Wellness vacation wellness offers with rewe travel

What could be better than being pampered and spending time with your loved ones?? A wellness vacation with your partner or a good friend promises quality time and pure relaxation. REWE Reisen has a wide range of wellness hotels for you to choose from. Whether at the seaside, in the mountains or close to you – with us you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

Wellness: 214 offers

Wellness vacation wellness offers at rewe reisen

Time out from everyday life: find relaxation through wellness

You urgently need a break from the stress of everyday life? Then a little wellness is just the thing for you! With REWE Reisen you will find time to relax – no matter if you want to stay only for a weekend or if you want to travel for a longer period of time. Grab your partner or best friend for a wellness vacation for two and recharge your batteries – for example with loosening massages, soothing facial and body treatments or in the sauna.

Experience the relaxing power of water on a wellness vacation

The knowledge about the healing power of the elements has been known for a long time and so it is not surprising that thermal baths still enjoy great popularity today. Especially for a short trip over the weekend, combined wellness and thermal spa offers are a great way to give your body and mind a break.

That's why at REWE Reisen you will also find comfortable wellness hotels near thermal spas, as well as offers where admission to the spa is already included – wellness vacations can hardly be more affordable!

The Lower Bavarian spa triangle around the spas of Bad Griesbach, Bad Fussing and Bad Birnbach is one of the most popular vacation regions for a wellness vacation in Germany.

It is known for the wide range of baths, spa and wellness facilities and its thermal mineral water. The healing water has a high content of sulfide-sulfur as well as an ideal pH value of 7.21 and is therefore particularly valuable for the health of body and mind.

Wellness vacation wellness offers at rewe reisen

Wellness vacation at the sea: beach, wind and salt

If you would like to combine your wellness program with extensive walks on the beach, a wellness vacation with REWE Reisen on the Baltic or North Sea is just made for you. The stimulating climate, which is created by the salty air and the wind, has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and is beneficial for the skin and respiratory tract. Wellness hotels near the sea often offer thalassotherapy – medical or cosmetic treatments with seawater, mud and algae.

Recharge your batteries during a wellness vacation in the mountains

Not only thermal baths and the sea offer an ideal supplement for a relaxing wellness vacation, also an active time-out in the mountains can be combined excellently with a well-being program. In attractive vacation regions such as the Allgau or Tyrol, you can use the mornings and afternoons for hiking or mountain biking in the magnificent alpine landscape and in the evenings relax in the sauna or loosen your muscles during a massage.

If you don't want to go to such heights on your wellness vacation, you might be well advised to take a trip to the Ore Mountains, the Harz Mountains or the Eifel. The low mountain regions with their dense vegetation have a particularly gentle stimulating climate.

But not only in Germany and Austria you can recharge your batteries with massages, sauna visits and soothing baths. The Czech Giant Mountains or the Polish Baltic Sea are equally attractive destinations for an inexpensive wellness vacation. Just browse the offer of REWE Reisen and find your deal!

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