What not to do during pregnancy

For moms-to-be: what not to do while pregnant?

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Do not eat raw milk cheese, do not lift heavy, do not drink alcohol: there are many things that are taboo for expectant mothers. But there are also some things that are allowed – despite wild rumors.

1. – Pregnant women and raw milk products 2. – Pregnant women and coffee 3. – Pregnant women and alcohol 4. – Pregnant women and cigarettes 5. – Pregnant women and medicines 6. – Pregnant women and sports 7. – Pregnant women and air travel 8. – Pregnant women and tanning salons

When it comes to nutrition in particular, moms-to-be are confronted with numerous well-intentioned tips, but also with some half-truths. And since a woman naturally wants only the best for her baby, there is a lot of confusion: which foods can really be dangerous for the child, and which are harmless? Up to what point can you take the plane as a pregnant woman and what sports are allowed?

From food to medications to travel.. What really shouldn't be done during pregnancy. What's okay to be a little more relaxed about? Here is an overview.

Pregnant women and raw milk products

Pregnant women should avoid raw milk or raw milk cheese at all costs. Milk is not heated. Pathogens such as listeria – if present in the milk – are not killed and can become a danger for mother and child. Even the smallest pieces can endanger the unborn baby. That's why: Hands off!

By the way: Listeria can be found not only in raw milk cheese, but also in raw meat and lettuce.

But: Listeriosis is rare. You don't have to give up salad for the whole pregnancy because of fear now. Just follow these tips:

– Don't eat prepackaged, prewashed lettuce. Wash fruit. Vegetables always thoroughly. – Generously remove the rind from cheese, this is where the listeria would colonize.

– Avoid raw meat and raw fish (also because there could be toxoplasmosis pathogens in the meat). – Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw foods.

By the way: Also raw eggs, resp. Products containing raw eggs should be avoided because they may contain the dangerous salmonella bacteria.

Pregnant women and coffee

No coffee for nine months? Panic breaks out in many a pregnant woman at this thought. Again, reach for it – but only one cup a day. There are various studies on the subject of pregnancy and caffeine. The result: One or two cups do not harm mother and child. Also in black. Green tea contains caffeine. Do not drink more than two cups a day – including coffee and cola.

Pregnant women and alcohol

While one cup of coffee a day is allowed during pregnancy, alcohol is strictly forbidden. The saying "A glass is not a glass" you should not pay any attention to. Anke Erath of the German Federal Center for Health Education confirms "that even small amounts of alcohol can have significant consequences for the child." It is better to avoid wine and beer and choose one of the many non-alcoholic beverages.

Pregnant women and cigarettes

The same applies to smoking. The toxins contained in cigarettes enter the embryo through the umbilical cord. Possible consequences can be premature births, miscarriages, asthma or allergies. The Federal Center for Health Education therefore advises all women who want to become pregnant or who are pregnant to travel by air. to stop smoking immediately, even if they are already pregnant.

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Pregnant women and medicines

Taking a quick headache tablet or nasal spray is not a good idea when you are pregnant. Pregnant women should be cautious with medications, most of them are prohibited. They get into the baby's body via the placenta and can harm the child. Clarifies therefore each medicine admission before with your physician. Some antibiotics and paracetamol are allowed during the whole pregnancy.

Pregnant women and sports

Bad luck for all sports muffle: There is no truth in the rumor that sports during pregnancy can harm the child. Most sports are actually good for mommy and baby. There are a few exceptions, however: It is better to avoid sports with a high risk of injury, such as skiing or horseback riding. Sports that involve a lot of bouncing, such as ball sports, should also be avoided. Abdominal training is also prohibited. Cycling, yoga, jogging, walking or swimming are no problem at all.

Pregnant women and air travel

The prere in the airplane, in addition the long sitting and the thereby increased thrombosis danger: Many pregnant women do not dare in the airplane. However, if your pregnancy is progressing normally, you can still go out in the sun. The second trimester is ideal for this. From the end of 36. Pregnant women are no longer carried by many airlines after the first week of pregnancy.

Pregnant women and tanning salons

Visiting the tanning salon does not harm the baby, but you should still be careful with sunbathing. Pregnancy causes hormonal chaos in your body. Many women get brown pigment spots on the face. By the way, they also appear when sunbathing on the balcony.

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