on a pro rata basis with one percent is calculated. Are you currently unemployed, the minimum amount is 2.50 euros when receiving Hartz IV or. 0.5 percent of unemployment benefit I.

How to cancel your Verdi membership?

Who wants to resign from a trade union again, must give notice in writing – and at the right time. As in the case of many other employee benefits, there is a Resignation only possible on a quarterly basis. In addition, as a rule to comply with the notice period.

When terminating a Verdi membership, it is advisable to Membership number under which you are led, immediately into the subject to write. This is how it catches the addressee's eye right away. Misunderstandings are prevented. By the way you do not have to reveal the decisive reasons for your decision. It is enough to make known your mere intent.

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