What are supplements and who needs them

What are supplements. Who needs it?Despite sport and healthy nutrition you do not feel really efficient? Your performance is stagnant, but you don't quite know what the problem is?

Maybe you simply lack important nutrients that get your metabolism going. The right supplement can compensate for a deficiency in the cells – your performance will also benefit from this!

BRAINEFFECT HACK: In our Store you have a wide choice between different supplements to support your mental performance, to fall asleep faster or simply to supplement an increased nutrient requirement due to a lot of sports and a stressful everyday life.

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1. Healthy nutrition is the basis

Rarely do we use our full potential, a few percent are still in there. For this there are means that help you get everything out of you: supplements – or in German: Nahrungserganzungmittel.

However, it cannot be emphasized enough: All the benefits of supplementation are just the icing on the cake. As the name suggests, supplements should only complement your diet, not replace it.

Especially very active people, such as competitive athletes, have a higher need for certain vitamins and substances, for example to regenerate better or to accelerate muscle building.

The basis is and remains a healthy diet for body and mind, which includes brain food such as nuts and fish, but also other foods that contain all the important micronutrients for top performance.

Take-Home Message #1: Supplements are means that are taken in addition to a healthy diet to ensure the right daily dose and support performance.

2. The most important ingredients of supplements at a glance

Not all supplements available on the market deliver what they promise. However, some have been scientifically studied. Have been clearly confirmed as effective.

Here's how to find out which supplements are useful and in which areas they are particularly effective. Here we give you an overview of the most important nutrients for dietary supplementation:

Vitamin D: Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D can be obtained from food as well as from sunlight on the skin. To cover vitamin D through the diet is difficult with a stressful life and an unbalanced diet. Supplements can help you here, especially in fall and winter. Since vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, it is recommended to take it in combination with a fat component.

BRAINEFFECT HACK: Our VITAMIN D3+Oil is highly dosed and provides you with more than enough of the important sun vitamin. Omega-3 promotes muscle growth. Increases brain function. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which has been proven in a study with athletes. The additional intake of omega-3 could have a positive effect on training-induced inflammatory processes. Improve the overall health of participating athletes. [1] An excellent source of omega-3, in addition to fish species such as salmon, mackerel and herring, is krill oil, which is even better utilized by the body than fish oil. Krill oil contains the important omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are important for your brain.

BRAINEFFECT HACK: Not only do we provide you with sustainable omega-3 fatty acids in the form of KRILL BOOST, but even complete vegan Omega 3. You decide what you prefer.

Trace element Zinc is a particularly useful supplement for athletes, as zinc is excreted through sweat during strenuous activity. A filling up of the zinc reserves is therefore important, since it supports among other things the immune system. BRAINEFFECT HACKWhen you sweat a lot during exercise or physical work, you lose a lot of minerals at the same time. With our MINERALS provide your body with magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium quickly and easily.

Here a food supplementation by Melatonin can lead to faster falling asleep and thus also to the increase of the energy. For those who have slept well can, as is well known, pull up trees. Supplements like SLEEPwith melatonin can be supportive. BRAINEFFECT HACK: With us you get Melatonin in the practical capsule form SLEEP or as SLEEP SPRAY. Just before going to bed, both products will help you shorten your sleep time.

In addition, the Asian medicinal plant stimulates the production of ATP, helping to promote blood flow, protect cells, boost mental performance, and counteract neurological disorders such as dementia.

Its effectiveness against chronic fatigue is proven by a 2013 study. After taking a ginseng supplement for four weeks, test subjects actually experienced a reduction in permanent fatigue. [3]

As a pre-workout supplement, caffeine gives you an energy boost that helps you better realize your potential during workouts. This is proven by a study from 2013, in which the test subjects took caffeine one hour before training. [4]

CDP choline is one of the best-known agents on the market for improving cognitive abilities and better concentration. Citicoline is converted in the body into acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that can cross the blood-brain barrier to increase the reaction speed of the synapses. The result: faster thinking. Improved recall of information is made possible. Take-home message #2: Depending on what your goals are, you can choose a suitable supplement. You are tired? Then reach for vitamin B6. You need energy? Then a MCT oil help you.

You need something for concentration? Then citicoline is your drug of choice. You want to fall asleep faster? Then reach for melatonin. You want to feel better? Then fill up your serotonin stores.

3. More energy for your goals through supplements

Especially when it is not about compensating for a nutrient deficiency, but about achieving a goal, supplements with mixed ingredients are used.

For example, there are ingredients that complement each other in their effect together and enhance the effect. That's why we've compiled all the important supplements below that will get you to a goal together:

1. Supplements for muscle building

Your goal is to build even more muscles or to increase your endurance during strength training? Then you should stick to the following supplements:

– vitamin D – omega-3 fatty acids – magnesium – zinc – caffeine / green tea extract – coenzyme Q10 – whey protein – creatine – BCAAs

Creatine acts as a turbo, so to speak, and provides the muscles with quick energy they need during training. Whey protein supports the muscle build-up and at the same time the fat reduction, in addition it promotes the regeneration of the muscles.

The branched-chain amino acids BCAA are contained in protein-rich foods. If the daily protein requirement is not covered by food, supplementation is a good option.

BRAINEFFECT HACKBefore and during the training you can supply yourself from now on not only with the important BCAAs. We even provide you with all EAAs packed in our fruity refreshing drink COMPLETE AMINOS. After your workout it will help you to RECHARGE to quickly recharge your empty batteries.

2. Supplements for regeneration

For better regeneration of muscles and brain these supplements will help you:

– Vitamin D – Omega-3 fatty acids – Magnesium – Zinc – Melatonin

If you want to perform better, you have to give your body enough time for regeneration in addition to intensive training. If you push yourself to your performance limits non-stop, success will soon stagnate.

Because the most important thing are the rest phases, in which body and mind can build up new strength. Restful sleep is essential for optimal recovery. Those who sleep poorly, wake up often or can't fall asleep at all should consider supplementing melatonin.

By taking the hormone that is converted from serotonin in the body, many can sleep better and feel rested and mentally fit for new tasks the next morning.

3. Supplements for better concentration

To improve your concentration, keep yourself going:

– MCT oil – caffeine – green tea extract – acetyl-L-carnitine – ginkgo biloba – ginseng – citicoline – brahmi

Among the best known Nootropics, supplements with a positive effect on mental performance include green tea, ginseng and ginkgo biloba. The medicinal plants from Asia have long since found their place in Western medicine. Citicoline is also very effective. Brahmi on the memory. An additional boost for mental fitness is also cold thermogenesis.

The daily cold shower works wonders on brain power and makes the mind wide awake in the morning. Voluntarily putting yourself under cold water proves willpower alone, which will also help you in everyday life and training.

BRAINEFFECT HACKOur mental performance products FOCUS and FOCUS NOW provide you with important nutrients like vitamin B5 and B12.

4. Supplements for fat burning

The following supplements promote weight loss:

– Omega-3 – MCT Oil – Caffeine – Green Tea Extract – Coenzyme Q10

To reduce your weight or simply get rid of some fat deposits, you should boost your metabolism. In addition to exercise and an adjusted diet, sometimes you need a little booster to get rid of those fat reserves.

MCTs and omega-3s play an important role in this process, because although they belong to the category of fats, they are not deposited in the cells, but stimulate fat burning.

4. Supplements should never be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Vital nutrients diet be seen. But they can be used specifically to compensate for acute deficiencies for a short time and thus help you in various situations.

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