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Caries is a disease of the teeth caused by bacteria in plaque, sweet foods and poor oral hygiene.

Tooth decay damages teeth, can be painful, and can lead to tooth loss.

The disease formerly called " tooth decay " is much rarer today than it was decades ago. This is mainly due to better oral hygiene and more people using toothpaste with fluoride than before. This shows that you can do something for your dental health and effectively prevent tooth decay.

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Tooth decay first shows up as whitish or brownish spots on teeth. As the disease progresses, the surface of the teeth becomes pitted. If the deeper layers of the tooth are affected, caries also damages the nerves and roots of the tooth. Teeth become sensitive and painful – especially when eating cold or sweet foods or drinks. Caries can damage teeth to such an extent that they have to be removed and replaced, for example by a bridge .

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In most cases, tooth decay occurs when three factors come together: Dental plaque, poor oral hygiene and frequent sugar consumption. Dental plaque coats the teeth like a film. May feel furry to the touch. It is formed from bacteria, saliva and food residues. When bacteria decompose food debris and the sugars it contains on the tooth surface, acid is produced. It attacks the tooth enamel and gradually destroys the tooth if it is not cleaned or treated. Caries bacteria are transmissible through saliva.

Children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay, because the enamel of milk teeth is more sensitive than that of permanent teeth. The milk teeth are at risk if a child eats or drinks a lot of sweets. In addition, oral hygiene can be a challenge, especially for young children. The risk of tooth decay is also increased when young children suck very often on a bottle with sugared tea or juice.

The permanent teeth are also sensitive at first: when they erupt, their enamel has not yet fully hardened and is therefore susceptible to caries.

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In many children and adolescents, the permanent teeth are healthy: In Germany, around 8 out of 10 12-year-old children do not have caries . In the remaining children in this age group, one or more teeth are affected by caries.

Of six- to seven-year-old children with baby teeth, about half have had caries at some time .

Caries is more common in adults: between the ages of 35 and 44, an average of about eleven teeth are affected by caries, have a filling, are crowned, or are missing.

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To detect caries, the dentist usually only needs to take a close look at the teeth. In addition, an X-ray can be taken to assess how far caries has progressed – and whether it is located between teeth or under fillings, for example.

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Children and adults can reduce their risk of tooth decay by brushing their teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is a substance that strengthens tooth enamel and thus protects it from caries. Brushing removes the bacteria-. Acidic plaque from teeth. It is recommended to brush teeth at least twice a day after meals.

Dentists recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste from the eruption of the first milk tooth. In contrast, pediatricians often recommend giving toddlers fluoride as a tablet or drops every day at first and brushing their teeth only with a little fluoride-free toothpaste. Since fluoride can have side effects, but children should not ingest too much of it.

Diet also plays an important role: limiting the consumption of sugary foods reduces the risk of tooth decay. Lemonades and sweets, for example, but also fruit juices and ketchup contain a lot of sugar.

Regular dental check-ups also protect the child, as caries can be detected and treated at an early stage. The dentist can advise on oral hygiene. Apply fluoride varnish or gel to teeth. In addition, the grooves or pits of the large molars can be sealed with a special plastic (fire sealing).

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In the case of incipient caries (white or brown spots on the teeth), it may be sufficient to brush the teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste and to have fluoride applied to the teeth at the dentist's office.

Caries holes are drilled out and restored with fillings made of plastic (composite), amalgam, ceramic or precious metal. If the tooth is more severely damaged, a partial crown or crown can preserve the tooth. If the dental nerves are affected, root canal treatment is usually suggested. Sometimes a tooth has to be removed. It can later be replaced by a bridge or by a fixed prosthesis supported by an implant.

In addition to the conventional methods of treating carious teeth, there are various novel procedures, some of which no longer involve the use of a drill. This includes the so-called caries infiltration at the onset of caries . The tooth is hardened with plastic.

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In addition to acute pain, many people also visit their dentist regularly for preventive checkups. We provide information on how to find the right dental practice, how best to prepare for a visit to the doctor, and what is important in the process.

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