What costs a cocker spaniel.

Not least because of the movie "Susi. Strolch" the Cocker Spaniel became world-famous. Also the unique nature of the breed makes the Cocker Spaniel a popular dog breed. We tell you everything you need to know if you are interested in the Cocker Spaniel.

What does a cocker spaniel cost



The Cocker Spaniel is not only one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, but also one of the oldest. The first references to the existence of the Cocker Spaniel date back to the 14th century. Century. Since then, the dogs or the predecessors of the Cocker Spaniels are mentioned again and again in records.

Where exactly the origin of the dog breed lies, can not be said today without doubt. However, it is believed that the first so-called spaniels arrived in Britain in 55 B.C. alongside Roman legionaries.

In all likelihood, these dogs brought with them from Spain.

At that time the dogs were called "Canis Hispanilous" which means Spanish dog.

According to another theory, the first Spaniels appeared during the 11th century. The Cocker Spaniel came to England with the Normans in the middle of the XVII century. There, already at that time, hunting dogs known as Espaignol were bred, with a small to medium stature and the characteristic long floppy ears.

That the name Espaignol does not necessarily refer to the origin of the Cocker Spaniel is proven by the "Book of Hunting" written by the French nobleman Gaston Phoebus in 1391.

There is talk about small dogs with floppy ears, which had the task of finding and flushing out game. Due to the fact that these dogs lay down in anticipation of an order, the name Espaignol could also be a derivation of the Old French word S'espaignir for lie down.

In France there are six breeds of hunting dogs, which look similar to the British Spaniel.

Around 1570, the famous British naturalist John Kays wrote his cynological work entitled "De Canibus Britannicis", in which he classified the dog breeds known at that time.

In this book, the spaniels were divided – depending on the task – into land and water spaniels. In his book he called the land spaniels used for hunting feathered game Springing Spaniels.

Just these spaniels were introduced with the beginning of the 17. The Cocker Spaniel is becoming more and more popular in the twentieth century. So gradually began the pure breeding of these dogs, until the English Cocker Spaniel was finally recognized in 1892 by the english kennel as an official dog breed.


Cocker Spaniels are strong dogs of compact stature. Characteristic for the Cocker Spaniel are his long floppy ears, as well as the large dark eyes.

There are many color variations in this breed. So there are Cocker Spaniels in red, black, black and white, sable, brown, black with tan, orange and white, brown with tan, brown mold, orange mold and black mold. According to the breed standard, white is only allowed on the chest of a unicolored Cocker Spaniel. The coat is fluffy-soft. Either slightly wavy or smooth. The coat is rather long on the ears, chest, belly and tail, whereas it is rather short on the head and back.

The nose of the quadrupeds is relatively large. In addition, the Cocker Spaniel has a square muzzle and well-padded paws.


The Cocker Spaniel is an active, lively and friendly dog, which forms a strong bond with its owner and fascinates everyone with its cheerfulness.

The Cocker Spaniel has a stubborn head typical for hunting dogs, which can put his owner to the test now and then.

With a cocker spaniel boredom rarely arises. The dogs need a lot of activity and want to be challenged and stimulated both physically and mentally.

The hunting instinct of the Cocker Spaniel has been preserved until today, so that a functioning recall is absolutely necessary if you want to let your darling run without a leash.

Among dog connoisseurs, the Cocker Spaniel is considered extremely vigilant. Announces strangers and visitors loudly, so problems can quickly arise in rented apartments if no limits are placed on this idiosyncrasy. Like all spaniels, the Cocker Spaniel loves water. Takes every opportunity to swim or splash around.

Well-socialized Cocker Spaniels usually get along with other dogs without any problems, however, you should be careful with other pets, as they might awaken the dogs' hunting instinct.


A consistent education from the beginning is important, so that you later have a good hearing dog. Although adult dogs are still capable of learning, the training then takes much longer.

To prevent undesirable behaviors from creeping in, you should make it clear to your Cocker Spaniel from day one that you call the shots. It is important that you are consistent enough and can assert yourself.

In order not to confuse your dog, everyone involved in the training should follow the previously established rules. How should your dog learn, for example, that he is not allowed on the sofa when your partner allows him to do so?.

However, this does not mean that you have to be particularly strict. With exaggerated strictness or even harshness you will not be able to achieve anything with the education.

Cocker Spaniels are very sensitive and need an empathetic leader whom they can trust.

With the right motivation, positive reinforcement, short training sessions and loving consistency, your Cocker Spaniel will quickly make progress.

Coat care for the Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels belong to the four-legged friends, which hair relatively little. Nevertheless, regular and thorough grooming is important so that the coat does not begin to mat. Since the structure of the coat in the Cocker Spaniel varies greatly depending on the part of the body, all areas require intensive, sometimes individual coat care.

With a little practice, grooming will take no more than 10-15 minutes a day. To get your Cocker Spaniel used to the procedure, you should start brushing as early as possible.

This way your dog will stay relaxed during the grooming and you will finish faster. If you don't have time or don't feel confident brushing your Cocker Spaniel, you can also take him to a groomer.

Common diseases

Although Cocker Spaniels from reputable kennels are healthy in most cases, health problems can occur in exceptional cases. Also hereditary diseases occur now and then.

Familial nephropathy (kidney disease)

Familial nephrotraphia is a disease that often affects younger Cocker Spaniels. Chronic kidney dysfunction is due to a genetic defect and results in the kidney tie being unable to do its job.

In the further course of the disease there will be weight loss, vomiting, increased thirst and growth retardation.

By changing the diet to a suitable diet food, the disease can neither be cured nor prevented, but in this way the metabolism can be relieved significantly. If your Cocker Spaniel has kidney problems, a food with a low protein and phosphorus content is recommended.

To find the right diet for a dog that suffers from familial nephropathy, you should consult an experienced canine nutritionist and have a diet plan designed for him.

Famous Cocker Spaniels

The famous Hollywood actor George Clooney adopted a Cocker Spaniel from a shelter and named him Einstein. Both the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey and the celebrity couple David. Victoria Beckham kept a Cocker Spaniel.

Some breed representatives even made it to the white house. The first moved in at the side of President Truman. The second Cocker Spaniel lived a little later with President Nixon and his family in the white house. In the 1955 animated film "Susi. Strolch" by Walt Disney plays the Cocker Spaniel bitch "Susi" one of the main roles. The love movie is about the bitch. The street dog "Tramp. In the puppy statistics of the FCI the Cocker Spaniel is on place 20. Belongs thus to the most popular dog breeds in the world.

What does a Cocker Spaniel cost?

You want to buy a Cocker Spaniel and want to know how much a puppy costs? The price depends on the kennel, so there is no general answer to this question. However, you can ame that a Cocker puppy from a good kennel circa 1300€ to 1500€ costs. In addition to the purchase costs, there are also the costs for basic equipment (collar, leash, toys, etc.).).

Much more important, however, are the maintenance costs. You must remember that in the future you will be financially responsible for your dog. Before you buy your Cocker Spaniel you should be sure that you are able to pay the costs for insurance, food, vet and dog school. Even if you plan to join an agility club with your Cocker Spaniel, this is another cost factor. The acquisition of a puppy is a far-reaching decision. Should be thoroughly considered. If you are sure that you can and want to take responsibility for a Cocker Spaniel, you can start looking for a good breeder.

During your search, many dog buyers stumble upon the offers of so-called multipliers.

These are usually characterized by the fact that the puppies are sold at comparatively low prices. While Cocker Spaniels from a reputable breeder can quickly cost 1500 € and more, greedy profiteers give the puppies already for significantly less money.

Cocker Spaniels from such sources, however, are often sick, poorly socialized and/or very weak.

You can recognize a good breeder by the fact that he does not sell his puppies at cheap prices, but chooses the buyers of his dogs very carefully and according to strict criteria.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you are thoroughly scrutinized on your first visit to the breeder. This is definitely a sign of seriousness.

To be on the safe side, you should check the health of the parents and find out if your puppy is chipped and vaccinated before you can pick it up.

Another indication for a good breeder is his membership in an association like the VDH.

Dog insurance

Taking out dog insurance is usually one of the prerequisites if you plan to take your pet to dog school. But even if this is not the case, insurance can be worthwhile.

With a dog liability insurance you are financially on the safe side, if your dog causes a damage, for which you would have to pay otherwise yourself.

In addition, you should think about taking out a surgery/health insurance for your Cocker Spaniel. Since veterinary treatments can quickly become very expensive, such insurances are demanded by more and more dog owners.

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