Welcome bsg bildungsinstitut

Our mission:We close gaps in care in the psychosocial context.

Labor Market

Services g efunded by job centers and employment agencies.

Psychosocial services

Outpatient help for people with psychosocial disabilities.

Further education

Professional and personal development in social services.

Welcome bsg bildungsinstitut

Job speed dating" event!

The "Job-Speed-Dating" is an event of the BSG Bildungsinstitut fur Soziales und Gesundheit GmbH and the BBI Bildungs- und Beratungsinstitut GmbH in cooperation with the Jobcenter Arbeit fur Bottrop. It is for the meeting between employers and job seekers.

Welcome bsg bildungsinstitut

The power of thoughts

The effects of thoughts are usually greatly underestimated. But does it actually make a difference how we think??

How we think about certain things influences our perception of them and makes us judge them by a biased view before we know more about them. Through clear understanding of these processes, one can change the power over his particular point of view and learn new things without bias.

Welcome bsg bildungsinstitut

Toxic positive thinking

Pessimism and a negative attitude towards life can have a negative impact on our lives, but is it given that a positive attitude towards life and total optimism, then good?

Under certain circumstances, even an optimistic attitude can turn out to be bad; namely when you slip into the extreme.

This is then called toxic positivity. Although the term sounds paradoxical at first, since "toxic" has a rather bad connotation and "positivity" should be a literally positive term, its meaningfulness cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Welcome bsg educational institute

therapy; benefits and how they work

I'm sure everyone has seen a therapist or psychologist talk to a patient two or three times on a show and they get better as a result.

Many are convinced that therapies are there to repair problems, to make up for them completely and to make you forget us. But this is not the case. On the contrary, the purpose of therapy is to identify existing problems, to address them and to learn to live with them and to become aware of them.

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We the BSG

We introduce ourselves.

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BSG educational institute for social and health GmbH

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