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What helps against mouse arm?

Have you ever heard of
Mouse arm Heard? Or from Secretary syndrome? Or. the Nintendonitis? All of these terms refer to a pain that can result from repetitive, often relatively mild, strain. What I did not know until now: After a certain point, the so harmless sounding syndrome is no longer completely curable. Early action is therefore particularly important! In the USA and Australia, RSI syndrome (the technical term for the condition), is now considered the number one occupational disease.

In today's blog post I have times Tips& Facts about mouse arm summarized. The topics covered are as follows:

– What is mouse arm? – How it develops? – What really helps against mouse arm?

As always, the purpose of this post is to give you a rough overview Obtain information on the subject, and in doing so, corresponds to my subjective opinion. If you have any questions or complaints, you should contact your elbow specialist Family doctor or orthopedist turn. What is mouse arm. How it arises?Mouse arm (also known as RSI syndrome) is the term used to describe the pain in the hand, arm, shoulder, and neck area that is caused by the.B. can be caused by excessive use of the computer mouse.

– The chronic overuse According to current findings, this leads to damage to the collagen fibers. – If the body does not get enough time to regenerate, it lacks the time to replenish collagen and to Load capacity of the tendon decreases.
– In addition, the chronic pain stimulus can, over time, lead to a Change in pain perception lead to the pain being felt even when the strain no longer exists.

The complaints often start with a slight tingling or Discomfort on, but if left untreated can not only chronic pain and Coordination problems, but also to a Decrease in strength lead. That's why it's so important to do something about the symptoms early on!

Important: relieves strain on the wrist by relieving strain on the arm!

7 tips that help against mouse arm

First of all, I would like to introduce you to 7 preventive tips that are relatively easy to implement and that you should pay attention to:

1. An ergonomic workstation: desk, chair, keyboard, mouse should be as perfectly matched as possible! 2. A straight. Relaxed sitting position. A straight. Relaxed sitting position. 3. Regular breaks (!) 4. Protection from drafts (> Drafts cool individual areas of the body z.B. in the neck unnoticed, which causes muscles to cramp). 5. Relaxation exercises, stretching& Yoga! 6. Warm hands! (> Heat relaxes the muscles) 7. Strengthening the muscles of the hand! (> see below)

What can the doctor do if you already have symptoms?

– Heat and cold treatments – Massages& Measurement of nerve conduction velocity to differentiate mouse arm from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon sheath inflammation. – Intermittent vacuum therapy, which uses prere and negative prere to control venous return and stimulate lymph flow and blood circulation – In the case of chronic pain, psychotherapeutic treatment may be useful to explain to the patient the connection between the triggering factors, the processes in the brain and the pain that occurs.

MRI, X-ray and CT scans are in principle only useful to distinguish mouse arm from other diseases. In fact, according to my research, imaging techniques offer no benefit, since no anatomical changes are detectable in mouse arm. Since classic mouse arm is not an inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs are not necessary. Arm held suspended in the optimal position. Thus noticeably relieved. It is important that the forearm when holding the mouse a line with the back of the hand builds.

My reader Christiane has the zero G glider already tested and came to the following conclusion: "The device consists of a large pad and an arm bridge, which can be adjusted in size by means of Velcro. This was an advantage because the height can be adjusted individually. Working with the mouse is very easy because of the support, because I don't have to lift my hand like with my other pad. For very sensitive wrists, gel padding on the support would also be handy*". *I will pass this feedback on to the manufacturer.

Available is the zero G glider z.B. with proidee or -> Here in the store

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So, those were my tips on the subject of mouse arm. If you have any questions, tips or feedback: Feel free to write me!

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