Verdi united service union labor law 2022

Also when large companies with several thousands of workplaces filing for bankruptcy, Verdi steps up to the plate to support workers affected by job loss. But this Trade union also represents the interests of workers in other areas.

Verdi united services union labor law 2022

Verdi concludes the collective agreement with the employers' associations.

members receive support from their trade union in such situations, as well as in other situations. Verdi advises and informs its members about their rights under labor law. Employers' association salaries. working conditions. During the dispute over wages and working conditions organized the union the strike and pay strike money, To compensate for loss of income.

Membership with verdi

Employees often ask themselves whether it is worth becoming a member of verdi. Because many employees are not paid according to collective agreements or they work for an employer who is not a member of an employers' association. They may also be so satisfied with their working conditions and pay that there is no reason for them to become members of verdi.

The Opinions about the meaning of membership may differ widely here and often this is also based on political and social convictions. For this reason it is not possible to make a general statement as to whether and when it is worth joining verdi. Nevertheless, in order to give a little help in deciding, you will find below the main benefits and services that this union provides to its members.

By the way, your employer does not find out about your membership in verdi. If you are asked about your membership in a trade union, you are not obligated to inform the employer.

If a verdi collective bargaining agreement applies in your company, you can quite be useful, that you can offer your Inform employers about your membership. Trade union members often receive a better salary. Other more favorable working conditions than their colleagues.

If your employer only applies collective agreements to union members, it should of course know about your membership.

Ver.di legal protection

Verdi united service union labor law 2022

Members of Ver.di enjoy free legal protection in matters of labor and social law.

For people who, at the time a dispute arises be a Verdi member for at least three months are, the union offers a free legal protection. This covers the following disputes:

– Matters from the gainful employment or from the Vocational training. The classic case is Dismissal by the employer, against which the person concerned may, if necessary, file an Action for protection against dismissal can proceed. professional contract matters of freelancers, freelancers or persons similar to employees – questions of the social security and the Social law, of training grants and child benefits – the company pension scheme

Strike support in the event of a strike organized by verdi

When asserting employee interests, a strike may occur, in which employees collectively stop working. Only if this strike is organized by verdi or another trade union, acts the work down, belonging to this trade union employees not in breach of duty. May therefore not be dismissed in this case. The employer is then also not allowed to claim damages. However, during this time the employee are not entitled to a wage or salary. Verdi compensates for this loss of pay for its members by Strike pay pays.

education and further training offers from verdi

Verdi united services union labor law 2022

Members can take part in free further training at verdi.

Verdi also offers seminars for its members: The range of educational offerings includes the Labor law, works council duties and the Occupational health and safety also the topic Equality as well as economic and socio-political topics. This offer is also open to non-members, however, the seminars and training for verdi members as a rule free of charge.

Depending on the type and content of the further training with verdi can educational leave or another type of exemption apply for.

Support and advice for the unemployed

Unemployed persons can in the complex procedures of labor and social administration and enjoy trade union assistance in social law disputes Legal protection.

In addition, the trade union verdi offers Advice, tips and hints around the topic unemployment, unemployment benefit and Hartz IV.

Offers for self-employed and freelance verdi members

Solo self-employed workers can free of charge with verdi to Legal and tax ies as well as Fee, social security and contract matters get advice.

Other services of verdi at a glance
In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the union also provides its members with support in other areas.

– assistance with Mobbing and conflicts – advice on job references
Wage tax-Service – Free telephone advice at the tenancy right
– Financial support in case of leisure time accidents

Membership fee & cancellation of verdi membership

A large Disadvantage, which is addressed in various Internet forums, is, according to some people, the Amount of the membership fee. But what does membership of verdi cost??

According to § 14 para. 1 the ver.di statutes 1 percent of the monthly gross salary. Who z. B. 1.800 euros gross salary, pays 18 euros membership fee per month. For this reason, it is sometimes argued that legal protection insurance is financially more favorable.

Persons who pensions, sick pay, unemployment benefit and other benefits according to the SGB II refer, pay 0.5 percent, but at least 2.50 euros per month (§ 14 para. 2).

recipients of basic social security benefits according to SGB II and SGB XII as well as housewives/househusbands, pupils, students, persons in voluntary service and persons receiving minimum parental benefits pay a membership fee with verdi contribution of 2.50 euros.

The contributions for membership in a trade union are deductible as income-related expenses tax deductible.

Verdi united services union labor law 2022

If you want to cancel your membership with verdi, you can do so in writing.

People who have their cancel their membership with verdi can do this according to § 11 of the statutes of verdi in writing to their responsible district do.

In doing so, however, they must take an deadline of three months to the end of a quarter comply. You can always give notice by 31.03., 30.06., 30.09.


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