West highland white terrier

West Highland White TerrierThe West Highland Terrier was kept in the Scottish Highlands as a hunting dog. He should stand out clearly from the hunted game as well as from the environment by his white coat color. Meanwhile, the affectionately named Westie is rarely used for hunting, but is considered a lively family member and attentive companion. At the latest since a West Highland Terrier was used in the 1990s for dog food advertising as a sympathy carrier, the breed enjoys great popularity and is the dream of many boys and girls.

– Weight: 8 to 10 kilograms – Height at withers: about 28 centimeters – Life expectancy: 12 to 16 years – Education: moderately demanding, a lot of patience and time is required, absolutely consistent – Grooming requirements: elaborate; pluck out top coat, brush frequently, trim 4 to 6 times a year – Diseases: acquired from good breeders robust; occasional problems with the kneecap – Specificity: does not shed and has a double coat of undercoat and top coat

Appearance of the West Highland Terrier

The correct breed name is West Highland White Terrier, because the hunting terrier appears exclusively with pure white fur. The Westie has a dense, weatherproof coat that protects him well even in the rain. The terrier looks very cuddly because of its small, erect ears, dark beady eyes and its black nose. As a hunting dog, the West Highland Terrier had to be robust, muscular and very compact as well as strong, which breeders have maintained to this day.

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Character and nature of the West Highland Terrier

Due to its original use, the Westie is still fearless, courageous and persevering today. West Highland Terrier brimming with self-confidence. In addition, a Westie is docile. He is a friendly dog, who likes to playfully spend time with his owner or his family and to be cuddled. A Westie is therefore a suitable dog for a family with children, well behaved and charming around the finger.

Demands on the potential Westie owner

If you get a West Highland Terrier, you own an animal that needs to be kept busy and demands perseverance from its family. The Westie needs a lot of exercise at a moderate pace, for example, to sniff extensively between bushes or to chase after balls. Even today, the Westie has hunting instinct in his blood, so you must always keep an eye on him when he is outdoors. Because of its size, the West Highland Terrier can be kept well in an apartment, provided it gets enough exercise and activity.

Education of the Westie

The West Highland Terrier tends – if you can say that with a dog – to overestimate himself and therefore needs a clear leadership and consistent education. It is important to teach him obedience for all situations, because he would like to mess with larger members of his species or to follow his hunting instinct. The boss in the ring must be with the Westie necessarily the master or mistress. This, together with meaningful activity, also prevents the Westie from becoming a nuisance yapper.

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