What are cold foam mattresses actually.

Cold foam mattresses guideThe body regenerates during the night rest. It can do this best with a restful sleep in an optimal sleeping environment. Modern 7-zone cold foam mattresses offer a good bedding for a healthy and restful sleep. They have particularly ergonomic body adjustments with an orthopedically just support and relief. In addition to the excellent body-conforming properties, the particularly money-saving price-performance ratio is also a plus point for this mattress choice.

What are cold foam mattresses actually?

High-quality 7-zone cold foam mattresses are made of HR (High-Resilient = Highly Elastic) cold foams. HR cold foams are high-performance (CFC-free) water- and air-blown foams with long service life.

For a restful sleep, it optimally adapts to the body zones of the person:

The mattress is divided into 7 zones for optimal body-friendly relief. The first zone for the head, zones two and three for shoulder and pelvis, the fourth zone is the hip zone, lying zones five to seven provide point elasticity for buttocks, lower legs and feet. The zones are defined in the manufacturing process by incisions. milled into the cold foam core. Mattress areas with deep cuts or profiling are the softer zones. In addition to cold foam mattresses, other types of mattresses are also available, such as latex, visco or gel foam mattresses and also pocket spring mattresses with seven zone division.

Due to this division, some areas of the body can sink deeper into the mattress than other areas, this is an important aspect for an orthopedically correct sleeping position. Especially for side sleepers there is a lot of prere on the shoulder zones. The pelvis, on the other hand, needs more support to keep the back straight.

With modern 7-zone cold foam mattresses, the

Orthopedically correct alignment of the spine, and thus the entire body, which results essentially from the foam core and the quality of the foam, supported by the zone profiling of the mattress core. Orthopedically important are the interaction of mattress core, zone profiling and the permanent point elasticity of the mattress.

Advantages of a cold foam mattress

Modern 7-zone cold foam mattresses meet the core objectives of healthy and restful sleep very well. For every type of sleep and in every conceivable sleeping position, with the corresponding requirements for load and relief, they offer the appropriate lying properties.

harder, softer, elastic and much more: cold foam mattresses have high adaptability and many other advantages:

– They offer ergonomic Adaptation to the body. Due to high density and low body contouring compression hardness, the mattress offers orthopedically healthy body adaptation while supporting the body at the same time. Ideal conditions for a restful. Healthy sleep in any sleeping position. In the case of back problems or problems in the neck, the shoulder comfort zone, back zone and pelvis support provide a comfortable base. They offer a body conforming support during sleep support and relief for body areas as well as prere relief with Point elasticity. – They offer with different Hardness grades a healthy and peaceful sleep with the appropriate lying comfort.The choice of the appropriate degree of hardness depends on the body weight. At a weight of 60 kg a soft H2 is the right choice, from ca. For example, the firmness level H3 is recommended for persons weighing more than 80 kg, and we recommend the firmness level 4 for persons weighing more than 120 kg. – They have excellent climate properties. Of particular importance for a high level of sleeping comfort are the mattress's climatic properties. Here, 7-zone cold foam mattresses, after innerspring mattresses, are the coolest sleep system. Especially for people who sweat a lot and release moisture, air circulation with breathable technology is beneficial. But also other people do not freeze at night due to the breathability. The sleeping climate of a mattress depends on the mattress cover as a climate system and hygienic equipment of the mattress. For more information, please see the Covers guide. – You have a top Price-performance ratio. Optimal adaptation and excellent characteristics in climate and ventilation, ergonomic for back, relief for shoulders and shoulder zone as well as body support do not have to be expensive. Many models and variants of a 7-zone cold foam mattress are already available at low prices but in high quality. – They are Long-lasting.High-quality zones cold foam, high-quality cover materials and the best processing. Ravensberger mattresses offer the best for your bedroom and provide longevity with 10-year manufacturer's warranty on mattresses and sleep systems. – They are hygienic. With a high-quality zone mattress not only the turning ensures. Turn for hygiene in the bedroom. The covers are removable and washable. mites, sweat and dirt can be removed in no time by means of a washing cycle. – They are Reversible mattresses. Modern 7-zone cold foam mattresses are double mirrored, which means that you can turn the head and foot part as well as the front and back side. To maintain many years of continuous use, turning the mattress every 3 to 4 months is still a good idea and a ventilation for your bed.

What characterizes good cold foam mattresses?

High-performance and durable cold foam mattresses in high quality are made of HR cold foam. These are in their orthopedic performance. Qualitatively superior to comfort foams in their long-term continuous use properties.

The open-pored and non-uniform cell structure of the HR foams is responsible for the lasting elasticity of the mattress and especially its point elasticity.

Important for good HR cold foam mattresses are:

The density: The density of the mattress core is decisive for the quality and the long-lasting orthopedic function of a mattress. It is measured in kilograms per cubic meter. This should not be below an RG of 40. With this and higher densities, the desired lasting orthopedic performance and longevity of a cold foam mattress are achieved. This is also stated in DIN 13014, which prescribes a volume weight of RG 40 for the hospital sector. Also the results of the STIFTUNG WARENTEST, with which with GOOD tested cold foam mattresses, have this and higher volume weights.

The compression hardness: It indicates the actual firmness of the mattress in kilo Pascal.The compression hardness is the force needed to compress the mattress core to 40%. By the different compression hardnesses of the mattress, the different orthopedic degrees of hardness of mattresses are produced.Hardness degrees are available from H1 / H2 soft, over H3 medium, up to H4 firm, respectively. hard. The firmness of a mattress and its body adaptation and thus its orthopedic effectiveness and function result from the interaction of volume weight and compression hardness of the mattress.

The core thickness: Important for the quality and function are the thickness of the cold foam core and the body zone profiling of the mattress. One differentiates here between very efficient 2-dimensionals. Especially high-quality 3-dimenisonal cube-cut contours (cube-cut geometry). These are decisive factors for the lying and movement behavior as well as for the supporting function of the slat frame and the slatted frame. In principle, a high core thickness makes sense. Core thicknesses between 15 cm and 19 cm are recommended, both from an orthopedic point of view and for many years of durability.

The cover: For the overall quality of a mattress and cover, the quality standards for health, safety and environment are important. The standards for the health, safety and environmental suitability of mattresses are the certifications according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I, LGA, TuV and CertiPUR. By default, the cover should be removable. Be machine washable. Allergy sufferers should pay attention to special covers. An encasing is a special protective cover for mattress, comforter and pillow. Our MEDICORE silverline®-cover permanently and naturally prevents the regeneration of dust mites and microorganisms. The MEDICORE silverline®-process is a highly effective cleaning process that is permanently reproducible by washing and naturally creates a dust mite-free sleeping environment. Our recommendation: wash the cover with a Color detergent up to 60°C.

Info: orthopedically just compression hardness& Volume weight

For the orthopedic quality and long-term performance of a mattress, it is important to work with a high material density of the mattress (volume weight) and to keep the compression hardness low due to this high material content. A high density at the same time ensures the supportive strength of the mattress in long-term use.

If a high compression hardness is used to make mattresses with a low density "firmer" and thus counteract the premature formation of cavities, this is "cheaper" but orthopedically and from the point of view of sleep rest is not optimal. As a matter of principle, we only use HR cold foams of quality A. Do not use inferior goods or foam. We use due to their lower orthopedic performance. Durability generally no comfort foams. The suitability of a mattress can only be conclusively assessed after three to four nights of trial sleeping. Because of this, our completely risk-free-. Free return policy of 30 days. In addition, we offer a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years on the mattresses and 5 years warranty on the cover.

In addition to various sleep systems with mattress and adjustable slatted frames, we also offer accessories for beds, such as toppers and high-quality bedding. Comforter and pillow, mattress protector and mattress cover you can also find in the store, just everything for a healthy and restful sleep with higher sleep comfort.

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