Weather knowhow weather forecast avalanche reports

Weather while hiking. Dangers due to weather phenomena, z.B. Thunderstorm with lightning. But also a lot of practical things: mountain weather, weather reports, weather maps, avalanche warnings knowhow weather forecast avalanche reports

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Weather Forecast

The weather forecasts are supposed to be a probability bordering on certainty by now. The only funny thing then is that the prognoses for one and the same place vary greatly among different providers. So it is best to start several queries, and get your own picture!

One problem is that different weather patterns can be predicted with varying degrees of accuracy. So it is easier to forecast the stable high prere situation than the weather when there is a constant change of high and low prere areas .

weather knowhow weather forecast avalanche reports

In addition, it depends on many factors such as:

Where is actually the weather station that provides the data I asked for? It makes a big difference whether the station is up on the mountainside or down in the valley.

How large is the area for which I am requesting a weather forecast? How dense is the network of stations?

How far ahead do I have to plan? Weather forecasts that go beyond three days are usually not much more than the long-term average of previous weather patterns.

For the very short term weather development should go out sometimes. The look into the sky, the development and direction of the clouds, some experience with the weather and perhaps a rain radar help better than the weather report on the Internet.

What makes a good weather app or portal?

Probability of rain and amount of rain n Wind strength and direction n Temperature curves n Small-scale information n Specification of weather station n Precipitation/rain radar n Answer to: Where will it be nice? Overview weather map n Good database n Clearly arranged n Good location search n Little advertising

Travel planner: Suitable climate?

Travel planner / Vacation planner

Vacation planner: answers questions such as "Where in Europe is the climate still good enough in November for my planned vacation??" However, the answers are selected according to specific vacation destinations. Nevertheless, you get a good impression of where it is still warm enough when – z.B. for bathing – is.

The vacation planner from used to work well even globally. Not all places, but mainly typical travel destinations were listed. You could find the results z.B. sort by rainy days/month, water or air temperature or sunshine duration/day. Unfortunately the vacation planner seems to have been switched off. Now you can only find yearly averages, but you can't use them for your travel planning. Instead, take a look at the vacation planner from reise-preise.en. But here is only a small selection of destinations.

Fast clear weather forecast Germany (map): Gives answer z. B. to the question of where in Germany it is good weather on a particular day . This often helps when you want to go on a weekend trip but don't know which direction to take .

Weather Germany& Europe

Here are weather portals Europe especially recommendable. I. d. R. but they give out worldwide information. The functions are somewhat different. When it comes to more specific data, and for some this is already the 2-week forecast, these services are often subject to a fee. But my comments refer only to the free part.

Rain radar/precipitation radar Europe and Germany, zoomable to local areas. Here you can tell at a glance if an area of rain (hail, snow) is coming your way in the next few hours. The function of a weather radar is also explained.

weather knowhow weather forecast avalanche reports

Weather forecasts

Weather forecasts for the Alpine region see > Alpine weather Good weather forecast, clear and practical functions. You can display your favorite locations as a button. The weather forecasts are also available via SMS.

YR, the Norwegian Weather Service: very reliable weather forecasts, also when it comes to wind. Since Yr uses European computational models to forecast its weather, the results are often more accurate than the usual American computational bases. A weather pictogram as well as temperature, precipitation and wind are shown. Wind is measured in meters/second. First you get an overview for the chosen location. Webcam images are displayed at the bottom of the page. One can then click to a page with the hourly forecast. The shows a very good diagram for the course of the day as well as a table divided by hours. But there are also disadvantages. I have the impression that the temperature forecasts are often lower than the real values. Thunderstorms are not predicted very reliably. The update is – as far as I know – only every 12 hours. Language = English. Very good clear weekly forecast. Details available by day in 3-hour increments. with rain radar, wind direction, probability of precipitation and precipitation distribution in the vicinity of the requested locations. Even Ludolfshausen, a village of 60 inhabitants in the remote south of Lower Saxony, is in it. Weather messages via SMS are also available at Meteoblue. Meanwhile, there is also the free 14-day forecast, for which you have to pay at other portals.

Wetteronline.en: Europe and World. One of my favorites! Forecast by location or postal code. Weather maps, special satellite images (current temperature, precipitation, humidity, clouds, lightning), professional maps, climate charts, etc., also travel planner: the average weather of the last years for a selected period at a specific location. Unfortunately, many small and medium places are not found, and larger ones fail now and then because of the spelling. Forecasts beyond 5 days are subject to a charge. quite good short report and forecast, here you can also find smaller places – although the weather station does not necessarily have to be in the place of course . very reliable (also as app). Loads quite fast, advertising is still in the frame. There are u.a. also maps with black ice warning, sun hours . very reliable weather forecast with 16-day forecast. Precipitation radar (also as app). Weather forecast with 16-day forecast. Precipitation radar (also as app). One can also look at whole regions, countries etc. display when you type in any location, and then look at the top of the row of links (z.B. . Europe/Italy/Toscana/Florence. ) clicks back (to z.B. Italy). The pages load very slowly, because first masses of advertising banners are loaded. Annoying are also the advertising windows, which you have to click away constantly. Formerly one of my favorites, now the reasonability limit has been exceeded for me. Interesting weather site, also as app. The charts are particularly impressive. There are many functions. Winds, clouds, precipitation, temperature, but z.B. also visibility u.a. you can get on a map at the push of a button. Here are particularly interesting the climate diagrams and the vacation weather

Kachelmannwetter: Weather forecast for Germany (by Kachelmann). Yes, there's still that one . and the weather pages are good to use.

Deutscher Wetterdienst: weather forecasts for aviation, shipping, agriculture and normal citizens.

Weather center: also good long-term forecasts (9 days). Good diagrams. Graphical representations.

Unwetterzentrale: Precautionary warnings for each county . The individual selection of consents for data protection and cookie policies are extremely confusing and time-consuming. This is probably to get the user to allow everything across the board. I prefer to switch to another website then.


BLIDS: thunderstorm warnings via cell phone

Snow depths: Snow depths, weather, ski resorts and other information, sorted by ski resort with search functions. Unfortunately, the site is only for skiers, the snow depths and weather forecasts refer to the slopes and ski resorts. Current weather and snow limit information for mountaineering can only be derived indirectly from the information shown.

Weather Worldwide

Besides the weather portals recommended for Europe, there are also some that I use more for long-distance travels. To a large extent the portals overlap naturally. Here are weather portals that I have Countries outside Europe can especially recommend. In addition, one can find special providers such as "expedition weather.

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