Video seminar healthy with child through the year

Healthy through the year with childParents often worry when it comes to the health of their children goes. Is it 'normal' for young children to be sick more often?? How can you best strengthen your child's immune system and prevent cancer? even prevent disease?

Learn how to deal with diseases in a safe way!

Being sick is natural for the child itself very stressful but you also worry and wish for your child to have a disease quickly and well. If a family member is ill, usually all of the family members are challenged in different ways and have to cope with some of the stresses Challenge master.

Valuable tips and practical suggestions should ease your worries and soothe your mother's and father's souls a bit.

Your video seminar with Dr. Nikola Klun

Professional background knowledge in a nutshell – Which six Pillars of the immune system there is. – How to have a safer Dealing with illnesses find. – Dealing with fever. – Little tips for Protection against infection.

video seminar: Healthy with child through the year

So that we can support all parents with our products, we offer reductions. If you cannot afford to attend, please send us an e-mail at info[at]elternleben.en is non-profit. To operate an advertising-free and largely free platform where users do not pay with their data, we collect Donate and sell our Products as inexpensively as possible. All proceeds are donated to uses. Thank you for your support!

Maybe you wish you had more serenity in dealing with coughs, colds, fevers& Co.?
You want to know how nutrition, exercise and sleep affect a child's immune system?? You care about knowing what to do when a fever is high? What infections mean. Vaccinations for the immune system?

Then our video seminar with Nikola will definitely be a support for you!

Take a look at the video seminar!

To get the best impression of the video seminar, watch a preview below!

Dr. Nikola Klun shares her knowledge and experience

Dr. Nikola Klun is on Expert around the topics child health, child medicine and child development. She advises in our online consultation. Writes for our knowledge section. You are a resident in pediatric medicine. Has been working in a children's clinic near Munich for four years. She is also completing further training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist and as a nutritionist.

Nikola Klun recently became a mother of a young son. She is particularly interested in explaining pediatric medicine in a way that parents can understand child health and childhood illnesses, and that unfounded worries can be alleviated by knowledge.

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