Vicious circle diabetes why how to cure diabetes

A few weeks ago, a heated discussion arose in the circle of my family about diabetes. Since my uncle has diabetes himself, I am naturally worried about him. As luck would have it, I came across a really amazing article in a us newsletter a few days ago that confirmed my opinion.

I claim that diabetes can be cured or that its causes can be considerably weakened and that permanently. The prerequisite is an adapted, low-carbohydrate diet combined with weight training.

Before I present you with the facts from the newsletter, I would like to talk a little more about diabetes in advance:

There are 2 types of diabetes (also known as diabetes):

Type 1 diabetes (insulin deficiency)

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease in which the body's immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. As a result, the body is no longer able to utilize the sugar (carbohydrates) ingested with food.

Insulin is needed to transfer sugar in the blood into the body's cells for energy production. The result is that more and more sugar accumulates in the blood that is not broken down. The body hyperglycemic.

Type 1 is usually congenital, but can be triggered by various factors later in life.

Let's remember: Type 1 diabetes is caused by an insulin deficiency because the body's immune system kills the insulin-producing cells in the body. Sugar can no longer be properly utilized. The body hyperglycemic. Exogenous (externally supplied) insulin is needed.

Tpy-2-Diabetes (Insulin Resistance)

In type 2 diabetes, exactly the opposite is true. The body builds up an insulin resistance. That is, the cells in the body become insensitive to insulin. As a result, the body's insulin soon becomes insufficient to transfer sugar from the blood into the cells. As a result, blood glucose levels rise again.

Of course, this does not happen overnight, but is a gradual process. Initially, the body simply reacts to the onset of insulin resistance by producing more insulin in the pancreas to compensate for the emerging resistance.

When the body's insulin production decreases with advancing age, the vicious circle begins. In former times type 2 diabetes was also called adult-onset diabetes, just for the reasons mentioned above.

Type 2 diabetes occurs much more frequently than Tpy-1 and is mainly caused by obesity, lack of exercise and poor diet (too many carbohydrates, little fiber, etc.).) causes.

Let's remember: type 2 diabetes results from decreasing sensitivity of the body to insulin combined with decreasing insulin production.

When you think of diabetes, this disease seems "harmless" at first, but the consequences are serious:

– heart attack – stroke – kidney damage – blindness – erection problems – amputations – depression

Why diabetes can be cured?

Now with both Diabates types insulin must be supplied from the outside in the form of syringes or tablets. This is particularly fatal in the case of type 2, because the resistance of the body's cells becomes increasingly greater. In the same course the dosage of the insulin increases. Accordingly, also the after-effects/side-effects.

And what is the cause of all this? Sugar or carbohydrates

Carbohydrate-containing foods such as bread, rice, pasta, milk, chocolate, fruit, fruit juice drinks and and are converted in the body into various forms of sugar, which of course must be transported from the blood into the cells for energy production.

And what is necessary? You've probably already guessed it:

If insulin is missing when carbohydrates are consumed, energy production is lost or a "blood sugar jam" (hyperglycemia) develops. If you're smart and know your stuff at this point, you'll say, "I don't really need carbohydrates!" Correctly!

Here I started with my discussion, because I am firmly convinced that a person can survive completely without carbohydrates at best. Above all, however, diabetics.

I have personally very often followed a low-carbohydrate or carbohydrate-free diet (see here and here), which in no way limits the quality of life. Also not the muscle building or the performance of the body in general.

How to cure diabetes?

Since diabetes is often triggered by overweight, lack of exercise and a wrong diet, the exact opposite of this must of course be implemented accordingly.

That means, one should free oneself first of the annoying "ballast" and lose weight. In addition sport and/or the strength training favored by me is outstanding suitable. Exercise and muscle building in general improve the insulin sensitivity of the cells. These facts are primarily of benefit to type 2 diabetics, who can either do without insulin altogether or at least lower the dosage.

Since the natural production of insulin decreases with age, exercise alone cannot help. At this point the point nutrition is added.

If a diabetic (Tpy-1 and Type-2) eats exclusively ketogenic, i.e. absolutely without carbohydrates, the body does not need any/very little insulin because there will be virtually no sugar in the blood.

The energy necessary for the body is provided solely by so-called ketone bodies and fat.(Ketone bodies are the body's own carbohydrate substitutes.)

A ketogenic diet consists of 60 to 70% fat and 40 to 30% protein. That is one nourishes oneself exclusively from meat, eggs, oils, cheese and Co. No chocolate, no bread, no fast food, no juices and so on.

Appropriate diet and exercise have a double effect on weight loss.

The big BUT

In discussion with my family members, it came up that giving up all the delicious foods significantly reduces the quality of life.

I have to be honest about that: It's true. But on the other hand, you should not lose sight of your own life. Looking at your own health.

If you are willing to compromise your health at the expense of momentary enjoyment, then of course that is perfectly ok. However, one should keep in mind that food has only one function: To supply the body with vital nutrients and calories.

One does not live to eat, but one eats to live!

Once you have cleared these mental hurdles and accepted your new diet (lifestyle) without regret and without a thought of losing quality of life, you have taken the first step toward living a full, healthy life without diabetes.

A small dietary restriction provides a significant boost to overall health. Not just today, but in the long term. I think this common sense equation falls in favor of an adjusted diet or!?

Personally, I would give up anything to get more out of life, even if the pleasure is a piece of quality of life. You can still enjoy food without carbohydrates!

On the other side is the argument of contemporary medicine. Of course, by taking insulin, you're free of dietary worries. You can eat what you want. Unfortunately, this means that you are only fighting the symptoms of the disease diabetes and not its cause. Especially with type 2, you increase the resistance of the cells in the body by permanently supplying insulin exogenously. The result is that even more insulin is needed and the side effects or sequelae are getting stronger and stronger.

This is where the newsletter article mentioned above comes in, which I have translated freely from English below:

How you can cure diabetes with natural methods?

Diabetes is the number 1 disease of modern times. Several 10 million U.S. Americans (Over 7 million Germans + probably over 4 million who have not yet been diagnosed, according to have diabetes and receive prescriptions for diabetes medications that only address the symptoms, but not the causes.

A large-scale study at Duke University School of Medicine published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that diabetes medications had very little effect and fell short of their promise. Even more frightening is that these drugs carry risks and show dangerous side effects.

Duke University researchers found that the combination of the antihypertensive Diovan (valsartan) and the anti-diabetes drug Starlix (nateglinide) failed to reduce the risk of heart attack and that Diovan did little to alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but did not eliminate its causes!

Perhaps even more startling is the fact that almost all diabetes medications resulted in weight gain (we remember the cause of diabetes) and in the worst cases even caused total dependence on insulin injections. This is also the consensus of research by Krentz, Nichols and Gomez-Caminero in the 2 recently published articles Current Medical Research Opinion and Diabetes Obesity Metabolism.

The study's lead researcher at Duke University, Robert Califf, said: "This is a sobering confirmation and makes it clear that we should continue to focus on improving our lifestyle."

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine has totally failed in helping patients to cure diabetes naturally. This mistake is inexcusable considering that anyone with the right plan can reverse diabetes Tpy-1 and type-2 in as little as 4 weeks.

In a way that ..

– keeps blood sugar levels under control – stops type 1 diabetes – cures type 2 diabetes – eliminates dependence on medications – is extremely simple, inexpensive and natural – that has helped countless sufferers around the world

The good thing is that some diabetics already know what works. They have doctors to thank for recognizing the need for exercise and nutrition.

Too many doctors do not even discuss nutrition with their patients. And the doctors who do, only describe a very restrictive diet or unrealistic workouts.

A published paper from the Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research says, "Diabetes patients report … confusing and conflicting advice from a variety of sources."

The result is that diabetes patients "exhibit restrictive eating behaviors, build a sense of deprivation, and see rigid adherence as the only path to diabetes and weight control. As a result, binge eating will increase and there will be a deep dissatisfaction due to the restraint in eating." […]

Ann Albright, PhD (Chair of the CDC's Division of Diabetes Translation) says, "Successful lifestyle improvement programs, especially in the areas of diet and physical activity, need to be made increasingly available to a wide audience because the stakes (accompanying diabetes) are otherwise far too high."

The key word here is: "successful programs"

To successfully fight diabetes, you need to know exactly, Which foods to eat when you have diabetes that you personally love and activate your muscles on a regular basis!

Dr. Scott Saunders says, "Natural approaches are the key" and "In the study of natural medicine lies the power" […]

If you suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should not ignore these facts. Diabetes can kill if you let it.

I used the following sources for this article:

Final words

There are two things in life that are more valuable than anything else:
Health and Time

If you can't influence time, then please influence health or!?

A few days ago I became aware of this topic through a very controversial presentation.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this presentation got me thinking:

– Are we really dependent on the pharmaceutical industry? – Don't our etes want to help us or can't they? – Do we have to die sick or can we live healthy?

Before you watch the following presentation, I want you to know that this is not my website and that I do not know these people.

Look at everything if you want to get and stay healthy!

On this website you'll find the presentation I've been talking about all along:

I hope the pharmaceutical industry doesn't find this presentation so quickly, or the valuable information in it will soon no longer exist…

My health is extremely important to me, because my machine "body" is only as good as I take care of it. If I give it bad "fuel" (nutrition), it will respond with poor performance.

P.S.: What do you think about this article? Is my view maybe totally wrong or missing components ? I look forward to reading your opinion below in the comments section🙂

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Thomas Bluhm

Hey, I am Thomas . I am a licensed fitness trainer, author and have loved weight training, heavy weights and recently Nespresso coffee for 20 years :-) Here on my blog I share my knowledge and experience about fat burning and muscle building.

a very informative article! and he makes courage =)

Sorry but a diet completely WITHOUT carbohydrates is not possible. Even in meat, eggs, cheese (as you mentioned) there is ALWAYS a small amount of carbohydrates.

It is also proven that the body can better absorb protein through simultaneous intake of carbohydrates.

Therefore, the combination of regular sports (working muscle produces interleukin 6 and thus stimulates insulin production in the) and a low-carbohydrate diet (primarily omit the "bad" types) is the best supportive measure according to current scientific knowledge.

Many diabetic patients even think that they don't notice any difference in their symptoms, regardless of what they eat – i.e. the pancreas keeps producing spurts of insulin no matter what they eat, which leads to the unpleasant fluctuations with diarrhea, etc. etc. leads.

Regular exercise can greatly reduce these fluctuations (regular is important, because the body is just as dependent on the "hormonal support" as on regular external insulin administration) and thus carbohydrates can be broken down/absorbed better again.

So the exercise factor is more important than the diet factor in this complex problem. The complete omission of carbohydrates does not make sense and is not possible at all.

Thank you very much for your contribution to this article.

With best regards

I like the tenor of the article, even in its deliberate exaggeration. How often do you have to hear "The doctor gets my blood sugar level/cholesterol level/blood prere etc"?. etc. not in control!". "The Doctor"! ZERO personal responsibility and ZERO willingness to do something for one's own health, except to go to the doctor. But at least society pays for that..

great that the undertone is understood. I agree with you on every point.

Who grumbles or sounds, acts externally and not self-responsible. I think every adult human being should have some level of self determination. Sometimes questioning authorities or opinions.

Doctors are also only humans with acquired knowledge and have their mistakes. If there is an industry behind it, it becomes dangerous.

This sounds quite negative… but I want to make it clear that diseases, such as diabetes, can be alleviated by the simplest solutions.

For the sake of health..

HEAL?? Ohman TYPE 1 can not yet be cured in humans. There are interesting approaches yes but that's about it. I find it disgusting to advertise with the word "cure".

And without carbohydrates it goes now times also not. Somehow the brain has to get its power. A low proportion of carbohydrates is an absolute must. Insulin is not the problem. Even if I reduce carbohydrates, insulin alone is a must for type 1. Without insulin no conversion of carbohydrates to the energy that the brain needs. ErGO FAIL OF DIABETES. TO WRITE HEALING IN THE SAME SENTENCE! And yes, I know that sport is good for all of us, but certainly not this muscle pumping until death

Also fat-protein is metabolized in the body to sugar. Type 1 also needs insulin for this.

thank you for your opinion on this article.

HELLO Thomas! I have read very carefully your article. Can only confirm it… What you write in your article I have heard so the first time or at least understood. What has confirmed me in my already existing opinion … that I die stupid artzt… only still. Essens no more chocolate was all he told me! In a supposedly free diabetic counseling center to which I have turned seeking help I was so ripped off that I could not afford after my first visit and 75 euros less just to appear there 2 times a week. Yes, I am also very overweight. Yes I am also a sprortmuffel… But thanks to your report seems to me the whole thing is no longer so hopeless! I have also read through the contributions of the "opponents" of the theory, SORRY! Neither particularly inteligent written… and contradictory in itself… congratulations! Thomas I thank you for this article and will try to implement it, because finally there is motivation again. THANK YOU! Greetings Sonja!

Hello Thomas, I am speaking as a mother of a little girl with type 1 diabetes! Schoooon war es mit deiner Heilmethode leider ist das beim Typ 1 nicht so einfach wie Du behauptest. Z.B. with renouncement of KH it comes here to a hypoglycemia, which can be stopped only with KH/sugar types. This subsequent increase of KH must be followed by an increase of. be regulated with additional insulin. Also in different situations the blood sugar can rise like z.B. Stress, in some diabetics even during sports. So, I could write another letanei here…..but this only so that you have a small impression … is not everything "so simple" love greeting Steffi

Exactly Lucy. It all becomes sugar. This is disaster for type 1. For me personally. I am type 1 since 4 years and it is hell. The worst thing is that insulin also prevents the burning of fat. I am trying to get down 15 kilos after pregnancy. It just does nothing! Whether sport,whether oh Kh. It does not go!! I am not lazy either. My husband is also a bodybuilder. We pay attention to everything. It does not go!! I am really in despair. Before pregnancy I weighed a nice 63 kg, also felt very well. Had also built up beautiful muscle. Because. With sports and insulin. After sports I usually ate only protein except I hypoglycemic then Kh.. When the insulin came into play it was all nicely transported to the muscles. I felt super. And now I do sports and build muscles but I don't burn fat. And there is hell. Maybe you have a tip. Greetings

Hello, 1. living without carbohydrates does not work. With little also not good. 2. Even if the body needs not only for carbohydrates insulin but has anyway a certain daily requirement that is independent. 3. Besides the daily requirement, the blood glucose level depends on many many factors such as sports, acute illness, other medications, etc. etc. 4. As Christian has already written, it is (especially with the content of the article) a no-go to speak of "healing" at the current state of affairs.

That sports and a good diet is important for diabetics (just like for everyone else) is of course out of the question.

Your article is basically well written, but it seems quite outdated. I am diabetic myself. There is some exaggeration or. simply not adapted to today's time. For example, if you have a well-adjusted therapy, you can do everything and especially eat everything that is dear to you. Greetings

[…] Cinnamon is extremely helpful in stabilizing blood sugar levels and is therefore especially effective for diabetics (type 1 and type 2 diabetes). […]

So I am type 2 for three years and have recently had to inject more and more to be able to maintain my values. 2 months ago I got tired of it, I started with weight training. And changed my diet. . From 125 kg to 118 kg in 2 months. From 35% to 29% body fat. And now comes the hammer… Since 2 days no more Insolin is necessary…… In the meantime I have super values . People just do sports. Eat sensibly. I personally continue like this .

Hello, I have been diabetic type 2 for over 20 years, and have been taking medication against it ever since. I find the articles very interesting and helpful. Whereas the carbohydrate-free diet of Dr. Atkinson became very popular, but also found many opponents. That's why I'm more of the opinion that a mainly carb free diet is better. Before my diabetes I had never taken any medication. Now there are more and more medications, because of the side effects of the first medications. The laughing third is the pharmaceutical industry. That's why I will now start a low-carb diet, and do more sports again to get off the medication little by little. Another hope I have is from my father-in-law from Bosnia, who has spent his life studying medicinal plants. He promised me a herbal elexir called Petmek, which has already cured many people of diabetes. When the time comes, I will gladly report on the extent to which this remedy has helped me. Get well soon to all of you who are affected by this disease

As a type 2 diabetic, I can only agree with this article. With type 1 I can imagine it more difficult, however a low carbohydrate diet can certainly contribute to the well-being, since one does not have to inject so much insulin and the sugar levels remain more stable.

It started with me, that I did not make it to the diabetic training because of bad general condition. I have my metformin, but that can't be everything. Further I have gout with scarcely 30 and well, a metabolic syndrome.

About researches and investigations in the net I came on it: Carbohydrates and especially fructose have been to blame! I have been reacting to fructose for a long time with severe diarrhea, doctors said it was psychosomatic. But not true! Fructose causes gout, carbohydrates in general are fuel for the fire diabetes type 2. And bread for breakfast and I was so tired that I could crawl back into bed and slept until the evening.

I now eat a ketogenic diet and have a carbohydrate day every 7-14 days so as not to shut down my metabolism. It works well, I have lost weight (also thanks to metformin, with which I finally get the impetus to lower my sugar levels), continue to lose weight and on carbohydrate days my blood sugar is in the absolute normal range! I cried with joy. Only overnight I fly out of ketosis, my sugar still rises, but not every night. But I am always warm during weight loss and with "just eat less" I froze so much that I got blue fingernails. My metabolism is already shut down before every meal. So weight loss was impossible.

Modern medications, especially insulin, keep you safe. But there have never been so many amputations as now. It is not a free pass for unrestrained feasting. One plays with it only the pharmaceutical industry unnecessarily money into the pockets, if one relies on it. Because the pharmaceutical industry does not earn money with dietary changes alone, so you get a free pass. From insulin one increases however and more fullness = higher insulin resistance. Logical? Yes!

So no bread, no rice, no juices, no pasta, no sugar, no flour, etc. Little fruit, (fibers in it make fructose harmless), best berry fruit. Instead a lot of fresh vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese if you can tolerate it, salad and a handful of nuts. With pleasure also times everything in combination.

In fact, I get less cravings, none at all, and even hunger I get through without hypoglycemia. And I am full much longer. I get an appetite for sweets when I am exposed to them visually and olfactorily. But rather suffer for a short time, than later rotting meat on the feet.

With this I have already lost quite a few kilos. Originally, they wanted to operate on my stomach, to do a bypass. After that I could have eaten almost the same. Then rather voluntarily. I can absorb all vitamins.

I feel more alert, mentally balanced, fitter and my skin problems disappear. I am very curious about the next blood test…! But I can already feel it getting better. When I am reasonably fit, I would also like to have more exercise, in the end, shopping was already a torture. Before, it was almost impossible to go for a walk and by diet and weight loss alone I am more likely to be. Strength training would be nice, or swimming.

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