West highland white terrier all info and tips about the breed

As the name already suggests, the West Highland White Terrier originates from Great Britain. While this dog used to be used mainly for hunting rats and game, today he often appears as a fashion dog.

Westie, White Highland Terrier, Poltalloch Terrier, Roseneath Terrier

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Optical characteristics of the West Highland White Terrier

A West Highland White Terrier reaches a height at withers of about 28 cm and a weight of about 8 kg. It has a deep chest with ribs that extend far to the back. All in all, this dog is powerfully built, with muscular legs and a tail about 12.5 to 15 cm long. The harsh outer coat is up to 5 cm long, the undercoat is short, furry and dense. The white fur coloring he owes to his uses in hunting. Fox red colored hunting dogs were often accidentally shot in the past, so a light colored coat turned out to be an advantage. Accordingly, the West Highland White Terrier was bred to be easier to spot among rocks and bushes in the Highlands.

From hunting dog to fashion dog: The West Highland White Terrier

Due to its presence in commercials, especially in Germany, the West Highland White Terrier has become a social and fashion dog. Their popularity these dogs owe above all to their nature. This breed combines courage, cheerfulness, alertness and self-confidence. The hunting instinct can still occur in isolated cases, but in the first place West Highland White Terriers are characterized by enthusiasm. The disadvantage with fashionable dogs is that the percentage of black breeders and unscrupulous multipliers is quite high in the offers of this breed. Therefore, check carefully where you buy a Westie and do not decide the acquisition in haste.

Keeping West Highland White Terriers in a species-appropriate way

The West Highland White Terrier is well suited for apartment keeping, as long as you keep him busy enough. He loves extensive walks in the wind. Weather as well as dog sports like flyball or agility. With children he usually has no problems, if they treat him well. If your Westie is already used to other animals in the household as a puppy, he will also get along well with them. For a terrier he is relatively peaceful despite his self-confident, sometimes stubborn character. Since West Highland White Terriers do not shed, they need help to get rid of dead fur. Therefore, every ten to twelve weeks you should trim him.

Westie educate: Small but mighty! Westies are not prone to aggression. Are up for any fun with their playful nature. But do not let his cute appearance tempt you to spoil him or let him get away with misbehavior. Like any dog, the Westie needs consistency, clarity and reliability in training to learn the necessary rules and commands.

Health of the West Highland White Terrier

Dishonest breeders, who do not care about the health of their Westies, accept diseases typical for this dog breed. This includes allergies, skin problems, osteoporosis, dental problems as well as patellar luxation and liver diseases. Apart from this, however, the West Highland White Terrier is a healthy dog breed with a high life expectancy: on average it lives 12 to 16 years, occasionally even up to 20 years old.

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