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Vocational Gymnasium Health and Social ServicesThe successful completion of the three-year vocational Gymnasium leads to the acquisition of the general higher education entrance qualification. This is recognized nationwide and entitles the student to study at all universities, comprehensive universities and universities of applied sciences. The course of education comprises grades 11, 12 and 13. It is divided into the introductory phase. The qualification phase. In the introductory phase, classes are taught as a group; in the qualification phase, classes are divided into courses. The introductory phase comprises the 1. and 2. School semester of grade 11. In it, the students are introduced to the subject areas, different knowledge is aligned and the choice of subject combinations and subjects for the qualification phase is prepared. The qualification phase comprises the 1st semester of each year. and 2. the first half-year of grades 12 and 13. In this phase, students are taught the combination of subjects they have chosen from the school's range of courses.

Admission requirements

Students can be admitted to the vocational high school who

– the school leaving certificate of the Realschule plus or
– the final certificate of a vocational school or
– the certificate of entrance qualification for a technical college or
– the special leaving certificate for students of grade 10. The successful completion of the three-year vocational Gymnasium leads to the acquisition of the general higher education entrance qualification, which is divided into the introductory phase or
– has the qualified secondary school leaving certificate I: overall average of at least 3.0, successfully completed vocational training, sufficient foreign language skills (5 years of foreign language teaching).

The report marks in cases 1-4 must show an average of at least 3.0, whereby none of the subjects German, English and mathematics may be evaluated worse than with "sufficient".


German, English, French or Spanish (no previous knowledge is required), mathematics, information processing, chemistry, biology, health, education, psychology, religion or ethics, social studies, physical education, fine arts or music (only in grade 12). class). In the introductory phase, a distinction is made between core subjects (health, German, English and mathematics) and basic subjects (other subjects). In the qualification phase, a distinction is made between performance subjects and basic subjects. Performance subjects can be health, education, psychology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, information processing, English and German. All other subjects can only be basic subjects.

Selected educational content

Health: nutrition, exercise, immune system, pollutants, health protection and care, habitat design, public health.

PedagogyBasic concepts of educational science, structural features of pedagogical situations, pedagogical anthropology, goals and methods of education, tasks of social pedagogical institutions, alternative pedagogies.

Psychologydisciplines of psychology, research methods, memory/learning, intelligence, thinking and development, psychoanalysis, social psychology, anxiety/aggression/conflict.

Information Processing: Communication in networks, text design and presentation, spreadsheets, algorithms and data structures, media design.

When choosing subjects for the exam, make sure that the three task areas (I: linguistic-literary-artistic, II: social science and III: mathematical-scientific-technical) are covered. In addition, either a math/science or language arts profile must be formed. Depends on whether a fifth subject has to be examined orally in addition to the written examinations in the three performance subjects and the oral examination in one basic subject.

The registration has to be done by 1. March of the school year to the school secretary's office. If the number of applicants is high, a ranking is made according to the average grade (this also applies to high school students) and the acceptance is made on the basis of the ranking position.

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